Awesome job but i also have a good question for you is this okay alright so you’ve come to the point where you understand the timelines of what to do when what sort of got you to the place where do you actually have to master the skill they said they were singing doubts with it it’s sort of avoid some of those pitfalls what are some of the things like fundamentals

That egg terms of using this domain in the first month first six months it was clear as when i streets which were university you looking for something steady so coming into it and the first are trading are you trying there was a good one information was there but it was a good information much like that so it wasn’t like anybody specifically showing us from entering

Mr. guiding us like the information you guys got with some vpn was like so what i really wanted to get across is your when we were learning or the reason why we have the skill we have today is because we took all the losses and the lessons right we did all the hard work we paved the way for what works eventually we got some point we found something that worked we

Stayed consistently didn’t pay the better we made it better we get it better and now we’ve made it to what it is today right so when it comes down to what we’re doing for people is we’re showing that what works right off there if instead of them wasting time a year and energy money just trying to you know do the little stuff to make it work we’re showing people

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What works we show us right we right off the rip like we’re deeper get started we just plug the right into the system they showed them a strategy that works don’t get been using for you know one years two years three years things were constantly getting better so when they get plugged in we just plug from straight into just any education and then they study make

Grid was it without every sort your training plan you’re right sugar confirmations okay i need to have at least three to five things tell me the trades in about this way based on whatever i’m looking on the market right it’ll break down what those specific things are so like we have that like if you want to go live that’s already like but it just i guess that

What he asked that makes us but yeah there’s a confirmation check looks like you know certain things that are key to climb this successfully i mean mastering it just kind of goes back to you and your your your personally how much listen can you go but you gotta practice it but i think it’s the same thing every time but every time you think it’s the same thing any

Time i’m only buying stuff i’ll teach you guys and when you buy in an uptrend right by higher lows money side lower house like my house heat levels off with it right we’re entering off institutional candles and that’s there would be the same setup every time you’re trading every trade sure pretty much be something very similar whether you’re buying or selling it’s

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Gonna be okay i’m selling off for these confirmations you just get good at finding those specific confirmations their lease it’s just like you just like shooting free-throws and you shoot it so many times it’s just natural if they must be around the confirmations it’s just up to them like how long since it ended up consistently when you there’s people that come in

Like should be striving to money right but they might take you wait longer we wait the space on the type of person i didn’t know there’s not like an average i mean the average is this based on views a person might call the past when you learn you know what’s holding you back if you’re going all-in it’s no factor we we can do like a visual thing on personal basis

How about that all right givers are on applause guys

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