Former Apple Shareholder Shares Thoughts On Apple Special Event

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Well guys if you didn’t hear word on the street those boys and girls up in cupertino california they showed off their new iphones today well not just their iphones we’ll look at all the different things they showed off here today and i’ll give my opinion on those as a former apple shareholder but this september bennett’s always known as the event where apple shows

Off their new iphones they do it every single september okay now once again i’m a former apple shareholder i sold out of the remaining apple shares i held this year i made over $2,000 on those shares but i’m still heavily reliant on apple corporation because two of the big semiconductor stocks i own they make chips for iphones and ipads and things like that so i’m

Definitely financially incentivize on apple’s success or failure so i want to share my honest opinion on these different products that apple launched and some of it is not so good okay so first off they showed off a product called apple arcade all right no i thought this was actually a really intriguing product basically it’s gonna be $4.99 a month you get a ton

Of games you get to play a lot of exclusive games a lot of pretty cool stuff they showed off here this is gonna launch in september in my overall thoughts on this was this was actually a pretty cool product now is this something that is going to be a needle mover for apple in the short term in terms of their revenues and profits absolutely not do i think this has

Huge long-term potential absolutely if you look at what apple’s trying to do they’re trying to build the services side of their business the recurring revenue and not just trying to be reliant on how many iphones they sell each and every quarter they want to build out a huge services business where they have recurring revenue constantly coming in from all these

Different products and this is a this is a pretty cool product that’s $4.99 a month i think it’s got great long-term potential anything that’s gonna happen short term is gonna affect the business not really okay they also have their apple tv plus launching which is kind of their netflix competitor and this is going to come in at $4.99 which is the most shocking

Thing that happened to literally at the entire day i think most people assumed this was going to be a product somewhere priced between $9.99 at the lowest and maybe up to like $19.99 and they came in with that $4.99 price point it’s got launched in november and that’s absolutely a shocking thing okay $4.99 that unbelievably low this is another thing that is this

Gonna be great for apple in the short term absolutely not because even if they got mass amounts of people to sign up for this which mass amounts of people millions and millions if not 10 million plus will probably sign up for the service within the first year that still actually like chump change and i know you could do those numbers and they’re really really big

Numbers but that’s actually like really small potatoes for apple corporation so something again that is it has a great long-term potential for apple but in the short term it’s not going to do much for numbers but you see apple arcade you see apple tv plus obviously apple music has built out in the biggest music service in the world and you see all these different

Products and you put that along with the cloud and things like that and you can see apples building out a massive services business and this is where apple’s focus is really going in the future this is horrible news by the way this is good you know call it what it is horrible news for netflix as we see netflix having a really tough day out they’re down three point

Six five percent okay i’ve been calling out this for a while because all these competitors are coming in and netflix has had the whole category to themselves for too long i would not be surprised if netflix stock approaches is 52-week low somewhat soon you guys know disney plus is coming out here in about a couple months as well okay and in terms of disney plus

That’s going to be a service at $6.99 a month meaning that you could sign up you know measure somebody that’s you know very conscious of money okay you can sign up for apple tv plus and disney plus it would be around the same price as a netflix subscription and if a lot of folks are gonna look at this okay especially people that have kids okay people that have kids

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That’s an automatic okay but even regular folks are gonna look at this and say wow i could get apple tv plus and disney plus with all the ridiculous amount of content on there in the insane amount of content apple will have as well as exclusive content a lot of folks that maybe are you know only have 10 or 15 dollars to spend on these services each month they’re

Gonna look at this and they probably gonna say you know what i think i’m gonna ditch netflix and i’m gonna go ahead and get an apple tv and disney plus service because i’m gonna get way more bang for my buck so that’s horrible horrible news for netflix i’ve been calling out this for a while i’ve been telling you guys the massive competition is coming in and sure

Enough it has came and it’s not looking good for netflix okay so that in terms of apple not much short-term help but a lot of long-term gain there all right they showed off a new ipad that was at the lower price point and my thoughts around that was there’s nothing special with this new ipad in my personal opinion the ipad i always think of that as the starter device

