First Trillion Dollar company

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Which company will be the first to be worth a trillion dollars i believe i have the one company picked out hello guys is jeremy from the financial education channel thank you so much for watching this video today today we’re going to talk about which company is gonna be the first to be worth a trillion dollars the loess trias trillion dollar market cap it has

Never been done before by any company in history no one has even gotten remotely close i think i have the one company picked out but let’s first talk about the two companies who have the greatest likelihood in my opinion on getting to that trillion dollar market cap they we have facebook on this side facebook they’re a long way from there they have a little over

A 300 billion dollar market cap slave 700 billion to go before they get a trillion dollar valuation and then on this side you have apple the almighty apple now these are two very different companies two very different companies two very different companies at their growth rates and in market cap so as i said facebook has a market cap of around 315 billion roughly

Right now so they’re about 650 to 700 billion off of getting that trillion dollar valuation apple has a market cap overall about 550 billion right now so they’re over halfway there to get to that trillion dollar market cap now the company i believe will do it is apple but let’s talk about why that is and let’s talk about why i believe they can get there first before

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Facebook can get there so facebook is growing in at insane rates right now revenue is up like 50% year-over-year they’re just growing astronomically whereas apple’s only projected to grow six percent next year now facebook has a forward p/e of 27 versus apple which has a forward p/e of only 10 of only 10 now facebook i think we’ll reach the trillion dollars sunday

But i don’t think it would be the first one to reach that and the reason being is facebook’s growth i believe will really begin to slow in about a year to two years from now and what i mean really slowly means slow down to about a fifteen percent revenue growth or somewhere around there whereas apple i believe can keep growing at this steady six to eight percent

A year but what apple’s also doing is there have this massive share buyback going right now so they’re buying back their shares like crazy they have been for the last two years or so and their that just makes their eps that much higher so if they can just grow profits excuse me gross profit by six to eight percent a year revenue by six to eight percent a year

And they can buy all these shares back they’re buying their eps is just gonna be greater and greater also i believe over time apple will be seen as a safer company because it’s not hinged on a big growth rate like facebook is whereas apple will almost be viewed as a procter & gamble or kimberlyclark or johnson and johnson one of those companies that it’s like

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Everybody’s just gonna buy their next products there’s gonna be a certain amount of people that buy it you can almost statistically figure it out it’s gonna be that predictable to see what their revenue is gonna be the following year and whatnot so that’s why i believe apple will be the first to reach a trillion dollar market cap and apple will be able to command

A better forward p/e in the future they’ll be able to command a forward p/e of 14 or 15 in the future versus a 10 right now which will raise valuation quite a bit so thank you so much for watching this guy’s leave comments please this is an interesting subject i want to hear what your opinion is on who could have the first trillion dollar market cap which company

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First Trillion Dollar company By Financial Education

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