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Hey guys welcome back today i want to share with you a product i have been using for about five months now it’s a cell phone service that’s actually free every single month before we start let me ask you how much do you actually pay every month for cell phone service most people would pay somewhere around 50 to $100 and i think that’s just insane so i bought a

No-contract unlocked iphone 5 from freedompop you can actually buy your own iphone 5 left unlock from anywhere else and just jump onto their network for free i just want to say freedom pop doesn’t pay me to give to talk about this but i just think it’s a really good product and so i want to tell everybody about it and hopefully some people would throw away their

Cell phone plans and join this one just like i did i’m perfectly comfortable paying four hundred and forty dollars for a cell phone if i don’t have to pay anything per month basically the phone is free after about five six months of usage anyway so what do you get for free you get a freedom pop phone number you get 200 top minutes 500 texts and one gigabyte of

Cellular 4g lte data that’s pretty sweet so after using this for five months or so i feel like i can talk about it with a bit of knowledge about how well the cellular reception is how well the voice quality is well the thing is one gigabyte is a bit little for me i use most my data on wi-fi networks and so one gigabyte was about enough for me you know five out

Of ten times when i made calls it would be very spotty if people would cut in and out i can’t recommend this if you’re a big voice user for me i don’t use the voice portion too much i mainly text and do alternative text like wechat whatever chad imessage and stuff through the various chat apps and so i don’t really need the voice anymore i actually have a google

Voice number that i’ve connected to this phone and it’s a separate number when someone calls me on it and so when someone calls me on that number they can actually leave the voicemail rather than if you go into a feed on top you have to pay for per monthly service fee if you go over one gigabyte it would cost you roughly $10 per gigabyte on top of that that’s not

Very much you save quite a lot of money i mean every single month is 50 to $100 i know it’s a bit different for everybody some people might really like their cell phone plans are kind of addicted to it they really must have you know on the spot very good service for me it doesn’t really matter some people like to buy sneakers other people really like their cell

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Phone service plan maybe other people really like warm weather so they like to turn up the heat all the time at home i for example prefer eating out i prefer eating the cost of my cell phone bill in one sitting in the restaurant then paying a cell phone plan the main thing i don’t like about cell phone plans is because they actually been charging more and more

It’s very noticeable i’m sure everyone has noticed they’ve been increasing the prices and basically the amount of service you get has been saying about the same maybe it’s increase but they’re charging you more for everything every single text used to cost i remember every text used to cost really little maybe five cents and i think i don’t even know how much it

Is now because i don’t pay for anymore i’m just a bit annoyed with the carriers because they keep on increasing the prices for the same amount of service i’m going to leave a link down below for where to get this phone a freedompop also offers other phones very limited just three different phones a galaxy s3 this iphone 5 it’s not even the 5s no sakes or anything

Although i did here you can actually get a six now and bring it on to the sprint network i haven’t done that yet i’m going to stay with this phone for now so if you get within 200 megabytes of your limit there really going to make you put some credit into your service before you can’t go any further so that’s why i did i put you have to put $10 in and so then you

Can use it all the way up to live up to the limit my recommendation is to use this phone yes use it up to the limit and that’s it if you go over don’t just try not to go over i have gone over a little bit here and there you know a dollar or two but it’s it’s pretty insignificant compared to a real cell phone plan so it seems like freedom pops marketing department

Is not too good because no one knows about the service when i go and tell people that have never heard of the service when they asked me how much do i pay for my service i net when i tell them i pay nothing they get a little confused about why do i pay nothing do you even have a cell phone service plan yes i know the service is only through the data network so i

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Do not get any voice calls routed through their voice network the voice calls come through the data network if you have data all the time then it wouldn’t really matter it’s really hard to say what your real life usage would be like that’s why i’m making this video telling you what it’s like to use this phone for text messages sometimes if you have really bad

Connection you can have out of order text messages they would go in the wrong place it would cause some confusion if you’re talking to someone and sometimes if you swap the ordering of the text it would be a completely different meaning with this 4g lte or wi-fi whatever you’re on at the moment i haven’t noticed any type of order switching for text messages so 200

Minutes of talk is actually not that much i burn up about 30 minutes just being on customer service trying to cancel a credit card and why am i canceling an credit card if you look at one of my credit card videos you’ll understand why so i go on and actually use a thirty minutes of talk and that’s that’s okay because i actually don’t use that much talk minutes it

Seems that way for guys probably because you know i if i call someone i’ll be like hey i’m here that’s it so like a minute i probably won’t even call someone and say on here you know you just text people and say oh i’m here who calls people these days right you can check it out for yourself go to freedompop comm and look up the services in your area most likely it

Is because sprint 4g lte service is you know all over the place so before i started this service i was a bit confused about hi all works and i didn’t want to get my own cell phone and try to jump in the network because i hear you can do that i just didn’t want to make it too hard for myself because if i get a cell phone if i buy an unlock one i might have trouble

Connecting to a network or whatnot so i got the phone from freedompop connecting it for me actually took two three weeks because i had an issue with the the sim card the network wasn’t a sceptic it so i actually had to get a brand new one from apple they actually were a bit confused about what my phone was i just said i needed a new sim card and eventually they

Gave me one but even the people at the store don’t really know what freedompop is and so lucky for you guys you guys now know and you have the option to go and make it cancel your cell phone plan and get a freedom apple ii if maybe you have an extra sprint phone laying around you can just hook it up to the network and try it out for a while before you jump ship

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This whole phone service thing is kind of a bit more than not paying for cell phone plans but it’s more about being not being taking advantage by big carriers and they just keep on increasing the price who gets all this money right like the ceos or whatever i mean the shareholders of a tmt are getting all this money it seems they’re just making billions of dollars

When everybody goes around paying 50 $100 a month whenever you’re able to get out of a monthly service plan you are reducing your dependence on your monthly burn rate this comes down to how early you can retire and it’s about reducing your cash flow so every single month i need $100 less you can look at it as needing less or you can look at it on the other side

Where if you you spend this much less it’s like getting a $1,000 raise per year the thing i like about this is it’s an equivalent service but it’s free i get service that is similar the thing is i can use the service and it’s satisfactory for me it’s a little subpar yes but 4g lte is actually really fast data and i get one whole gigabyte of it you just have to be

Careful with how you use it the thing i noticed that would really limit the amount of data that you consume you just go into the cellular thing and look up all the cellular data stuff that’s turned on go go ahead and turn everything off and then only turn on the very basic things that you need don’t play games and stuff turn on data if you turn on everything it

Would suck down your data very fast so i recommend to only turn on data for the most essential items when you’re on this when you’re on this plan so that’s all i have for today thanks for watching i would be really happy if any of you actually cancels your cell phone plan and get one of these guys don’t forget to click like somewhere down here and comment if you

Have a question about this plan and subscribe thanks for watching

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