FUBO, NIO, CCIV, SBE – Top YouTuber Stock Picks for Wednesday

I watched hours of YouTube videos from the top 15 YouTubers, and consolidated all of their stock picks into a single video. Here are the stock picks from the top 15 YouTubers for Wednesday.

Hi guys it’s stock curry today we’re going to talk about why fubo jumped 33 and whether right now is the right time to buy neo but first i’ve heard from quite a few of you that you are not able to trade during the pre-market hours and you know you’re missing out on a lot of money so i have a solution for you if you’re still in robin hood just know that robin hood

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Below you will get four free stock but most importantly you will gain access to pre-market trading which will help you make a lot more money in the stock market all right let’s get into today’s video for those of you who don’t know me my name is stock curry i used to work as an analyst for merrill lynch and morgan stanley and now i analyze stock picks from the

Top 15 youtubers i then compile all of my analysis into a single video that i post right here on this channel i spent hours every day watching youtube videos so that you don’t have to all you have to do is watch this one video each day and you will get every single stock pick from the top 15 youtubers and all i ask in return is that you hit that like button and

Subscribe to get notified when i release my next video in fact i’ll give you five seconds to do that right now all right before we get into today’s stock picks i just want to remind everyone that i am not a financial advisor and none of the youtubers i follow are financial advisors either today’s video is strictly for entertainment purposes only alright let’s

Get into today’s stock picks first up is arkg this is arc investment genomics etf the traveling trader thinks this will be the highest performing etf in 2021 this is certainly the hottest sector right now and is poised for significant growth in 2021. the traveling trader likes arkg as an options play arkg is cecilical so just wait for a drop and then buy a leap

Call specifically the traveling trader is looking at the december 17 125 call next up is beam b-e-e-m this is a solar company including solar panels and solar powered charging stations for evs larry jones bought more beam on monday ken and grace says now is the time to buy more we have a 70 buy under price on the stock which is pretty much where the stock closed

Today we also have a 100 price target which represents a 42 upside from today’s closing price next up is bluee this is bluebird bio this is an underrated stock that had a lot of bad luck last year its share price was at 236 at one point but is now trading for only fifty three dollars they have four drugs pending fda approval so if they can get one or two of

Those drugs approved this stock should pop there is a lot of upside potential with this stock and very limited downside so personally i really like this stock just keep in mind that this is a long-term hold as we’ll need to wait until later this year for word on whether or not one of the drugs will receive fda approval next up is bngo yesterday was a big day for

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Bngo today was the conclusion of bngo’s share offering so the downward pressure on the stock should be over bngo has another symposium announcement on friday and if they release news that was anywhere close to as good as the news they released yesterday we could see a significant increase in bngo’s stock price next up is btaq this is a new spec that my financial

Friend let us know about today it does have a 10 redemption value so it’s basically near its floor right now my financial friend is just using this as a place to hold his cash right now much in the same way that chris sane is using nike to hold his cash it could go up at any time but for now there’s no news or rumors next up is c citigroup stock mo talked about

How money is flowing into banking stocks it’s not too late to buy citigroup since our buy under price was 66 dollars and it’s still close to that next up is cciv this is a spac and there’s a rumor that they are merging with lucid motors which is an american ev company and a competitor to tesla the rumor was announced by bloomberg yesterday this had a big drop

In today so you had a great opportunity to buy the stock today jack spencer noted that they are hiring a director of investor relations that position would only be necessary if they are going public so this adds support to the rumors that bloomberg released yesterday that lucid motors is going public via ccib and if that wasn’t enough jack spencer also found out

That the chairman of the board for lucid motors is also an operating partner for cciv personally i love this opportunity and i did buy cciv today and i will also be buying more tomorrow just keep in mind that talks are still ongoing so this is not a sure deal yet and the deal could fall through but if this deal closes and cciv does in fact merge with lucid motors

This could easily jump 100 or more if this still falls through expect ccib to drop back down to its redemption value of ten dollars next up is crsp this is crispr therapeutic which is another genomics company the traveling trader is upset because he sold his stock early and missed out on incredible gains but there is another stock that is similar to crsp that is

In very early stages and that is blue b-l-u-e which we talked about earlier next up is ctrm this is castor maritime they are a commercial shipping company ken and grace mentioned the stock today and he thinks it could go up to 60 cents he did not give a reason for that though so i looked into it a little bit further financially this company is growing revenues by

35 per year but their debt is growing faster which concerns me i can also see that there was no news that caused this stock to jump so i’m pretty sure this is a pump and dump next up is expc arc invest just started buying this spac in their ar key q funds expect this stock to rise as more and more people find out about it they are merging with blade which is an

Air taxi company similar to uber but for air travel people are currently able to charter helicopters in major cities but they are trying to get into the electric helicopter business to expand where they are able to fly in areas that have noise limits next up is fubo fubo tb was up 34 today on major news when the company first went public everyone was focused on

The tv side of this business and most people ignored the fact that they wanted to get into sports betting well today they announced that they are buying a sports betting company this is huge not so much because of the news but because this is a heavily shorted stock so it is right for a short squeeze which could cause the stock to double within a few days that

Happened four weeks ago and fubo jumped over 100 in five days before selling off next up is gm general motors general of motors just announced that they are forming a new division to develop electric vehicles they also announced that they have already partnered with fedex to develop their commercial ev fleet larry jones let us know that he is especially excited

