First Helium Inc. Brings 1-30 Well On-Stream Ahead of Schedule (TSXV: HELI) (OTC: FHELF) (FRA: 2MC)

First Helium Inc. Brings 1-30 Well On-Stream Ahead of Schedule (TSXV: HELI) (OTC: FHELF) (FRA: 2MC) -RICH TV LIVE – February 1, 2022 – #firsthelium #news #richtvlive #trading #stocks

Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at where you can learn how to win and trade hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and we got some more breaking news for you today from first helium heli h-e-l-i on the toronto stock venture exchange also listed in frankfurt

Germany under the symbol 2 mc huge huge huge news first helium brings the i30 well on stream ahead of schedule and the production averages 435 barrels per day for the first eight days representing a net revenue of 600 000 per month and this is a stock that we brought to you guys at 21 cents it’s currently sitting at 33 cents and i think this news might take it

Much higher let’s take a look and break down this news so we have some big big news from first helium this is their website we did bring you this pick at 21 cents it is now sitting at 33 cents had a nice day today up six percent we brought it to you right at 21 cents right around here we’ll mark it you can see we’ve got the nice buy zone and

We brought it right around 21 cents right around here and you can clearly see it’s gone as high as 37 cents so congratulations to investors that got in for the win let’s just see if we can have a trend line you can see the trend line is clearly going up and the symbol in frankfurt germany is 2mc that’s the frankfurt germany symbol and they are also working

On getting listed in america so when the listing comes for america we’ll make sure you guys know so 2mc in frankfurt germany h-e-l-i in canada and some big big news first helium brings i30 well on stream ahead of schedule production averages 435 barrels per day over the first eight days a project driven helium discovery development and production feel free to

Read up about first helium and first helium inc today announced that the i30 light oil well commenced production on january 23rd and has delivered an average production rate of 435 barrels per day over its first eight days of operation the i30 is located on first helium’s 100 owned 79 000 acre worsely land holding in northern alberta canada cash flow from the

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I30 well will be deployed to accelerate exploration and development of helium gas across our 79 000 acre worsely trend said ed bereznicki president and ceo of first helium feel free to learn more about first helium huge huge huge news we believe that our shareholders will benefit greatly from first helium’s strengthened financial position as our team executes

On the vision to become a leading independent provider of helium gas in north america added mr bear is nikki with construction of the i30 oil battery completed ahead of schedule oil production from the i-30 well commenced on january 23rd 2022 first helium expects to realize field netbacks of canadian 55 to canadian 60 dollars per barrel based on a current

Wti price of 80 u.s to 85 per barrel which is anticipated to provide ongoing operational cash flow for the company beginning in late february this is huge news love to know what you guys think about this news remember rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything we

Talk about or discuss here on rich tv live the company has entered into a rolling monthly marketing agreement with a large creditworthy counterparty to market its oil production volumes assuming an average daily production rate of 400 bbl s slash d this represents initial net field level cash flow of over 600 000 canadian to the company on a monthly basis wow

Ongoing delivery of oil for sale began on january 25th and will continue on a regular scheduled basis revenue from january sales will be received by the company in late february you can join their mailing list just contact the company feel free to ask them anything and helium is one of those assets that is not talked about a lot but this is a company that

Has been doing quite well and i believe everybody needs to put them on their radar and put them on their watch list in connection with its march year end the company will commission an independent reserves evaluator to prepare an ni 51-101 compliant reserve report for 1-30 including a net present value of estimated oil reserves additionally the company will

Continue to explore alternatives to maximize the value of i30 to further the company’s helium exploration and development strategy first helium estimates that approximately 20 percent of the economic leduc wells along the worsley trend you can see here guys huge companies working with helium big technology companies like amazon google facebook and netflix all


Depend on one gas to keep their servers running around the clock helium and helium has everyday applications in the technology and medical industries as well as space travel and national security among others so you probably didn’t know that but this is something that these huge companies need and they want and that’s why i think you need to put first helium

On your radar and on your watch list right here right now so the leduc wells along the worsley trend have been light oil producers with the balance being natural gas wells containing potentially economic helium the association of helium and hydrocarbons makes the worsley area a unique very attractive area to explore for helium as the company’s expiration risk

Is mitigated by the potential of four additional revenue streams from oil and natural gas company recently announced plans to spud its second expiration well the 4-29 in mid-february located approximately three kilometers southeast of its 15-25 helium discovery well you can see here critical gas for building cars high-speed internet cables phones tablets and

Computers required in the health sector to cool magnets in mri machines and identified as one of 35 minerals crucial to the u.s national security and you can see the breakdown here mri welding other laboratory uses lifting balloons fiber optics purging space usage leak detection electronics breathing and controlled atmospheres so the worldly helium project

Feel free to learn more about the worsley just click on find out more and if you like to find out more just click on find out more and it breaks down the company profile once again the website is and once again we brought this pick at 21 cents it’s now at 33 so anyone that got in is already up 50 and it’s been as high as 37 cents so about

First helium led by a core senior executive team with extensive backgrounds in oil and gas exploration and operations mining finance and capital markets first helium seeks to be one of the leading independent providers of helium gas in north america building on its successful 15-25 helium discovery well at the worldly project and you can feel free to learn more

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About their projects this is in the about section of the website at first and this is the about section if you’d like to learn more as an investor just click on investors and you can get the investors deck notice of meetings information circular form of proxy and return card analyst coverage frequently asked questions and news you can also see the

Visibility on cash flow preliminary engineering on the facility completed raised approximately 12 million in capital to date on stream 12 to 15 months from funding and kickoff this is what the worsley helium project area looks like you can see it’s in alberta and building on its successful 15-25 helium discovery well at the worsley project companies identified

Numerous follow-up drill locations and acquired an expansive infrastructure system to facilitate future exploration and development of helium across its worsley land base cash flow from its successful 1-30 oil well at worldsley beginning in february 2022 will help support first helium’s ongoing helium exploration and development growth strategy first helium

Holds over 79 000 acres along the highly prospective worldly trend in northern alberta and 276 000 acres in the southern alberta helium fairway near existing helium production in addition to continuing its ongoing exploration and development drilling at the company has identified a number of high impact helium expiration targets on the prospective southern

Alberta helium fairway lands to set up a second core exploration growth area for the company so feel free to learn more about all of their areas of focus and this is all in the about section of first helium huge news if you like the video please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe once again we brought this pick at

21 cents it’s now at 33 been as high as 37. congratulations to early investors and once again in frankfurt germany the symbol is 2mc and they are working on getting listed in america stay tuned i will make sure i let everybody know when they are listed in america we believe that these guys are undervalued under-appreciated underexposed put them on your radar

Put them on your watch list is your boy rich and merch to be live and i’m out

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First Helium Inc. Brings 1-30 Well On-Stream Ahead of Schedule (TSXV: HELI) (OTC: FHELF) (FRA: 2MC) By RICH TV LIVE

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