To kind of get you in the apple ecosystem you know you can get an ipad you know from the apple website you know some of these older models for like 300 bucks or so and so that’s kind of the initiation of getting people into the apple ecosystem like maybe you never had an iphone before and maybe you never had you know a mac and things like that but you get an ipad

And next thing you know you’re like man i love this experience now i want to get an iphone now i want to get a mac and next thing you know you’re in the entire ecosystem and you got air pods you got apple watches now you got all senor apple everything right it’s a starter device so it’s important for apple’s business not in terms of how much money it will generate

But in terms of getting people in the ecosystem so then they can sell you hyphens down the road and they can actually make a lot of money and maybe if you are an android customer you come over you start using an ipad and then also next thing you know you buy an iphone and you get the mac an apple watching the whole deal okay so but nothing gained breaking there

All right this showed off apple watch series 5 ok this is their newest apple watch this falls up from the apple watch series for which they launched last year so the apple watch series 5 is going to start at $399 they’re gonna have the model that has cellular with it for $499 and this is another product that when i looked at it there was no really groundbreaking

New features i know they have like where the face will constantly be lit up now and things like that but when i looked at this product i said there’s nothing game breaking here that if you had you know a series for apple watch you say i got to go buy this series 5 unless you’re just that type of person that you just have to have the newest and the newest products

And whatnot when i looked at it i wasn’t that impressed and overall when i looked at the product i was like you know it’ll do okay numbers but i don’t see this being a smashing success with that particular series the thing i thought was most interesting was they decided to go ahead and move this series three that came out a couple years ago down to $199 now this is

A great move for apple why because apple wants every single person that owns an iphone to have an apple watch over time okay which would mean hundreds of millions of people or buying iphones every few years but then our upgrading by an apple watches every few years okay that’s what apple wants on a long-term basis and if you want to get to that place you’ve got to

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Have a really good product that’s really you know inexpensive and we’re talking about $199 there that is a price point that’s going to be very attractive to a lot of folks that say they can get a brand new apple watch series three for $199 okay now we’re talking and more and more people will get that and they’ll get it as christmas presents and we’ll try it out some

Will like it some will not like it but that gives you a great opportunity because not everybody wants to spend $399 or $499 on a product that they’re not sure if they want yeah keep that in mind okay it’s not like an apple watch as a needs-based product like a phone is like a cell phone right and so 199 dollar price point great move by apple there i think that was

A one of the smartest decisions they made overall okay now once again this this event is always for the iphones at the end of the day if you don’t know the majority of apple’s revenues and profits are made up from their iphone business and this is they always get launched and the new ones always get launched in september okay and what did they come out with here

Okay so they came out with the iphone 11 which kind of replaces the iphone 10 or in my opinion and the most interesting thing about this honestly was it’s a six hundred $99 price point with dual camera so that is a pretty intriguing price point so when i looked at that iphone i thought is there anything really groundbreaking with this iphone not really okay great

Chips you know great specs all the best you know as far as these new iphones they’re gonna have the fastest chips by far and any smart phone in the world when you compare them out and i’m sure you’ll see the tests over the coming weeks once the phones actually get on the market and they’ll blow away in terms of speed any other smartphone in the world and that’s

Pretty common for apple whenever they come out with their newest iphones they always have these fastest chips out there that’s just generally how it goes that’s how it is with these products as well but the the $699 price point i thought that was pretty intriguing the phone itself there’s no feature with that phone you say oh my gosh i have to get this phone but

609 that keeps that comes under the iphone 10 are last year’s iphone 10 or last year came in at $749 so we’re talking about $50 cheaper and we’re talking about better cameras dual lens and we’re talking about obviously much faster chips so then was pretty intriguing okay they had the iphone 11 pro which has a three camera process okay and once again faster chips

