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Flowr Corporation (FLOWR) | IPO | RICH TV LIVE – September 9, 2018 – FLOWR is a new IPO that we will be watching very carefully it may be public TOMORROW!!!

Hi guys how you doing this is rich here on behalf of rich tv live and brought to you because of popular demand i wanted to talk to you about a new ipo that could be launching as early as tomorrow it’s called flower and now that we are 37 days 13 hours 15 minutes and 35 seconds away from history in canada legalization of cannabis recreationally will be happening

In canada and a new ipo for you to watch tomorrow is flower flow-3d a– and he just raised 36 million ahead of their ipo and they needed to do this before september 10th so we believe that they will be public as early as tomorrow so i need everyone to put fl o wr on full alert put them on your watchlist put them on your radar flower through its subsidiary is a

Vertically integrated cannabis company and health canada licensed producer that currently offers premium quality cannabis under the flower rx brand in the canadian medicinal market the company has agreements with several provinces to provide its flower brand premium cannabis for sale in province controlled adult use retail channels following the expected october 17

2018 legalization of adult recreational use in canada the primary use of proceeds from the offering will be funding the build-out of flowers eighty-five thousand square foot kelowna bc cultivation facility the kelowna facility which is currently approximately 20% complete is being built using proprietary designs and patent pending growing systems that are expected to


Enable flower to grow ultra clean premium quality cannabis at scale with high yields that is huge flower expects the facility to reach full capacity in 2019 targeted to be in access of 12,000 kilograms annually the company is also building a 50,000 square foot research development facility integrated into its kelowna campus and funded through an exclusive alliance

With the hawthorn gardening subsidiary of scotts miracle grow company smg i like that working very closely with scotts miracle grow a much bigger company a much bigger stock on the senior exchange let’s talk about the offering in aggregate thirteen million eight hundred seven thousand seven hundred and thirty four subscription receipts were sold under the offering

Any subscription price of two sixty per subscriber receipt for aggregate gross proceeds of thirty five million nine hundred one hundred and four so they’ve raised some good money it’s at two dollars a sixty cents they should be going public any day now so what do you guys think i’d like to know what you guys think about flower they will be on the toronto stock

Venture exchange toronto stock venture exchange that is correct and you could see the two dollar sixty cents per share for a period of 24 months following the closing of the offering so there will be a lock-up period there’s some of the funds are going to be placed in escrow so please guys remember rich tv line is strictly for education the entertainment purposes

We are not licensed advisors always do your due diligence always do your research go to rich tv live.com absolutely free find all the tools you need right here under stocks just hover over stocks find everything you need it’s a one-stop shop and the news on flower is amazing you can see the news that came out about scott’s miracle grow on august 24th read on their

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Website and i really like this company i think it has huge potential i think it is going to be a success we will follow them closely we will be watching them every single day i want to know what you think about flour do you think that these guys are going to be a winner please if you do smash the like button share the video everywhere remember if you buy flour

And i buy flour and we all buy flour and it explodes you win i win we all win that’s the rich system if you’re not winning it you’re not watching anybody can do this click on investors it shows why you want to invest breaks it all down you can visit their newsroom i just got in contact with them i just signed up for their newsletter and i like it it looks good

There right here in british columbia what do you think about the flour corporation comment down below i want to know your opinions will you be buying flour i just bought high times yesterday okay i’m excited about it i’m not sure if i’m gonna buy flour if i do buy flour i will let you know it’s true your boy is just picked up some high times i have not picked the

Flour yet but if i do i will let you know let me know what do you think do you think it’s a winner will you pick it up comment down below if you haven’t hit the bell for notifications hit the bell every time there’s a new ipo every time there’s some breaking news your boy rich will break it burst it’s true alright part of people i gotta go watch some football it’s

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Sunday what am i doing making a video it’s crazy i had to bring it to you cuz it’s true a brand new ipo flower and they’re only 37 days away from the largest catalyst in cannabis history 37 days 13 hours 52 minutes and 43 seconds away from legalization of recreational cannabis in canada it’s true this is your boy rich and i’m a piece

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