Finance News This Week: BRK sells airlines, Saudi Fund buys Carnival, Insurance refunds

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How’s it going everybody this is beautiful considering that this is a finance channel i have to show you that i have a certain level of success with finance myself so today i am showing you guys that i am sitting on this toilet paper throne now this says something right because i can afford to buy these toilet papers anyway with all kidding aside today i’m just gonna

Go over some finance news that’s relevant for this week this video is just for entertainment purposes only i’m gonna talk about whole bunch of stock devalue can go up or down this video is not meant to be financial advice consult your financial advisor if you are thinking about buying stock if you guys are interested in signing up for a new stock app you can try we

Bull down in the video description below where you sign up you can get a free stock if you deposit $100 you get another free stock berkshire hathaway sold airline stocks in delta airlines as well as southwest now when you see these headlines it almost seems like warren buffett the greatest investor of all time making incredible gains year after year just abandoned

Airline stocks but when you look deeper into this he did not sell his entire state he only sold about 20 percent of his total state in delta airlines 5% of his total stake in southwest lu v now when i look at this news i’m just wondering okay why is he making it so public because you don’t actually have to report all this to the public at all until they have to

File these papers so it makes you wonder if they’re trying to use the news to leverage it in some way so that they can benefit a little bit more now what i see happening is that maybe they’re doing the obvious route where if they sell and they announce it they’re trying to get people to get scared so that the price would go even lower so that they can buy more

In or they could be selling it to get under the 10% ownership which allows them to be a little bit more relaxed in the reporting of what they sell so as soon as they get under this 10% ownership they might be liquidating it a lot more or they might just be trying to scare the market so that they can buy more of it so what i can gather from this is that you can’t

Tell very much from what they’re actually doing they’re doing this in order to hide what they’re going to do going forward so this news piece that berkshire hathaway sold delta sold southwest should not be used as an indicator if you’re trying to follow berkshire hathaway or copying what they do you should not be trying to buy or sell just based on this single

Piece of news alone another thing that popped up recently is the public app which is an app that i have recommended in the past it’s an investing app that gives a 2.5 percent ep why on uninvested cash this is not fdic insured but rather is si pc insured now what they did is quietly drop this 2.5 percent apy when i went back to the app or their website i tried to

Look for this 2.5% apy thing and i searched and searched i could not find it so they quietly dropped this you no longer will get this interested anymore and i thought it was kind of kind of sad and sort of understandable at the same time that they just dropped it without announcing it to anyone i personally would have wanted an email saying oh we dropped the 2.5%

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To zero and so i would know exactly what date that they would drop this interest like most banks that does this so given this if you guys have an account with them or anything i would probably move all my money out of them if it’s just sitting there in uninvested cash which i personally have done up to ten thousand dollars or so so i had about nine thousand eight

Hundred dollars i immediately after i found out i took this money put it somewhere else and now i am with hsbc i think but i anticipate this interest rate to pretty much go to zero or zero point one in the coming months if you guys don’t know this is due to the reduction of the fed funds rate to almost zero everyone is following carnival stock right because all

These people are trapped on their ships a lot of people are getting sick even after this infectious stuff goes on people might be afraid of going on these cruise ships of course you have these daredevils i think either immune system is super strong they don’t care they rather pay really really low price and go on the east cruise ship but the news item here is the

Sovereign wealth fund which is a saudi arabia hedge fund type thing they manage their money they bought into a huge stake of carnival which is ticker symbol ccl they bought a really large stake of this it’s dropped about 80 and a 90% so if it’s gonna come back up then they can easily make 5x their money so the risk here is you don’t know if this is gonna come back

If they’re gonna go bankrupt carnival appears to have about a one-year amount of cash of runway left even if they do not get any customers at all so this is a pretty concrete amount i personally would like you know as a personal finance person personally i want a two to three year runway or even more than that if i lose a job if i get no income at all this makes

Me personally feel very comfortable but maybe as a business is not feasible but actually having a one year runway is very very strong is one of the strongest cruise lines out there so if you don’t think cruise lines are gonna disappear completely carnival would be one of the stronger ones that might survive they might be so strong that maybe they can acquire other

Cruise lines so this saudi arabia fund you know it’s know warren buffett or anything but the fact that they buy into it it’s kind of like a vote of confidence right i remember when warren buffett bought bank of america in the financial crisis they bought it for $5 a share and it was definitely a vote of confidence for bank of america it could be that they invest

