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Hi guys this is rich from rich to be live and i have to thank mark pepper for this video and let’s listen to why bruce linton was terminated and what his next move is from yahoo finance thank you mark for sharing this link reacting to the shocking house ting at the world’s largest marijuana company canopy growth when co-founder bruce linton was removed from the

Board and a ceo role in large part due to the influence of beer maker constellation brands which invested four billion dollars into canopy last year and has a strong presence on the company’s board earlier this week piper jaffray reiterated its outperform rating on canopy but trimmed its price target from 57 dollars a share to 54 dollars a share citing slower sales

Growth in all canopy shares have fallen by about 5% since linton’s departure with investors wondering now where the company heads from here as the ceo search to fill in this rule continues so for more on what could be in store and what’s next for linking is the man himself bruce lee from bruce bruce i’m sure by now you’ve had some time to step back and digest the

Board’s decision but in that time was there any one thing that maybe stood out to you as maybe why it came to this decision what exactly come on your show because i kind of feel like i’m talking to a bunch of people who are gonna start businesses uh-huh and they’re gonna use capital markets to do it so stuff you know you learn by living many companies the trade on

Exchanges are measured on earnings per share every 90 days that is that is the rism they’re supposed to be in and what’s supposed to happen is the earnings per share it’s supposed to increase every 90 days that’s that’s good model but there were other companies which are in a growth and creation mode i don’t know like maybe you know amazon might under that netflix

Were what they’re doing is they’re looking at what is the infrastructural requirement the content requirement how do they build this thing out and emerge as a massive dominant player but the earnings per share thing just doesn’t really apply for a while so you start reporting what’s called a justin ebit done i know that sounds boring but fundamentally when you’re

Running a company that tweeted canopy is still really in my mind a startup which has created a really good base in canada but even the opportunity in canada is still just beginning to open up with the new products coming up at the end of the year well you’re right man you’re right in that we have a lot of people who watch the show are entrepreneurs and they always

People who come on the show say that trust is a big thing when you’re taking money from investors i mean has their certain piece of your mind that thought you’d be safe by taking the constellation the four billion dollars we just talked about is there a piece of you that said oh maybe maybe i shouldn’t trusted then you know so marc and i is the co-ceo who’s hanging

Around for the transition you know we’ve thought about this in july/august we’re doing the deal because with five billion dollars remember they didn’t just give us or that four billion us dollars it was for seventeen percent of a company which was about five years old so like anytime zach you fire up a company and you work away diligently for five years and so he

Wants to give you five four billion dollars us for 17% that is a deal you really are gonna say yes – yeah and that comes with a few strings and one of them is that the majority of the board if you get that kind of deal will become the source of the capital because i got to keep track of the capital which we’ll name the bias will be towards whatever that might be

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And in our case i was of the view this is a rocket ride that will measure earnings per share some time but not in immediately required time and i have five four billion us dollars in the bank so the point of that is to spend it yeah no i mean you mentioned that you mentioned that – and you kind of had the same freedom and we can talk about the acreage deal that

You kind of had sealed up there because that’s a similar thing we heard from a procedure kevin murphy saying you couldn’t turn it down you guys came to him with a great offer so he went with that but we’ll get into that in a sec i want to ask you before we leave constellation behind though that clearly they’re running the show now so did you get a sense of what

Endeavors seemed most important to that thinking i mean you were heavy on the push in the cbd expanding marijuana cultivation internationally and pushing in the us with the acreage deal but what about what they want what’s top of mind for constellation yeah i’m not really sure obviously if i knew all those things was totally aligned i’m probably wearing a canopy

Shirt today you really think what they’re looking at is a well-run business which they wish to have more structured and listen i i have this idea that massive creative energy focused on a field that’s just coming out of prohibition should be measured on intellectual property achievement novel creations of products as those will be the brand to differentiate a good

Versus a rural joint and that all these things come with a big cost and how much is it worth call me i’ll tell you all right that that is not exactly a rigorously run business that is a kind of go for really hard and that’s more my operating mode i think it’ll be a much more disciplined business and frankly if i was interviewing for it i’d be probably one of the

Weakest candidates it have because that is not my skill set to manage to an eps model and tweak it by pennies yeah yeah i mean let’s talk about that skill set too though because as you mentioned i mean you’re you’re more of the entrepreneurial type so when you look at what you might want to do now and we have the non-compete when it comes to canadian cannabis businesses

But when you look to the us there’s the non-compete guys you might want to work and compete ring through the growth stage right now they got them tied up what’s theirs i have an email which is genius it’s bruce at bruce linton calm super hard and keep track of but it’s getting filled up with a whole bunch of things and people think i should be involved with so i’ll

Look at some cannabis things i know i’m also looking at things like 5g and how that can affect things i’m looking at ai but i’m also trying to back up a little bit and that’s what i’m doing for the next week to say like the reason i started a cannabis company is what was fairly evidence there was gonna be this big change and we’re gonna be winners and losers but

