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Zero to $200,000 by age 25 and here’s the kicker i worked at a convenience store this is a story of my life and i’m very happy to share it with you guys today i’m going to take you through the 10 steps i took to get there and it’s a story i’m very proud of because i think the reason i’m most proud of it because it’s a story that’s actually practical that actually

People watching this right now can possibly achieve so many times i see on tv or online what not i see you know snapchat filled with three billion dollar network at age twenty five zuckerberg or 50 billion dollars at age 30 i see these stories they’re not practical i mean unless you win that lucky lottery ticket unless you happen to start that perfect company the

Chances you’re going to have a billion net worth is very low however what i did here what i did from the ages of 19 to the age of 25 going from $0 for $200,000 then is actually achievable that’s actually practical that people watching this can actually pull off guys so i think that’s the reason i want to share the story so much and it’s kind of like the backdrop

Of what the books about that’s coming out you know and i’m not the april i launched it the books actually about the tactics and all the things i look into investments back taught me that $200,000 number but this story today is not actually not told in the book this is actually the story on how i achieved it so i hope you guys enjoy this today and you know what

Let’s just get right into it so number one number one step i use to get to where i was at at that point is i learned everything i possibly could about investing from age 18 to age 20 and i mean i’ve never stopped learning since i was age 20 so i mean it’s just i really got into it from age 18 to age 20 and that is the age that things really started coming to me

And i just my mind which was so open i was learning so much information it was on a whole other level i mean i was i was going to college at that point so i was learning about business i was learning about accounting which accounting is very important to learn as far as if you’re looking into income statements balance sheets cash flows all those all those type of

Finance that’s gross margin everything like that very important so was learning all that information and i was researching everything i possibly could about many different investors but one specific was warren buffett i watched every single youtube video in creational and buffett at that time it was ridiculous i would watch any past interview with him any speech

He gave anything warren buffett i wanted to learn it so that is just what i was doing that’s that was step number one and that was a huge part if that that stuff never happened the whole zero to $200,000 by 25 that would it never ever happened guys step number two i learned everything i could about retail management from age 18 to age 20 reason being is i learned

That if you want to make money really young at that really young age you’re going to have to be lonely way you can do it possibly really is retail management unless you start a business or something like that which i wasn’t ready to do at that point i wasn’t ready to do that till last year when i was 26 years old to get the business started so i was not ready to

Start a business especially successful especially the fact that that was during the recession it was even more of a hard thing to do at that time so i learned that i mean my brother he was working at a you know a small restaurant he was making pretty good money as a very young person and i was like okay if i’m going to make some money young i need to either be a

Retail manager or a restaurant manager or something like that because those those companies will hire in young people and you can actually make a decent salary more than what most people are making at that age so i focused my attention on that step number three i opened up a brokerage when i was 19 years old and i actually started investing that’s when i actually

Started investing when i was 19 years old in mind you this was a very this was a very weird time to start investing this was in 2009 when i was 19 years old this was in the depths of the recession the stock market was in a crash it was crashing every single day the best analogy i can maybe come up with in my head is picture you’re on a beach you’re on beach right

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You’re enjoying your day all of them out of nowhere a hurricane a hurricane come in the storm is just horrible the waves are crashing and all the surfers everybody’s off the beach and the surfers are starting to get out they’re like oh my gosh is is horrible you know the hurricane is going to kill us all we’re all getting out of the ocean and there i come on the

Beach and like dude let’s go let’s go surf and everybody’s like no hell no dude you’re going to freaking die out there in that ocean you go out there right now i’m like no no no this is when the fun’s about to start and i’m the only one walking towards the wave and everybody else is running as fast as they can from that beach because it’s like a freaking death trap

That is this analogy i could best give for you guys because that’s what it was like no one wants to be in a stock market anybody that has anything to say about the stock market it was negative don’t look in the stock market don’t invest oh stock market people would tell me literally i cannot tell you how many people said this quote it’s the worst time ever to

Go be going into the stock market it was the best time ever to take a coin in the stock market holy smokes it was the best time i just wish i knew a lot more back then and i wish i had a lot more damn money back then because i would have made a ridiculous killing during that time 2009 2010 oh my goodness step number four i only had a little bit of money hundreds

Of dollars at a time to invest i think my first major investment was like three hundred and twenty seven dollars i believe that was literally a specific amount and i would only invest in blue chip stocks which is actually a really good thing if you’re a beginner in the stock market because blue chip stocks are mainly stocks that are more known about you know i’m

Talking about some of the biggest companies in the world like an apple like a microsoft like johnson & johnson procter & gamble some of these huge corporations that are just launched errs in are relatively safe companies that aren’t going anywhere so you know the company pretty well just because you probably use their products or services right so you have

An easier time understanding that business model and then you generally a safer company so the chances one of those stocks is going to go down 40% or 50% of something or lose your ass very slim very slim so actually i think it’s a good idea for everybody to start off with blue chip stocks when you’re getting in the stock market because so if you’re going to some

Of the riskier stuff you can get killed out there and when you’re a beginner you get killed you’re probably going to leave immediately so remember that number five i got my first good job at this point i was working as a night manager it was right before my 21st birthday i got the job like a couple weeks before my 21st birthday go job working as a night manager

For a company named kwik trip they were paying pretty good i mean they started me out on about $40,000 a year which is a really good wage at that time especially and considering when i was 21 years old it was like 2,000 tannish maybe almost going into 2011 at that point which the economy was still horrible it was really hard to get a good job anywhere the fact that

I was able to pull off and get a good job like that at the end with no i had no retail management experience at that time so even though only like a night job they hired me it was still a start guys and it was still a really good wage for me to be making at that time step number six i started to invest at this point nuts with some blue chip stocks i began to start

