FOMO so Hard on TSLA

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How’s it going everybody pisses beat the bush today it’s not a happy day because i sold out of the stock market and it just keeps on rocketing up it’s been weeks that it’s being doing this and it’s getting to the point where it’s sort of ridiculous it’s rocketed so strongly up and the reasons for it is just beyond me seriously i am faux mowing pretty hard for tesla

Right now because as you guys know if you just kind of look at all the bison cells of tesla die i’ve ever done i bought and sold tesla eventually i had a buy-in price of around two hundred dollars and i eventually sold it at eight hundred dollars and i took a huge profit around sixty thousand dollars and i went ahead and bought my car now let’s say i didn’t do that

And just kept the stock well i would have made another forty thousand dollars twenty thousand dollars turned into a hundred twenty thousand dollars or you know whatever multiples that you wanted to do and so this represents another forty thousand dollar set i could have gained if i just held on to tesla but you know you can’t really say you could have should have

Whatever right how many people bought tesla at $200 how many people bought a hundred shares of it at $200 and held on all this time or maybe when tesla took a dive in march to like i remember seeing it for like $350 how many people bought it right at the bottom and then rode it up and saw it multiply by three times but anyway i just kind of have to deal with this

Today i’m just gonna talk about my portfolio all the things i purchase and how it’s doing since i bought or sold it then this video is brought to you by weeble this is a free training app and no amount of signing up for this is gonna make up for these huge huge would have gotten gains of mine but if you sign up for it you can get two free shares of stock as long

As you deposit $100 of your own money it still remains your own money as soon as you get your stock you can actually withdraw this $100 you can use that $100 of your money to buy more stock if you want but those two features those stocks or yours to keep forever check out my referral link down in the video description below now let me talk about t v– ix i’m just

Gonna sort of concatenate all of this because i just talked about it way too much i bought t v ix on may 26 for one hundred thirty eight dollars and ninety five cents i sold it in june 22nd right after they made the announcement that they’re going to delist it i sold ten shares all of it at one hundred forty seven dollars and ninety four cents i made like $90 of it

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But if i held on to it all the way till now it’s a hundred twelve dollars right now i would have lost another three hundred fifty dollars now this is not to say that it might spike up at this point until you know when they finally do de list it they’re not going to issue any more shares but my gut feeling at the time was that that was the time to sell and it turns

Out to be correct so far i don’t know if it’s gonna be correct forever because we have to wait until it goes all the way to zero or maybe it won’t right maybe something weird is gonna happen we’re gonna spike up like i thought initially but you know i’m glad i sold out two of it and i don’t have to look at it anymore i actually bonded gold i bought a lot of gold

If you guys are interested i’m wondering how much because i bought on the same day on june 22nd i didn’t say this before cuz i thought it was just kind of like 90 right it’s like a lot of gold right there about 600 shares of gld at six hundred one hundred sixty-five dollars this is a total of 99 thousand dollars of gold 100k of gold right so you know technically

If you look up how golde costs in terms of bars i think you might be able to get like two or three bars of this stuff 499 k but anyway now it’s at 166 dollars and 98 cents it’s went up in value since i bought it by about one percent which means i gained about a thousand dollars i bought at like i said 165 right now it’s at 167 so it’s like a consolation prize i

Guess oh here here’s like a thousand dollars instead of your forty thousand dollars in tesla here’s one thousand dollars well you know i have to be thankful for the position i am in because i am in a pretty financially secure position although i’m not making giant gains you know i’m not kind of like riding with the rodeo when you go up so fast you also go down

Very fast unless you were the lucky few that are able to sell right at the peak and you know historically a lot of people cannot sell right at the peak so anyway tesla i sold that eight hundred now it’s at twelve hundred this represents another fifty percent gain that i missed out on and you know right over at may first right you can see elon musk over here he’s

