First Helium Receives .25 Million for February 1-30 Production and .85 Million in Warrants

First Helium Receives $1.25 Million for February 1-30 Production and $1.85 Million in Warrants – RICH TV LIVE – March 29, 2022 – #firsthelium #oil #richtvlive #helium #trading #stocks #news #business #finance #education #pennystocks #richtv #richpicksdaily

Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at where you can learn how to win and trade hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live with more big breaking news from first helium inc put it on your radar put on your watch list immediately h-e-l-i absolutely on fire in canada

F-h-e-l-f in america and 2-mc in frankfurt germany huge news once again first helium bolsters their financial position in march receiving 1.25 million for february 1 30 well production and 1.85 million in warrants exercised big breaking news let’s break it down exclusively with your more rich for rich tv live make sure you subscribe congratulations to

Investors on first helium which has more breaking news and we’re breaking it to you first first helium bolsters financial position in march receives 1.25 million for february 130 production and 1.85 million in warrants exercised now this has been a huge winner for our community congratulations to investors all over the world and we’re going to break this down

So you can see the high high and the low low today we did hit an all-time high of 86 cents representing an all-time return for investors within our community of over 300 this is the frankfurt germany listing here and you can see here we’re going to break this down and i think it’s important for investors to really understand how to read charts and this is

Absolutely on fire we’re talking about mid-december 21 cents in canada to a high today of 86 cents and it came back down and finished at 79 cents an absolutely beautiful trend line and the symbol in america is f h e l f very similar trend line extremely bullish for first helium and 2mc in frankfurt germany which also is extremely bullish so very bullish trend

For first helium and in our trading community at rich tv dot io you can go and you just type in heli at the top and you can see the first helium inc chat room where you can go scroll down and put in comments hashtags mentions alerts and you can see here my alert today when healy heli went 82 cents and last week when i was giving you an alert on first helium

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It was at 74 cents so you can see it’s been just climbing up higher 68 cents then to you know 74 cents today it was at 82 cents got as high as 86. so great place to chat about first helium right at rich tv dot io and we also have market data and information and a description on each pick you just type in h-e-l-i and you can see you click on heli and you get

A description on the company you get market data 52-week lows 52-week highs performance information all at your fingertips all at rich tv dot io in addition to that you can go to youtube just go to rich tv live and you can see here first helium inc and all the videos just scroll down to our third playlist on our homepage and there it is first helium and you

Can see heli in canada fh elf in america 2mc in frankfurt germany and all of our videos right there all organized for all investors to review right on youtube you want to learn about their website here’s their website project driven helium discovery development and production so i think everybody needs to put heli on their radar and on their

Watch list this news is absolutely enormous first helium inc today announced a significant positive change to the company’s balance sheet based on ongoing payments from light oil production and cash proceeds from the exercise of previously issued warrants strong revenues continue through the receipt of payments of 1.25 million for light oil volumes delivered

During february from the 1 30 well which is located on first helium’s 100 owned 79 000 acre warsley land holdings in northern alberta canada the 130 well was brought on stream on january 23 2022 and produced an average of approximately 430 barrels per day of light oil during the month of february which we broke to you first the company also recently announced

The successful drilling completion and testing of its 4 29 light oil discovery well and estimates that it will receive payment in april of approximately 100 000 for volumes of oil produced during the testing operations in addition during the month of march first helium has received proceeds of approximately one million four hundred ninety thousand five hundred

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Dollars from the exercise of 2 981 082 warrants with a strike price of 50 cents and approximately 359 000 from the receipt recent exercise of 1 million 25 812 broker warrants with a strike price of 35 cents also in an effort to broaden his potential investor base first helium’s common shares began trading in the united states its listing was upgraded to the

Otcqb on march 14 2022 under the ticker symbol f-h-e-l-f which we brought to you first the 130 well continues to perform very strongly this is ed bereznicki the president and ceo of first helium so once again the 130 well continues to perform very strongly and we look forward to bringing the 429 well on stream next month total cash proceeds of approximately

3.2 million from the early exercise of warrants along with cash flow from the two wells will be deployed to help support ongoing helium expiration activities at our warsley property and our southern alberta helium fairway exploration land added mr bears nikki and you can see here big technology companies like amazon google facebook and netflix all depend on

This one gas to keep their that’s right to keep their their businesses running and their servers running around the clock without their servers without helium these four monster companies wouldn’t be able to operate at their level helium has everyday applications in the technology and medical industries as well as space travel and national security among

Others now a little bit about first helium led by a core senior executive team with diverse extensive backgrounds in oil and gas exploration and operations mining finance and capital markets first helium seeks to be one of the leading independent providers of helium gas in north america building on its 15 25 helium discovery well at the warsley project the

Company has identified numerous follow-up drill locations and acquired an expansive infrastructure system to facilitate future exploration and development of helium across its worsley land base cash flow from its successful 130 and 429 oil wells at warsley will help support first helium’s ongoing helium expiration and development growth strategy first helium

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Holds over 79 000 acres along the highly prospective worsley trend in northern alberta and 276 000 acres in the southern alberta helium fairway near existing helium production in addition to continuing its ongoing exploration and development drilling at warsley the company has identified a number of high-impact helium exploration targets on the prospective

Southern alberta helium fairway land to set up a second core exploration growth area for the company love to know what you think about these videos if you like the video please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe remember rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes past performance are not always

An indication of future results this is already up extremely a lot we’re talking you know between 250 to 300 percent since we initially brought you this pick so at any point in time it could go back down but with this news we believe this is extremely bullish and we could continue to see this go further up considering the fact that they just struck oil and they

Could be doing really big revenues for the next six to 12 months hopefully in the area of between one to two million a month maybe even more maybe a little less so we’re going to watch very very closely love to know what you guys think always remember rich tv live is strictly for information education purposes please do your due diligence do your research and

Consult your financial advisor and let them know about first helium inc i’d love to know what their opinion is as well and if you like the video it it really helps if you comment on the video share it smash the like button so we can get as many eyeballs as possible on first helium inc a big winner for our community heli in canada f h e l f in america and 2 m

C in frankfurt germany if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching this is rich from mr tv live you

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First Helium Receives $1.25 Million for February 1-30 Production and $1.85 Million in Warrants By RICH TV LIVE

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