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Investing in any stock so i began it opened up my entire possibilities of investments because we only invest in blue chips we only invest in really encompasses over in the dow 30 the amount of companies you can invest in very slow very slim what this did for me is i had enough experience now at this point where i could actually invest in other stocks but it gave me

So many more possibilities so many more stock set were way under value compared to the ones i was investing in at that time so that was a big thing there number seven i moved out of my parents house the summer when i was 21 years old so about seven months after i started working a quick trip i just stayed money save money i think i had think i had a little over

Seven thousand dollars saved at that point i believe i believe it was around seven thousand and so that was enough to get me out of my parents house buy me some furniture from walmart stuff i’ve got a one-bedroom apartment i bought stuff from ikea boxed up from walmart like cheap furniture like all my furniture and everything added up in my apartment was probably

Like maybe a thousand bucks maybe 1,200 bucks or something like that i was living cheap then number eight what i was able to do because i was making really good money from kwik trip then i got promoted i was starting to make like fifty thousand dollars a year what i started doing is i started $1,000 to $1,500 per month into the brokerage account so we’re talking

About some serious money we’re starting to add up in that brokerage account because that on a yearly basis would say that’s 12,000 to let’s say $17,000 per year worth while i was funneling money into that brokerage i did that for several several years so this will help me build those accounts really fact and then i was getting great games on so then we go on to

Step number nine which i had tons of small games you know here and there you know stock that i kind of would get involved with and then i was kind of sell them off and make a little profit here and there but i had a few really big gains that stuck out to me that were huge investments of mine and that really pushed me above those levels one of them was cabela’s

I benefited from that and a great deal because of the 2011 to 2013 gun surge i mean holy smokes the gun numbers just went insane from 2011 and 2013 so i i totally benefited from that in a huge way financially because that was my biggest investment and if you look at the bail of stock from those years it was straight up and like a straight line practically i have

Benefited from monster beverage was one of my other biggest investments monster beverage i benefited from the whole energy drink surge which is like it was just a huge trend that had been evolving for a long time just not everybody paid attention to it probably because red bull was the main company there and also because coca-cola and pepsi kind of tried to get in

That game and they completely failed that game so monster was a public company that wasn’t even called monster energy it was called hanson’s natural beverage that was kind of like flying under the radar and i totally benefited from the whole energy drink surge out there and then one of the other stock that i had huge gains on was a company named cirrus logic which

I totally benefited from iphone b and i successful it was was ipad be an epic successful as it was sure as logic began to get apple as their biggest customer out there cirrus logic was a stock debt that has been on high flyer from like 2009 2012 because that’s when they got apple as a customer then it went dropped like a rock and then i started getting involved

With this start playing around with cirrus logic sort of building a position teller was one of my big positions i believe is my second biggest position and then that stock just went off like a rocket around thing was around 2014 ish 2013 2014 then it just was like in a straight line because the company just started nailing numbers they got more content in iphones

They got more amplifiers they started putting smart codecs into the iphones wares which is the ability where you can just say hey siri and then theory will i talk to you in those kinds of things so i benefit from that surge so those are the three main ones that i benefited all i mean all those my games were definitely over ten thousand dollars for all those cirrus

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Logic cabela’s and monster beverage and then like i said there’s a lot of small games i came and went so and then last one i just want to kind of point this out about the whole story i participated during this time i participated in no recession so obviously when i got in the market it was it was a recession and then we started to come out right so while i was in

The market it was technically not really like we’re going into a recession like deal in was a bull market for all those years so i think that’s important to come across in the story because if they we went into another bad recession during that time i doubt i would have built up two hundred thousand dollars say you know the stock market went down 30% 40% there’s no

Way i would have went to $200,000 this will there’s a lot of different factors that that could have prevented me from getting out $200,000 so i think that’s important in saying and i think a lot of people are just too proud to admit that some things went their way as well so i did a lot of things right i worked my ass off to get those beans but a lot of things went

Right i mean imagine if if say if the bird surge never happened if unfortunately you know things like the sandy hook massacre and obama coming out and being against guns that forced millions of americans out there to go get gun because they thought obama was going to take their gun if that never happened i probably don’t make nearly as big of a gain on cabela’s if

Let’s say you know regulations came out that limited maybe energy drinks i guarantee my games would never have been nearly as good monster energy if they if apple would have dropped your logic at any point in my investment the cirrus logic would email my investment would have been almost worthless overnight because cirrus logic over 80% my revenue from apple so i

Think that’s important in any story that you need you need to work your butt off you need to do all these things right but you also cannot have something really negative really bad luck ish go against you which is absolutely when i had was gopro so maybe i had a lot good luck all those years maybe a you know karma coming back around with the gopro investment that

They just have done so many things wrong since i got involved with that one in 2016 it’s like unbelievable but at the same time i avoided so much bad luck all those years guys so maybe i had to come in to me who knows so anyways i hope you enjoyed this this is a story in my life well this is really the story of of 19 years old to 25 years old obviously it ended

When i was 25 years old my new story is my news story which is more about actually entrepreneurship just so about investing and all those kind of things but my new store is more about businesses i’ve started things like that this channel if you guys know my more news story but this is my 19 to 25 year old story i’m super proud of it and and i think it’s actually

Practical for people watching this to pull off man you get a good you get a good enough job or start a good enough business you be willing to learn about all these things and investing and you maybe just don’t have any bad luck come against you you get build-up for nothing – $200,000 on a six-year period guys i can almost guarantee you that so i hope you guys

Enjoyed this today if you just came across this video enough subscribe that you may want to we talk personal finance we talk entrepreneurship i’m an actual business owner i give away so many business tips we talk to stock market the most of anything thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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$0 to $200,000 by age 25! STORY OF MY LIFE! By Financial Education

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