Very active on his twitter thing he does tesla stock price is too high in my opinion imo and then after he says it’s too high it actually goes up another fifty percent you think the ceo has some say on where the stock price goes especially when he says it’s too high he thinks it’s too high however the market doesn’t think it’s too high they value tesla share it

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Seems like more than elon musk values his own shares so you know who knows right this is weird so like i said at least right now i don’t have a boss oh i guess at this point when you lose out on so much potential gains you just kind of have to go back to square one and just kind of i don’t know just console yourself right you guys can laugh at me and go haha you

Know i know there’s some of you guys like that that like goes to my videos i not even talking about the stock market right i made that video about like taco bell and like people go on this video just to troll me or something even though i’m not talking about anything at about the stock market and they go haha look hahaha you’re you suck fine well anyway let

Me console myself i don’t have a boss right now i have a roof over my head the roof is actually pretty high here it’s like a two storey roof anyway i sleep well i eat organic food i can afford my favorite foods that i want to eat including steak jeongmi and scallops or whatever and i can buy the electronics that i really do want i can also express my creativity

Through this channel so i have a lot to think be thankful for and yeah you know you just can’t just make yourself feel bad the whole time just because the stock market is doing well and you’re not part of it there’s always another day as long as you live another day to make some gains later on then you’re okay you’re not completely wiped out right now i am in a

Very good position i am at you know roughly february peaks i personally don’t kick myself at all for not investing right at the very bottom because i had no idea right that this crazy run is gonna happen i am not regretting that i did not buy into let’s say united airlines or something there’s like a huge run-up you cannot kick yourself over not buying hertz when

It was really beaten down when they announce a bankruptcy and then all of a sudden you know these crazies they go and buy into hertz and then it triples in value you cannot kick yourself over things like these because these are very very risky things to do and because people risk so much into buying these risky assets they reap the rewards however in my position i

Am not looking to risk so much that it’s gonna kick me out of retirement or early retirement or whatever i want to risk just a little bit just enough that maybe it can make me a little bit against but certainly no point do i ever want to risk my security my financial security i have obtained so far i am not going to like go all in no it’s just out of the question

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For me anyway i’m gonna talk about some of my previous things that i purchased that i no longer own i purchased bank of america i sold it around $24 right something around there don’t quote me on this but right now it’s at twenty three dollars and twenty-nine cents it peaked a little bit back in the first week of june and you know that’s when i was following him

Was like kicking myself i’m like oh yeah he just kept on going up when you know the infection rate is like going up and stuff so you can see it kind of went up a little bit from these charts and then it came back down now it’s kind of roughly break-even or i’m doing a little bit better than you know what the current pricing is i also bought irm now it’s at $26 and

16 cents i sold around $24 i don’t feel too bad about that either i also held significant amounts of ixc which is an energy sector etf fun i sold around 20 dollars and 50 cents i remember it did ramp up all the way to $23 i would admit huge gains there as well but now it’s at 1952 cents a dollar less than what i sold it for so it’s this is the stock market it’s

Volatile it goes up it goes down if you’re not in it sometimes you can quote it saying oh it’s up after you sold sometimes you can go oh it’s down after you sold just like i am doing right now it’s gonna it’s gonna go up and down at&t i also sold out around $31 now it’s $30 so whatever you know like i sold out once i sold out i don’t look at it anymore you

Know it’s kind of like bitcoin when i sold out of it after that peak period it crashed all the way down to $3,000 and then now i went back up so do i kick myself for not buying it at 3500 and holding it all the way to 10,000 no no there’s always another opportunity because instead of buying bitcoin i bought tesla and so you know there’s always something else to

Buy around the corner that’s all i have for you guys for today i’m gonna make this video a little bit short because frankly i’m a little bit down i don’t feel too good today a little little bit depressed i don’t know why maybe i have a chronic depression problem or something but yeah i’m gonna go now thanks for watching don’t forget to give me a like comment down

Below let me know what you think of you know holding gold and push the subscribe button ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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