Was gonna be an overall net growth sure and so i’m trying to look at and say what other macro things are happening around the planet from public policy whether it’s trade policy trade wars or whether its global warming and there’s going to be different neutral pattern xand oceans and that will mean there are winners and losers by geography and activities and so

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Trying to look at a lot of these things to say when you’re applying your time you should actually make sure there’s a macro trend to which you can attach a number of actions that will turn into a business sure and i think canada’s yeah i’m interested in all those other topics when you look at those right now i mean in the cannabis space i mean that yeah clearly a

Few if you have an email like that i mean is there anyone out there in the keynote space that you’re interested in working with i mean that has reached out to you you would be potentially weighing now zach if i told you the answer you would never have me back in these days the stupidest guest ever that’s not sure it’d all be easier to reach you that’s for one thing

If you take very hard so i i will be involved in the cannabis space but i need to be selective and i’m not gonna kid myself like canape was a 100 million dollar market cap four or five years ago and it became in u.s. dollars you know 15 16 billion market cap that’s one of the fastest growth by valuation of an enterprise the territory creating businesses i don’t

Think i’m gonna get that twice so i need to be a fairly selective when where i go i will want to make sure that i can have direct influence and it’s gonna be a success so i’m gonna be a i’m gonna be quite fond full on reviewing them all right well it sounds like i mean it might be on a smaller side there so we’ll leave that for now but i mean one of the companies

That you are involved with right now martello technologies group we’ve seen shares in that company up 375 percent since you said just last week that you were gonna be helping them out and that really took off they had to say that there’s no real material change here and then the fact that you said you’re gonna be helping them out i’m surprised you’re not wearing

Martos shirt today is that weird i i don’t want to get too hot right like so martel is a very nice company everybody who listens this show is that you know they’re streaming stuff they’re dealing with video calls they’re dealing with video conferences they may or may not have a foamer an ip phone on it we make all that stuff way less annoying and functional and

We do it for corporations did you hear what he said if you want it to get too hot did you hear that leniency that’s a clue guys let’s you can buy companies by talking to one at a time or you can sign three or four or five up and make it binding on them and then figure out which one you want to buy you have been raised capital in different ways so what i’m doing

Is just taking some of the things that i’ve learned them a little bit more of my standard put the screws in as fast as you can and i think that when i you know i’ve been involved with that business for six years and so what i really want to do is make it into a solid serious business which could either make a good home in a private equity firm net or be a bigger

Market capital company but right now it’s just push push push and i like that push push push last weekend carrots go through push push push oh yeah i’m gonna take that shirt on a plate like get some lacquer or something and paint it up and so that we’re gonna put up in the wall because i think that sure it’s worth about 50 million bucks wow p.m. shirt is what i

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Think a million dollar shirt makes so much bruce linton appreciate your taking time sir our hero thank you bruce linton my hero my hero honestly he’s my hero now let’s just take a look at cgc candy peru and let’s they did mention during the amazon’s that day it’s just they did mention that canopy growth is down five percent since he was terminated and martello is

Up i believe over 200 percent he wore the shirt it was at 18 cents we’ll take a look at martella right now but can it be growth down 1.5 8% today irony irony isn’t it and then martello i was a very interesting interview that’s the first time i’ve actually seen that interview to be honest with you and what he did say was he didn’t want it to go up too fast and get

Too hot too quick and he also said that right now it’s push push push did you hear that oh that is a very very very good interview so from 18 cents to 64 cents let’s do the quick matt so 18 to 36 would be 100% and then another 18 plus 36 is 46 that’s 54 so that’s 200% and then another 10 so we’re up like over 200% here on martello well over 200% since he wore the

Shirt and when it hit its high of 96 cents on this run it was up i believe over 400% it’s true bruce linton is the most powerful man in the cannabis sector and my prediction is that whatever company he goes to just like martello will explode and he did say he will be getting involved with some companies outside of canada but he said he will be selective so stay

Tuned we need to watch this man like a hawk i predict the next company he joins will also explode martello i believe will continue to explode i did say we’ll go to $1 it has gone to 96 cents from 18 cents my first video is at 26 and a half cents we are now at 64 cents i predict this will go to $1 and beyond you heard it here first from your boy rich thank you for

Watching hit that like button subscribe hit the buffer notifications i just set up a new youtube sorry a new twitter account rich tv 17 love to have you guys join i literally just set it up we’re gonna blow that one up and we’re gonna blow up everything we’re doing because we are on the rise subscribe to rich tv live thank you for watching if you’re not winning

You’re probably not watching we’re bringing the winners and we bring them to you first it’s true we brought you martello technologies we are watching bruce linton like a hawk whatever he joins next is going to be the next big winner so stay tuned if you guys hear something you gotta let me know so i can let the people know and remember if they win and you win and

I win we all win it’s true this is your boy rich or rich to be live and i’m out peace

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