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About this next up is gnog this is golden nugget online gaming christine thinks the stock could double by the end of the year we do have a buy into price of 21 with an ideal buy-in price of 20 so this is still a good price to get in on gnog next up is gs goldman sachs goldman sachs is one of the other banking stocks that stockmo likes don’t forget that banking

Stocks have started sheer buybacks which will push banking stocks higher and higher next up is jpm stockmo says he likes small steady gains he likes banking stocks such as jp morgan because he expects them to outperform the market begging stocks may not be sexy but they are steadily rising jpm for example is up 12 on the year already next up is mp this is a

Rare earth mining company in the united states rare earth minerals are used for ev batteries and demand for these materials is expected to increase the stock was mentioned by the traveling trader two weeks ago because he thought this stock would go up with biden as president we pretty much ignored the traveling trader and you can see how the stock sold off but

Dead inside found some really interesting information today that changes the future outlook of this company that information is that china’s rare earth imports from the united states rose by 81 percent year over year well guess who is the only rare earth miner in the united states mp dead inside bought this stock today and will be holding through earnings he

Is expecting a huge earnings beat next up is neo and io stock mo reiterated today that we should ignore neo as a short term play and focus on neo as a long term play so don’t worry about short-term price fluctuations right now this is the long-term hold at this time stock mo also says that he should have bought neo yesterday jack spencer also said not to worry

About any short-term dips the capital raise was expected to cause a short dip and that generated a great opportunity to buy for the long term the capital race puts neo in a better position financially jack spencer says that technically it looks like neo might bottom out around 57 before going back up next up is nndm richard allen let us know about some news on

Nndm that came out yesterday that seems to have been missed the news was about smart textiles smart textiles are clothing wearables that have technology built into them such as color changing fabrics and sensors the article also said that nndm is uniquely positioned to help companies develop these smart fabrics now the news really isn’t urgent per se but it is

Important because it shows the scope of nmdm’s 3d printers expand beyond just computer chips also if we take a look at the technicals nndm is in contraction right now and should break out to the upside any day now stockmo says nvidia is a good long-term hold it’s been trading flat over the past few months but prior to that it was up over 150 percent on the year

Personally i think nvidia is ripe for an options play when stocks trade flat for a long time their options become really cheap because implied volatility is low i like nvda for a leap call just keep in mind that the options on nvda are pricey not expensive just pricey because the stock is trading at 540 dollars so don’t buy a nvidia option unless you have

About three thousand or four thousand dollars to get an option that is close to the money next up is psi stock mo mentioned psi so xx and smh today as etfs that he likes for 2021. these are low-risk non-leveraged etfs you can see that all three of these stock charts are almost identical to one another stack mode just wanted to let you know that in case you

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Are risk adverse or nearing retirement and can’t afford to lose money that he believes these three etfs will outperform the market in 2021 due to the current political environment next up is r-i-d-e lords town motors this is an ev stock jack spencer hyped at this stock again today no new news so i’ll just take a look at the technicals on the chart you can see

Consolidation occurring i do expect ride to continue consolidating through the end of january so you have some time before the stock breaks out again i would not buy the stock yet but i would put it on your watch list next up is rmo i mentioned this stock a few days ago and i noted the head and shoulders technical analysis issue with this stock i said we should

Wait for a few days and see how it does ken and grace still likes this stock but technically it’s just not doing well it is following the head and shoulders drawing that we made a few days ago perfectly so i do believe that this will continue to drop below the support level of 18 that said this could be a good company they have their issues such as the fact that

They are still pre-revenue but i like this for a long term hold and i think you can get it cheaper i’m going to lower my buy under price on this to 18 and i’m going to lower the ideal buy-in price to 16 next up is sbe switchback energy don’t forget to vote open your app and make sure you vote if there aren’t enough votes sbe will have to delay the chargepoint

Merger further also if the vote is approved don’t forget to sell before the merger because spax almost always sell off after a merger stockmo put a price target on sbe of fifty dollars by february 11th which is right before the merger is set to occur next up is srpt the traveling trader mentioned this genomics company today this stock crashed yesterday due to

Some bad news which the traveling trader thinks was an overreaction this is a recovery play next up is t-a-n t-a-n had a 234 percent return last year this is a solar etf that is expected to far outperform the market again in 2021 considering that democrats are expected to heavily invest in solar infrastructure multiple youtubers have now mentioned this stock

Technically it is dropped from the jump it experienced a few days ago when dead inside mentioned it so i think this is back to a good buy-in price it might still go down a little bit further but keep in mind that this is a long-term hold next up is wfc this is wells fargo stock mo mentioned how well banking stocks would do this year and this particular stock is

Both chris sane and charlie over at ziptrader’s favorite banking stock chris sane thinks wfc could double this year finally we have zom this is omedica which is a veterinarian biomedical company it is also a hype stock my financial friend mentioned this stock today also but only because numerous people on his channel requested him to do so as i told you yesterday

I have no idea how high the stock will go but i did warn you not to be greedy i would recommend taking profit soon if you haven’t already this company still does not have any revenue and everybody is waiting on the possible fda approval my financial friend does not like the stock because it has gone up too high too fast we both expect a dip soon possibly as soon

As wednesday all right i hope you enjoyed this video and got a lot out of it comment down below what your favorite stock pick is and if you want to get some free stock and gain access to pre-market trading sign up for weeble through my link in the description below that will help you out and it also helps the channel out and finally remember to hit that like button

And subscribe if you haven’t already i hope you have a lot of success trading and i will see you tomorrow you

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FUBO, NIO, CCIV, SBE – Top YouTuber Stock Picks for Wednesday By Stock Curry – We Profit Day and Night

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