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First Majestic Silver Corp Ceo Keith Neumeyer | Rich TV Live – August 20, 2020 – Mr. Neumeyer has worked in the investment community since 1984. He began his career at a number of Canadian national brokerage firms. Mr. Neumeyer moved on to work with several publicly-traded companies in the resource and high technology sectors. His roles have included senior management positions and directorships responsible in areas of finance, business development, strategic planning and corporate restructuring. Mr. Neumeyer was the original and founding President of First Quantum Minerals Ltd. (T-FM). Mr. Neumeyer founded First Majestic Silver in 2002 and First Mining Gold in 2015. Mr. Neumeyer has also listed a number of companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange and as such has extensive experience dealing with the financial, regulatory, legal and accounting issues that are relevant in the investment community. Mr. Neumeyer also won the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2011 for the Metals & Mining category.

Hi how you doing today this is rich here we have a rich tv live with our very special guest it is keith newmar the president and ceo of first majestic silver corp how you doing today keith oh not too bad rich nice meeting you for the first time my pleasure now we’re really excited to speak to you today first majestic silver has been doing quite well recently and

Since the march lows of 11.99 an ounce silver has been nothing short of amazing its price is up more than a hundred percent and still hasn’t made any mainstream media headlines at all what is the primary catalyst for the surge in the price and what do you think could happen next well you know quite honestly i wouldn’t call the uh move amazing um it’s it’s long

Has been long anticipated and uh you know i’m a triple digit silver guy and uh you know i’ve coined that free phrase years ago and i i i call silvery very strategic metal you know it is precious of course but it’s required in everything that we do including this uh zoom call could not be done without silver so you know i think that the silver you know priced at

Around 25 26 bucks an ounce which we’re currently seeing today is is um is still dirty um you know it should be much much higher and uh you know the ratio around 70 to 175 to 1 is uh more traditional ratio for it um silver lagged up until really just recently you know we had the silver ratio spike all the way north of 100 to 1 in march as you just pointed out

When silver you know collapsed with the financial markets um and oil prices of course collapse as well so a lot of things were getting sold and you know most everything is rebounded uh you know gold’s back up to its normal levels and uh tesla’s you know at new highs and you know the stock market at s p uh you know everything seems to be a new high so um you

Know the view out there is that we’re back to normal and the economy is improving itself and uh um you know silver is being looked at as a very key metal for all the things that we need to do as a human race to electrify the planet in the ways that we need to do it and uh finally it’s getting a bit up which is great to see now what sort of you touched on this

A little bit but what sort of gold silver ratio could we see before we turn the the precious metals bull market as matured and towards its end well calling a beginning or an end of any bull market is uh kind of a fool’s game you know it’s it’s uh you know i you know myself i’d love to have a crystal ball and be able to know when to trade a stock or trade a

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Commodity uh you know hitting its highs and lows you know who um actually knows right sorry about that um but uh you know this bull market started i think in uh early 2016. and uh you know we had silver get down to the 13 range in early 2016 and it rallied um you know into about the 21 range and took a pause throughout 2017 2018 as the trade you know uh really

Was the u.s equity markets and you know i look at this as very similar to what happened in 2000 2001 you know where you know we saw very low metal prices and then the major markets were rolling over and i’m not going gonna you know be foolish enough to call for a top in the in the u.s stock market but um uh you know may you know maybe gold can go up at the

Same time you know time will tell but traditionally what happens is uh these bull markets and metals normally are are you know happen or or get underway as a result of the topping of the major equity markets around the world and we’ve seen glimmers of that which have been very supportive for gold but um you know this time around it looks like it’s a little bit

Different because um you know we’re being driven really by low interest rates more than anything and as long as the governments around the world are going to keep printing money that’s very good for the stock market and it’s very good for the gold price so you know we could be going into a pretty interesting environment where we have everything going up at the

Same time including oil prices including commodities including stocks and you know that’s what it’s really looking like and that’s a little bit different than you know the last bull market because the last bull market which started in 2012 and ended or probably 2002 and ending quite abruptly in 2012. um ended with gold and silver collapsing and the u.s market

Taking off so you know this time around we’re having the metal prices moving north copper breaking through three bucks the other day first time in a couple years uh lensing prices are moving all of course has recovered a lot so you know we’re seeing this inflation trade now coming into the market and uh you know who knows when that could that could end it could

Go you know three four five years but um you know to go to the ratio because you started the question off of that you know from a mining perspective we’re mining for every one ounce of gold worldwide we’re only mining eight ounces of silver so that’s a pretty shocking statistic when you look at you know we’re trading in about 80 or 75 to one you know do the

