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First Helium Inc. Commences Drilling 4-29 Target (TSXV: HELI) (OTC: FHELF) | RICH TV LIVE – February 15, 2022 – #firsthelium #news #richtvlive #trading #stocks #helium #oil #drilling

Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at where you can learn how to win and trade hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and with another breaking news press release for you today exclusively here talking about a stock that’s now trading up over 100

Since we brought it to you first first helium h-e-l-i in canada and f-h-e-l-f in america put it on your radar put on your watch list 2 mc in frankfurt germany with big news today announcing the commencement of drilling it’s second that’s right it’s second expiration well the 4-29 target which is located on first helium’s 100 owned 79 000 acre worldly land

Holdings in northern alberta canada targeting multiple helium gas horizons and potential light oil accumulations drilling of the 4-29 well is a follow-up to the successful 1-30 discovery well which has produced at an average rate of approximately 400 barrels per day of light oil since coming on stream on january 23 2022 which we broke to you first and was a

Huge catalyst for first helium making a major move in the market drilling of the 4-29 target highlights the potential to capture value from multiple commodity streams across our highly prospective 79 000 acre worldly trend said ed bereznicki president and ceo of first helium who we’ve had and we’ve interviewed exclusively here on rich tv live now if you like

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These videos i need you guys to smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe if you’re alive any successful outcomes from testing targets like 4-29 and 1-30 should significantly benefit our shareholders as our team executes on the vision to becoming a leading independent provider of helium gas in north america added mr

Bereznicki the 4-29 well is located near the company’s 1-30 light oil discovery well and approximately three kilometers to the southeast of the 15-25 helium well on the core worldsley property a geological and seismic review of the region suggests that like the 1-30 and the 15-25 that the 4-29 target presents a structural high on the ley duke reef complex

Based on the company’s assessment of economic leduc wells along the worsely trend approximately 20 percent have been light oil producers and the balance have been natural gas producers containing potential economic helium content a detailed geological and geophysical evaluation of the company’s lens in the vicinity of the 15-25 well and the 1-30 well and along

The broader worsley trend has yielded additional compelling drill targets first helium will incorporate the results from the drilling and testing of the 4-29 well to strategically pursue new drilling locations across the highly prospective 90 kilometer wide worsley trend on january 31st 2022 the company granted 100 000 incentive stock options otherwise known

As the options to a consultant of the company the options are exercisable at 35 cents per common share and expire on may 27 2026 the options are subject to certain vesting provisions and were granted pursuant to the company’s shareholder approved stock option plan and are subject to the policies of the tsx venture exchange and any applicable regulatory hold

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Periods huge news what do you guys think of this news i must remind you guys that rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes and entertainment purposes if you do like the stock pick i would suggest you do your own due diligence do your research maybe consult a financial advisor get their opinion on the pick now we brought you guys this

Pic when it was at 21 cents it’s now at 42 in canada and has been as high as 46 plus so it’s up over a hundred percent since we brought it to you guys first and that is our modus operandi here on rich tv live to bring undervalued underappreciated underexposed opportunities before anybody else in the universe and let’s talk a little bit about first helium led

By a core senior executive team with diverse and extensive backgrounds in oil and gas exploration and operations mining finance and capital markets first helium seeks to be one of the leading independent providers of helium gas in north america building on its successful 15-25 helium discovery well at the warsley project the company has identified numerous

Follow-up drill locations and acquired an expansive infrastructure system to facilitate future exploration and development of helium across its worsley land base cash flow from its successful i30 oil well at worsley beginning in february 2022 will help support first helium’s ongoing helium exploration and development growth strategy first helium holds over

79 000 acres along the highly prospective worsley trend in northern alberta and 276 000 acres in the southern alberta helium fairway near existing helium production in addition to continuing its ongoing exploration and development drilling at warsley the companies identified a number of high impact helium expiration targets on the prospective southern alberta

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Helium fairway lands to set up a secondary core exploration growth area for the company huge huge huge news what do you guys think of this news i love to hear from you guys if you like the video please comment on the video what do you think of first helium and their big news commencing drilling on the 4-29 target after successfully following up on the 1-30

Discovery well love to know your guys feedback remember h-e-l-i first helium inc heli on the toronto stock venture exchange and 2amc in frankfurt germany and f-h-e-l-f in america we brought it to you guys first love to know what you guys think is your boy rich from merch to be live bringing the news on first helium inc what do you guys think let me know we

Bring you the winners and we bring them to you first is your boy rich from rich to be live and i’m out you

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First Helium Inc. Commences Drilling 4-29 Target (TSXV: HELI) (OTC: FHELF) | RICH TV LIVE By RICH TV LIVE

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