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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m going to talk about a new app called weeble which will allow you to do free trades this video is sponsored by weeble frankly i wouldn’t have known about this without them sponsoring me and i’m very glad i did because this is a very viable platform that allows for free trades looking into it i did my own

Research about the company background and stuff and i finally invested about two thousand dollars into this application just to try things out now you can sign up right now there’s no referrals or anything just go and search for this app on android or ios if you do so right now you can get a free share of blue-chip stock valued anywhere between $3 and $1,000 now

I personally got a free share i got a b evey valued at four dollars and seventy two cents so that’s great you just sign up and then you get like $5 or something i’ll show you guys what the probabilities are in getting that $1,000 free stock later on in this video now with any of these brokerage apps that i recommend you really have to know that these or brokerage

Apps they allow you to buy and sell stocks stock in itself when you buying and selling individual stock is actually quite risky and it can go up or down in value so notice before you plunge into it and go around buying stocks and selling stocks especially when it’s free it’s very tempting to do so now these days we have very few options for free trading stock

Platforms but more and more and coming along and i remember when i started trading stocks i actually had to pay like 20 dollars for every single trade every single buy have to pay 20 dollars every single sell i happy to pay $20 so it’s crazy how you know you can actually just do it for free these days so what are the advantage of weeble it’s a free trading platform

You can use this for free thurs no commissions on trades no minimum deposits and you get free real-time quotes this is a big thing because a lot of brokerages you have to be at a certain level to get free real-time quotes or maybe you even have to pay for if you decide to trade on margins they charge a pretty reasonable rate between six point nine nine percent and

Three point nine nine percent the more you borrow the less the apr is now a great thing about this app is that they have a newsfeed for the stocks that you’re looking at there’s no hidden fees with any of this and if you’ve been looking at various news apps you realize that some of the use apps out there they started charging money i’m like i’m not gonna pay for

You know everyday news like this when you can just go to weibo and get free news now i know this is like some random company you’ve never heard of right wiebel it’s just like it seems like it just popped out of nowhere now with any app that i don’t recognize i do my diligence on the company to make sure that they are a viable company that they’re gonna be around

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Because before investing before putting in thousands of dollars i want to know that they’re not gonna take my money and run away there are 1 million downloads on google play already if you check and eight million downloads globally so it’s having a pretty large traction and i feel like going forward this app is gonna get bigger and bigger and more and more people

Are gonna adopt it this company is sec registered and they are on the finra org site finra is financial industry regulatory authority if you’re interested in that link i’ll leave it down below the owner is called fumi holdings however when i dug deeper into it i think it might be because it might be all in chinese or something i can’t search more in english for

It but its hold by a bigger company the u.s. operations is established in delaware in may of 2017 so this is just you know less than a year old or so for the us based operations their office is in 44 wall street in new york so it gives it some more legitimacy because they actually have a real office and actually walk by that building when i visited in new york

A while ago there s ipc insured which insured your investments up to five hundred thousand dollars so this essentially insures your assets from disappearing and they would actually back that up it’s kind of similar to fdic except for securities they also have an additional insurance by apex clearing corp covering up to millions of dollars of assets they’re also

Partnered with reputable firms such as thomson reuters morningstar new york stock exchange nasdaq sgx london stock exchange and many others so when you sign up for this app you actually have to go through the whole signup process you actually have to transfer money in but when you do you’ll have a chance to get a blue-chip stock valued somewhere between $3 and

$1,000 the probability of getting the stocks as i was told 5% for $3 stocks 60% for $5 stocks 5% on $1000 stock and 30% in other stocks so 5% that means you get 1 in 20 chance of getting a $1,000 ish stock this is pretty good if let’s say they have to pay $1,000 for 20 people that really really signs up this means that they’re paying about $50 per sign up over

Here this is somewhat reasonable because the banks they pay maybe $100 to $200 for anyone to sign up for their checking account so you know it’s not you know insanely crazy how much that they’re giving away this also gives a chance for you know someone to randomly win a lot of money rather than you know giving a fixed rate for every single person that signs up

Somewhere mid-july somewhere middle of this month in 2018 you’re gonna have the ability to refer friends and every single time you refer a friend you’re gonna get a new stock for yourself and your friend will also get a new stock unfortunately this is not live yet so you know i don’t have a referral link or anything so you guys can just search for weeble w eb ull