Math or you know do um uh changes every day of course but um you know when you’re trading 75 to one and mining eight to one that’s a pretty shocking ratio absolutely now gold has risen also which you touched on to new all-time highs bank of america is projecting 2300 by mid-2021 goldman sachs says 3 000. there’s definitely the potential for a historical bull

Market how weak is the dollar in the world scene right now well it has been pretty weak um you know we we saw you know on the on the major us dollar index that everyone follows you know we were up around 101 102 just um you know six months ago it’s now around 92 93 it’s uh up big today um uh the gold’s down today and then silver’s down today and the goal and


Then the dollar is up today but i think that you know that as long as um you know the fed continues continues to deviate its currency by printing money you know more money you put in circulation in theory the value of that money that currency should go down and you know i’m expecting the us dollar to you know continuous bear market you know for the next few

Years and uh you know that would be very supportive for stock prices and then and also for gold prices absolutely now you founded your company close to two decades ago and now it’s the purest silver miner in the world how many mines do you operate back in 2017 we had seven mines operating uh we’re all in mexico all our operations are in the country of mexico

Mexico is the largest producer of silver in the in the world and we’re one of the top uh producers of silver in the country and uh today we only operate three mines well i shouldn’t say only but we operate three minds they’re all pretty big you know uh uh world-class operations and we’re happy to have pared down our portfolio slightly over the last few years and

We we produce only two metals we produce silver and gold uh sixty percent of our our revenues are from silver and forty percent of our revenues are from gold and uh uh you know we’re got five thousand employees and always looking for ways to grow the business that’s great now can you compare the company to 2016 back then its share price was 24 canadian right

Now you’re around 15 canadian yet silver spot price was lower and to my knowledge the company produced less silver at a higher cost what is better first majestic in 2016 or 2020 and how well probably as a shareholder you’d probably say 2016 because you know that the share price is actually higher but um you know there there is uh definitely uh the miners are

Definitely underperforming the metals uh you know since um you know when gold broke through you know fifteen sixteen hundred uh dollars an ounce um and then silver was still in the 15 16 dollar range our stock was higher than it is today it was with silver at you know 25 26 bucks and you know gold around 2 000 and and it doesn’t really make a lot of sense but

Um you know these these markets do not always correlate uh 100 um you know you have times where the metals will outperform the stocks and you have time so the stocks will outperform the metals and uh you know you can never you know know for certain when that’s gonna happen and explaining it’s not that simple you know because it’s all you know to do with money

Flows you know the the big hedge funds the big institutions you know they they coming out in and out of these markets quite quickly and uh these the mining sector is quite small so you know you have a group of uh pension funds or hedge funds coming into a particular stock you know they could you know do some you know crazy things going on either one side or

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The other side of the market if you look at the size of the silver industry um you know we produce about 800 million ounces of silver annually the miner the miners not first majestic but the mining sector as a whole so a 25 bucks a an ounce silver you know that’s a 23 billion dollar uh industry so one industry 23 billion dollars and how many times that industry

Fit into apple i think apple just went through two trillion dollars uh the other day someone told me so uh you know 20 20 2 trillion divided by 23 million i can’t do the numbers that quickly but uh yeah almost 100 times you’re right but uh so apple could buy the entire solar sector almost 100 times over now it’s pretty shocking so you know so these stocks

You know first majestic we’re talking about you know can go up and down very quickly as a result of just the flow of capital and uh you know all we can do as a management team is continually do the right thing and reduce costs and produce more metal and and uh and innovate and uh we’re very proud of a lot of things we do and you know when when um you know the

Market wakes up and looks at this bull market and says hey gold prices are here to stay silver prices are are here to stay and they’re going higher um then maybe you know people start rushing to the mining stocks again but uh i think there is a view out there that this whole silver or gold price move was very covid related and quite frankly i don’t think it’s

Got anything to do with covid uh um it’s all to do with money printing and interest rates and uh you know the federal reserve came out within minutes just today and it was quite clear that uh powell is not going to be changing interest rates or increasing interest rates anytime soon it’s quite clear that this low interest rate environment could be with us for

Years and years to come into the future which is going to be great for gold prices that’s great well you know what our entire community will be watching your story and the success of first majestic silver corp in detail we wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors i’m very bullish on gold and silver and for anyone that’s watching take a look at

First majestic silver corp very very thankful to have you here on our show today with keith neumeier the president and ceo thank you for joining us today keith yeah i would uh suggest to your listeners to go to our website um we didn’t really talk a lot today about the company but um you know there is a corporate presentation on the home page and website which

People should look at and uh if they do have questions you know feel free to call us um at any time with the 1800 number and i’m also on twitter you know keith underscore newmeier you know please follow me on twitter if you care to catch up on on the most recent news of the companies i’m involved in that’s great well thank you so much for your time again keith

Keep up the great work and we’ll talk to you soon okay thanks rich have a great day

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