FSD PHARMA Appoints Top GW Pharmaceuticals Executive, Rupert Haynes, As Chief Executive Officer

FSD PHARMA Appoints Top GW Pharmaceuticals Executive, Rupert Haynes, As Chief Executive Officer – RICH TV LIVE – November 26, 2018 – FSD Pharma Inc. (“FSD Pharma” or “FSD”) (CNSX:HUGE.CN) (OTCQB:FSDDF) (FRA: 0K9) announced today the appointment of Rupert Haynes as Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Haynes is a highly accomplished healthcare executive with nearly three decades of global pharmaceutical experience having most recently held the position of Head of Global Marketing at GW Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq:GWPH) in the United Kingdom. In his new role with FSD Pharma, Mr. Haynes will continue to work out of the United Kingdom, which will support FSD Pharma’s strategy of expanding its global footprint. Interim CEO and Co-chairman of the board, Dr. Raza Bokhari will remain in place as CEO until Mr. Haynes officially assumes the role.

Hey guys this is rich from wish-tv live and we have some breaking news from fsd pharma fsd pharma appoints top gw pharmaceuticals executive rupert hanes as chief executive officer so this is a company that’s really building its management team fsd pharma inc otherwise known as huge hu ge on the cns x on the otcqb under the symbol f s dd f and in frankfurt germany

Under the symbol okay nine announced today the appointment of rupert hayes as chief executive officer mr. hains is a highly accomplished healthcare executive with nearly three decades of global pharmaceutical experience having most recently held the position of head of global marketing at gw pharmaceuticals gw ph on the nasdaq in the united kingdom in his new role

With fsd pharma mr. haynes will continue to work out of the united kingdom which will support fsd pharma strategy of expanding its global footprint interim ceo and co chairman of the board dr. reza bukhari will remain in place as ceo until mr. haynes officially assumes the role mr. haynes has an impressive track record in pipeline and product development which is

Directly relevant to fs ds vision of becoming a global cannabinoid based pharmaceutical leader said dr. raza bukhari co chairman of the board he blends world-class specialty pharmaceutical experience with a fast-paced biotech mindset that will help accelerate fs ds growth and global expansion strategy by assembling a top tier management team and pursuing targeted

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Mergers and acquisitions on behalf of the board i welcome him to the company as head of the global marketing at gw pharmaceuticals mr. hains oversaw the strategic development of the firm’s cannabinoid portfolio including numerous cannabinoid pipeline products across dozens of therapeutic areas / primarily neurological neurodegenerative and neuropsychological

Conditions mr. was also involved in the strategic planning and development of epi dlx are an fda approved cannabinoid aisle for the treatment of seizures associated with lennox gaston syndrome or dravet syndrome before gw mr. haynes held numerous commercial roles including senior leadership positions at both large pharma and bespoke bespoke biotech firms which

Include sobe ucb pharma bristol-myers squibb limited uk and pharmacia and upjohn limited uk this is an exciting time to be joining fst pharma said rupert hey ceo of f df sd pharma the company is advancing at a rapid pace having recently announced a pilot study for sc n double-o one in irritable bowel syndrome through its collaboration with seikan and intention

To acquire therapists biosciences where there are active clinical trials evaluating cannabinoid combination therapies i look forward to continuing this fast-paced pharmaceutical development which could lead to multiple significant new development programs in a very short timeframe in october 2018 fsd announced its intention to acquire therapist biosciences to

Develop novel cannabinoid combination therapies in pain migraine and other cns disorders therapist is currently evaluating th x 110 a proprietary combination drug based on drying a benign banal and peña in two ongoing phase 2 studies in tourette’s syndrome yale university medical center and obstructive sleep apnoea a suta medical center with a planned phase two

Initiation in chronic back pain fst partner psych and therapeutics a company developing novel cannabinoid products for a range of diseases recently announced initiation of a pilot study evaluating psychons proprietary steady stomach cannabinoid eo combination product for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome patients we look forward to having mr. hains at the

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Helm of sf sd as the company expands into the pharmaceutical industry said anthony durka ch co chairman of the board of founder and board the board believes that mr. haynes track record of product and pipeline development leadership on both a regional international level will support the transition of fsd into a global leader in the cannabinoid based pharmaceutical

Space love this love this this is such a great company mr. haynes appointed as chief executive officer builds on the incredible momentum at fsd pharma this year said zhi shan saeed president and founder we believe mr. haynes brings the vision and know-how to create long-term value for investors and new effective treatments for conditions where there remains a need

For the therapeutic alternatives about fsd pharma fsd pharma is focused on the development and highest quality indoor grown pharmaceutical grade cannabis and on the research and development of novel cannabinoid based treatments for several central nervous system disorders including chronic pain fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome the company’s phase 1 growth

Plan involves the development of 25,000 square feet of indoor grow space at its ontario facility and an additional 220,000 square feet which pending approval by health canada is expected to be operational in the first quarter of 2019 which is right around the corner fsd facilities sit on 72 acres of land and 40 acres primed for development and expansion capacity

Up to three point eight nine six million square feet msd fully wholly owned subsidiary f v pharma is a licensed producer of cannabis having received its cultivation licensed under the axis of cannabis for medical purposes regulations a cm pr on october 13 2017 and is now operating under the recently enacted cannabis act f v pharma vision is to transform its current

Headquarters in a craft plant in coburg ontario into the greatest hydra ponic endure grow facility in the world epi pharma intends to cover all aspects of this exciting new industry including cultivation legal processing manufacturing extracts and research and development what do you think about this muse this is a company that just continues to add to its team i

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Personally own 19,000 shares of s fsd pharma and i think this bad boy has huge potential the only problem that i have with this company is the amount of shares they got too many shares and that’s what worries me about this company way too many shares ceo cfo hey guys you guys keep getting joined to this board why don’t you do something about the shares if you need

To learn what to do about the shares holler at your boy i can show you how to reduce the shares i can show you how to buy back shares i can show you how to just shrink your shares guys there’s too many shares this is why the stock won’t go up if you want the stock to go up holler at your boy we can put together a cocktail of alternatives that will reduce your

Share structure and make this bad boy fly i hate the ceo and cfo but you’re adding all these guys if you really want to make it fly holler at your boy if you’re not winning you’re not watching remember rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes we’re just bringing you the news don’t kill the messenger boy okay i can’t control the stock i don’t

Own the company but if i did i’d be doing something about that 1 billion plus shares which is the reason why it stocks not going out all right that’s the only reason you reduce the amount of shares and watch the bad boy fly all right elbow big news holler at your boy peace hit that like button share the video everywhere subscribe for more updates hit that bell

For notifications this is your boy rich and i’m o fsd farmer big news please

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FSD PHARMA Appoints Top GW Pharmaceuticals Executive, Rupert Haynes, As Chief Executive Officer By RICH TV LIVE

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