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On ios or android and you can download your app that way now with any free app i’m always wondering how the heck are they offering this for free when traditionally all these companies they have to ask you to pay $5 $7 $10 for each trade the answer is because these new companies they are not backed with brick-and-mortar store they don’t have all these stores that

They have to pay a whole bunch of employees so their costs are really low therefore they can charge you less on top of this yes they’re not charging any money on the commissions however if you use more of their app they do charge a bit of money for their margin accounts where you know you’re essentially borrowing money from them in order to do trading for anyone

That keeps on using their app yeah there might be a chance that some people will need to do a margin account and that’s how they can earn a little bit more money so the way i see it is a lot of these traditional brokers i think the writing is on the wall for them they’re going to get less and less customers and there’s nothing they can do about it because they

Essentially have all these stores and all these employees a high overhead so even if they want to lower it to zero they cannot because once they do they’re essentially gonna be losing money so anyhow before that happens we can all just jump on the weblo bandwagon you know go and use their free app and stuff i wish i had this long time ago so i just signed up to

This thing i’m just gonna go in here get my free stock so your commission is coming now from three to one thousand dollars you get one share of something okay let’s get it now open account i personally don’t want to get a margin account i’ve had bad experiences in the past so i’m going to only get a cash account let me enter in all my personal information here

Okay i finished that page you asked for social security number name birthday residential address more information now ployment type occupation i’ll just say sales for now and then enter in the address and then i asked typical financial background and then since this is a brokerage account it wants all kinds of crazy information like a driver’s license national

Identity card passport and such are you a 10% shareholder well this is kind of neat this is like all online forms you don’t have to go in and they want your signature like this and i will okay it says congratulations applications submitted for approval will be approved within two to three business days complete so this is pretty typical house your watchlist bunch

Of ticker symbols over here you can watch some markets over here dow jones whatever let me just drill into let’s say the smp 500 index over here to see what kind of information it can supply us over the five-day period over here goes up and down i like how the graph over here appears pretty fine three months five years wave even has news it looks very very well

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Full-featured over here okay let’s do trade my application is under reviews too so i can’t show you any of this yet but i like this part over here where you can look at the streams okay it has a bunch of news information that you can look at heineken battles a be in bev in brazil this is like a worldwide thing so let’s go seven two four what does that this is

Information regarding all the stock ticker symbols that’s in your portfolio man you can spend a lot of time all these articles in here okay i gotta prove overnight here’s a message they sent me your weibo trading account has been open you can treat after deposit and on this page it says account has been approved please set the account transaction password okay

Now they want you to deposit and trade only available for u.s. bank or wire okay i’ll do a ch incident account verification would be nice i can link one of these accounts well i’ll just go with chase for now so i’m gonna deposit two thousand dollars in there for now transfer so now i got two thousand dollars trying to get into this account it’s in progress it’s

Roughly two days later and have two thousand dollars transferred in through ach i’m gonna place a trade right now i’m gonna buy some vo oh the sp500 etf fun with about i forget it’s about 0.03 important for expense ratio i’m gonna buy limit order 150 0.01 buy seven shares it’s smart enough to go okay you have two thousand dollars in there the maximum number you

Can buy seven it was greyed out and now the total is 1771 dollars point oh one cents extended hours i don’t want to place an extended our trade it’s going to do it the next time it’s open on the market okay this looks good i’m gonna go buy it’s gonna cost that much commission zero dollars this is very important limit order it’ll only buy it when the price is that

Low or lower so i’m gonna submit the order now over here it’s grayed out it says available t plus zero trading times is three which means you know if you trade more than three times in one day you’re gonna get bumped into this day trading thing so don’t trade too many times on one day so i hope you guys enjoyed this video and enjoyed me introducing this new great

Way to have free trades have free news have free real time quotes you can even simulate your trades and set up alarms when certain things happen is it’s gonna buzz you with notifications on your app like i said i put my own money into this to try to do free trades as well so if you try this app out and remember if you’re paying for commission trades right now there

Are these things out there where you don’t have to pay that at all so thanks for watching if you want more of my videos push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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