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Finance Guru CA Vishal Thakkar in a Finance for Non-Finance discussion with Mr. G Ramachandran (GR), who is also a CA and mentoring to many companies.

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls welcome back to finance to you my name is ca vishal tucker i am your friend and finance guru back again with an interesting topic of discussion but before i go on to my topic of discussion today i want you to meet somebody very very special he is mr. g ramachandran who’s well known for mentoring startups in the industry and

Has an illustrious career of investment banking spanning over 40 years so we are very delighted to have him today on finance tube and let me tell you guys before i introduce him and before i ask him to speak to us he is mentoring our company and helping us to go on to the next level so i want you guys to hear him very very carefully because the kind of pro tips

He is giving it to us and we are benefiting i want each one of you to benefit from what he has to say welcome mr. g ramachandran it’s such a pleasure to have you here likewise wishes it’s indeed a pleasure having you here with us and more importantly let me tell you that i have been excited about contact wrong equally as you have been excited about the alameen

World in this company your company has been one which is in a field of finance and for me that is a fascination because i’m a chartered accountant by profession you can see by default but then i went into a process of becoming an investment banker 20 years of hardcore investment banking in active world and the balance 20 years also been an investor banking plus

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Doing startups the interesting part of the story has been that while the investment banking work and the financial markets work was exciting what i found to be really really enjoy who was a stock experience way back in 1999 or so the story goes i started getting excited about what a start-up can do and what can be done to disrupt the global economy as well as

The indian economy in the process i discovered something which was interesting ii-in startups you have something known as disruption you have innovation you have excitement and last but not the least i have been in 14 startups 8 i must tell you i have sold it as multi factors 3 i must confess i have lost money and taught me a lot to be a successful failure and

I’m running the balance 3 at this moment of course i’ve not taken contact wrap into consideration being a mentor here but what i would really love to say is that startup teaches you above all three things a to be grounded b to be humility personified c to be knowing how to have the go to market in place because unfortunately at times we are here to innovate but

We never have the capacity or i should say the bravado to say that we will enter the marketplace we will test the product and we will come to a conclusion whether the product is be good or not so good and then go to the next version unfortunately at times what i’ve seen in a start-up spaces we tend to first get into the product say that we go to the market the go

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To market never comes and then we are off to version 2 and be having saw stood money we have cash bond sometimes great idea a great product that comes waste because we had a fear the unknown the fear of going to the market the fear of possibly being rejected but we never thought about the possibility of a great success story in place so my experience the last

20 years tells me if you’re in a startup be brave be bold be confident and be really really looking forward to going to the market to show your way because ultimately the customers can take the feedback and never mind if it’s a rejection we’ll come back and come out with a winner you will be a winner with the startups always our multi backers if you’ve got it

Right thank you so much for joining us today and let me promise you friends i’m not going to leave him just like that he is available for us he’s available for you and he has few very pertinent messages to be given in our upcoming episodes so stay tuned to finance tube and if you haven’t subscribed to my channel subscribe today our channel financed you

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