Pretty similar designed to past iphones there i think it’s a 5.8 inch screen that one starts at $999 intriguing product but not that intriguing where folks say oh i got to go get this new iphone or something like that in my personal opinion and then they came out with the iphone 11 pro max which is like a 6.5 inch screen or 6.6 inch they said as far as the screen

Size they’re a very big iphone in general that one’s going to come in at about eleven hundred dollar price point there but once again none of those iphones when i looked at those unless maybe you’re a professional photographer and you have to have the the best camera possible on a phone because you use your phone from photography or something like that outside

Of that these weren’t iphones that i was like oh my gosh these are gonna do huge numbers or something like that they just weren’t when i looked at the features i was like you know everything’s better okay that’s what we expect from iphones but nothing was game breaking the design is similar to past iphones as far as that the phone have like 5g or something like

That they don’t so when i looked at these iphones i said you know these aren’t gonna be you know they’re still gonna sell well in terms of you know people that are gonna have iphones break and so when they had their iphone break they’d go buy another iphone right they’re gonna lose their iphone they lose their iphone they gotta go get another iphone they’re gonna

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Replace iphone and then you have those certain amount of individuals out there that half do get the newest newest right they always buy the newest samsung if they’re samsung customer they always buy the new is apple device if they’re an apple customer right you’re gonna have those people but in terms of the masses saying i’ve gotta go by this new thousand dollar

Iphone i don’t see it at all with this generation of iphones in my personal opinion so i don’t look for you know these sales numbers to be insanely strong or something like that i think next year has big potential why because apple will come out with their 5g iphone likely next fall okay so i think that has big potential because 5g will continue to be built out

Over the course of this year and by the way a lot of people are wondering why did an apple go ahead and launch a 5g iphone today alright because if you’ll samsung they’ve got a 5g device in the market now you can get a galaxy s 10 5g by the way that phone starts out almost $1300 but some folks were like why doesn’t a polly the five g one right now and apple

Probably could have but you got to always think about it in context of when when does it matter to actually release a device okay samsung loves to be like first on a lot of these different things and whatnot but the fact is you you buy a 5g phone right now and there’s hardly anywhere you can use it in the world okay and especially in the united states of america

There’s hardly anywhere you can use it so if you buy a 5g smartphone right now here today it’s almost pointless on owning a 5g iphone or a 5g samsung or 5g anything right now okay now throughout the course of this year the 5g network will continue to be built out and it will become more and more relevant to have a 5g phone of some time and then in 2021 we’ll see

A mass mass build-out okay but if you’re thinking about it should i get a 5g phone of some kind now it absolutely doesn’t make sense because almost literally like i live in las vegas a massive city right we pretty much don’t have 5g anywhere here so i could have a 5g smartphone sure and it would be the same as having a 4g phone because the networks just not built

Out yeah but that’s a network continued to get bailed out this year and into the next year then 5g phones start to become relevant and people start to get them and they’re like look at the ridiculous speed i’m getting on my phone over here and other folks are gonna say dude that’s ten times twenty times faster than my phone i want to get a 5g phone as well and the

Hype will really start to build in about a year or two but for right now it makes no sense for apple to launch a 5g iphone or of any kind you know samsung they like to just be first on everything so they released a 5g iphone but it’s literally completely like it’s completely a waste of money like if somebody’s paying $1300 without that phone i’m like what are you

Doing because literally just gonna be using a 4g network and it’s gonna be the same exact phone as buying like a 4g like android device at the end of the day guys but overall when i looked at this as a former apple shareholder i thought there’s nothing that’s gonna be great short-term number-wise revenues and profits over the course the next year for apple wi-fi

I’m looking for apple to get back to some pretty good growth i’ll probably look toward next year or something like that but the service is you can tell the apples play is all about those services building out that into becoming a massive massive business with those occurring revenues that $5.00 a pop $10 a pop and those numbers will do you know bigger and bigger

As time moves on guys so anyways i want to hear your opinion on the apple special event down there in that comment section as always make sure you smash the thumbs up button if you enjoyed today’s video thank you for watching have a great day

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