All this money into it and then get big old bankrupt and they lose a whole bunch of money so do you really want to follow them into the abyss possibly or you know maybe they could make a whole bunch of money coming out of this so you really have to weigh this on your own rather than just blindly buying into the stock thinking that just because they bought into it

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That it’s gonna survive even if they have one-year funding they could possibly extend them some money so that they can survive a little bit longer even if this infection thing goes on for longer than one year there might be something like that where they can try to extract more cash from the capital markets try to finance it in whichever way to try to kind of live

A little bit longer personally i do not hold any carnival stock right now but i am looking into it i’m thinking about it long and hard i have not decided if i’m gonna buy into it yet allstate american family insurance and liberty mutual is refunding a total of around 800 million dollars back to the insurance policy holders of car insurance now this is great at

All it’s because all these cars on the road they’re not getting into accidents they don’t have to pay out as much so it’s very nice that they’re refunding people but you know what what’s even better is if you think you’re not gonna drive your car for the next few weeks or so what’s even better is if you cancel the insurance completely if the insurance company that

You’re with does not do any refunding right you can cancel it right now and you just have to make sure you’re not using the car because you no longer have car insurance but what they would actually do and i’ve already done this with geico as well as tesla insurance that they would actually refund the portion of the insurance that you did not use so if you paid for

One month and you go through half a month of it and you didn’t use it and you call in in the middle of the month and say i want to cancel they’re gonna refund the second half of the month back into your account from whichever way you paid check out this credit card statement over here where i had a refund from both geico and tesla insurance just to let you guys

Know my monthly premium is $94 from tesla insurance and seven dollars a month for geico and then after this lockdown is over you can just haul them up again and go hey i want to restart you know just bring up whatever you had before and just start your insurance again you might have to get recoated again or whatnot but it’s looking like that this is gonna last

Longer and longer it’s every two weeks they’re like oh another two weeks right so do it today if you’re not gonna use your car if you have like three or four family cars you might want to only use one car because you’re gonna only use one car anyway to go shopping right just cancel all the insurance on all the other cars leave one car personally i have zero

Car right now because i’m gonna use a scooter to get my groceries used to get packages or whatnot and if you know about my previous videos my burn rate was around $1,300 now because of this cancelation of insurance i am down to one thousand one hundred thirty-four dollars every single month so this is an extremely low burn rate this is done on purpose so that i

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Can survive for a really long time very very comfortably so do consider canceling your insurance right this moment a little update on my investment portfolio right now i’m still holding on to about thirty percent cash i’m down about ten percent from the peak in my total portfolio holdings if you guys are interested in comparison the smp down about 20% from the

Peak some of my holdings are ix e ba c which is bank of america i rm i do not hold any bitcoin if you guys are interested i am not holding any tesla either but i am looking to buy back in i’m holding on to the 30% cash just in case things get really really bad it does seem like we hit a bottom maybe a week ago right but i’m holding on to this cash in preparation

Because i like to feel prepared if it goes down more i’m like whatever right if it goes down to minus 30 40 50 percent of from from the peak values in the snp then i’ll be ready to buy a lot of assets that’s beating down a lot if you guys are interested in the stuff that i’m watching out for right now i’m looking to buy into boeing i’m looking kind of buying in the

Carnival but this is like a really huge gamble right so i’m being very very cautious if i do buy into it probably buy a lot less than i’m would normally buy into let’s say boeing or a qqq also snp 500 stock market index fund vo o & b r k dot b the b shares of berkshire hathaway these are all the ones i don’t own right now i’m kind of looking at them another

News aspect i like to cover is many of these news sites they say oh we don’t know the actual death rate of this infection so i’m like come on guys do you really have to test every single person all you have to do is look at how many people usually dies every single month this is not gonna be a perfect calculation but it’ll give you an idea of how many people are

Dying from this special situation so you look at how many people died in this particular area let’s say new york okay how many people died the last year in let’s say april timeframe and then you look at how many people died in the april timeframe of this month and then you just subtract it too and then you can kind of have an idea of how many people died from this

Particular infection yes it’s not gonna be perfect but i bet you a lot more people died than last year i’m just surprised that no one has really done this i’m sure the death numbers are out there not exactly the fatality rate because you and actually figure out how many people have it just yet thanks for watching this video i hope you guys enjoyed these financial

News aspects don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know if you’re gonna cancel your insurance because i mean you can save some money right there right and that’s always some forget to push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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