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It has been proven that women are better money managers than men, but many women fall back in handling basic finance like filling Income Tax returns. Let’s understand financial decision making by women in this amazing video for Finance for Non-Finance people by Vishal Thakkar.

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls welcome back to finance tube my name is vishal tucker i am your finance guru with a continuous commitment of helping you to upgrade financially so friends today’s topic of discussion is financial decision making by women now it has been proven time and again that women’s are better money managers compared to men however even

Today majority of the woman would fall back on their father husband or even son when it comes to taking major financial decisions like investments filing of tax returns making capital purchases or buying a house the idea is that today’s women are growing independent buy each day then why is it that they shy away from taking these financial decisions independently

Let me tell you the reasons the reasons are number one they are not quite confident enough number two they feel that they don’t have formal education number three they really don’t have many sources of upgrading themselves financially and number four there is not much financial content available which can explain women in their language as to how to upgrade herself

Financially well let me tell you this that not all women fall under this category many women who handle finances much better than their male counterparts and a lot of time men depend on her on doing all of these things but there is a vast population of women which do not fall under this category so for them what is it that they should do also how is it that she

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Can upgrade herself financially so there are few things which are called financial basics which can empower every woman to lead an independent financial life what could be those so let me give you a small laundry list one she should understand what is an emi and how emi works number two she should know what is basic tax and how to file tax returns number three

Basic banking and how to do banking transactions number four how to invest the money that she saves because women’s are better savers and number five knowing that what kind of capital purchases can she make and how to plan for the same now for this purpose you may say that how is it that she can upgrade herself so the good news is that on this channel we have

Got many many videos which can explain all of these concepts in very simple language so i invite all the women to browse through this channel also we conduct a special program called finance for non finance for women leave your details in the comment section and you can enroll for this program you can also get in touch on our email address and mobile number which

Is shown on the screen and yes if you still haven’t subscribed to our channel subscribe today our channel financed you a big thank you for making my book balance sheet or tale of asset and liability of a seller with your continuous love and support i decided to relocate revamp it and make it relevant to the present times so grab your copy today

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Financial Decision Making by Women | Finance for Non-Finance People By Finance Tube

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