FULL ALERT: Vivos Inc (RDGL) FDA approval of Cancer Treatment for Humans & Pets (IsoPet®)

FULL ALERT: Vivos Inc (RDGL) FDA approval of Cancer Treatment for Humans & Pets (IsoPet®) – RICH TV LIVE – October 2, 2018 – Vivos Inc (OTC: RDGL) selected its first clinic for commercial sales of IsoPet

Hi guys this is rich here on behalf of rich tv live we are looking for winners and we have found one our dgl vivos inc a pharmaceutical company in the process of researching and developing minimally invasive treatments to combat cancer in humans and animals is pleased to report several significant outcomes after its signature product i cepeda was used to treat

A hind leg soft tissue sarcoma in a sheltie at the university of missouri veterinary health center in columbia missouri there are five hundred and ninety six million shares issued outstanding and look at this it’s a strong biome bar chart 88 presented by with the strongest short-term outlook on maintaining the current direction long-term the current strength is

Maximum okay it’s a forty percent i’m putting them on fuller right now you heard it here first from your boy rich are dgl on fuller look at this up nine hundred and fifteen percent since september 19th that’s right it’s up nine hundred fifteen percent so be careful it could come back down very sharply it is exploded you can see from sub pennies to this level all

Right be careful now it’s a penny stock you can go up very quick it can go down very quick if we look at our portfolio today it is one of the top performing stocks it’s number four on the list right now oh gee and up 80 percent wow ig see a 56 percent h ip h as predicted by your boy rich a 41 percent at hardy gl in fourth spot up 38 percent and even investing calm

Has them as a strong by strong by strong by strong by unbelievable now what could be driving this momentum you ask what is the reason for this you ask rich there must be a reason now rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here on rich tv live

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Bad there it is the big news right there vivo zinc signs memorandum of understanding wow this is big they said an mou with private veterinary hospital as pilot clinic for commercial i so pet therapy vivos inc rd gl on the otc selected its first clinic for commercial sales of iso pet devos inc a pharmaceutical company in the process of researching this is big and

Developing minimally evasive treatments to combat cancer in humans and animals announced today that the vista veterinary hospital in kennewick waa located near vivos headquarters has been selected for the commercial launch of iso pet therapy after several meetings with the clinic veterinarian owners a memorandum of understanding has been signed vivos strategy is

To partner with several regional clinics across the country using this pilot program to provide practical experience to be shared with other potential regional clinic partners having selected a local clinic as the pilot provider of iso pet trademark therapy will make for cost-effective frequent site visits for the assistant a facility setup certification training

And radioactive material handling licensing clarification training and the process of acquiring a radioactive material licensed for the clinic from the washington state department of health has begun it is expected that as the successful results of the therapies become known pet owners from as far as spokane seattle and portland will seek to have their affected

Animals treated at the vista clinic it is estimated that more than nine million people live within 250 miles of kennewick dr. mike curran co vivo ceo stated best management practice dictates that we pilot partnering with a private clinic prior to expanding to other regional clinics across the country we will gain practical experience such as the effectiveness our

Certification training and the time and effort required to obtain radioactive material license this will optimize the process of engaging with other treatment centers as noted in the previous release the company will introduce iso pet to the larger veterinary community at the annual veterinary cancer society conference to be held in louisville kentucky october

17th to the 20th 2018 wow this is big news this is huge views let’s learn about vivos inc our dgl i like rd those are my symbols vivos inc has developed a yttrium 90 based brett therapy injectable device for the treatment of tumors and animals i so pet do you love your pets and inhumans radio gel trademark some people like their pets more than humans it’s true

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Bharati therapy uses highly localized radiation to destroy cancerous tumors by placing a radioactive isotype directly inside the treatment area using the company’s proprietary hydrogel formulation the injection the injection delivers therapeutic radiation from within the tumor without the entrance skin dose and associates associated side effects of treatment and

Characterize external beam radiation therapy wow this feature allows safe delivery of higher doses needed for treatment both non resectable and radiation resistant cancers this is revolutionary iso pad for treating animals uses the same technology as radio gel to trademark for treating humans the food and drug administration fda advised using different product

Names in order to avoid confusion and cross use iso pet is a hydrant liquid containing tiny yttrium 90 phosphate particles that may be administered directly into a tumor wow this is just going to go and kill tomber this hydrogel is a yttrium 90 carrier and room temperature that gels within the tumor inserted interstitium space after injection to keep the radiation

Source safely in place the short-range beta radiation from yttrium 90 localizes the dose within the treatment area so that normal organs and tissues are not adversely affected i so pet also has a short half-life delivering more than 90 percent of its therapeutic radiation within 10 days wow that’s huge this compares favorably to other available treatment options

Required up to six weeks do you see the difference there 10 days versus 6 weeks that is enormous that could be life-saving or more to deliver a full course of radiation therapy wow unbelievable therapy can be safely administered as an outpatient procedure and the patient may return home with the subsequent concern for radiation dose to the family do you understand

How huge this is you can take this medication all with you and your family will not be affected okay i might have to buy some of this now remember rich tv line is strictly for education entertainment purposes do your due diligence do your research always invest with caution this is a penny stock if you go anywhere i’m watching it grow in my face it’s kind of crazy

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It’s been exploding i want to know what you guys think comment down below smash the like button do you like our dgl it is exploding as we speak we are live and we are talking about it and it’s up 39% while i talk about it my goodness i so pet solutions division is using university veterinary hospitals to demonstrate the safety and therapeutic effectiveness for

Different animal cancers the testing on feline sarcoma at the washington state university is completed and the testing on canine soft tissue sir roma’s at university of missouri we’ll begin in the near future if you love your pet this may be a solution for your pet look into it and let me know what you think comment down below share this video everywhere if i

Win and you and we oh and your pets with us humans when we could all win this could be huge the company recently obtained confirmation from the fda center for veterinary medicine that iso pet is classified as a device for skin cancer therapy and cats and dogs i am getting goose bumps the fda also reviewed and approved the product labeling fda does not require

Pre-market approval for veterinary devices so no additional approval is required for treating skin cancer which is the largest market sector following this demonstration phase vivos can begin to generate revenues through the sale of iso pet to university animal hospitals and private veterinary clinic consortiums the app the company is also engaging the fda for

Clearance to market radio gel trademark for the treatment of advanced basal and squamous skin cell cancers in humans wow yo this is crazy guys if you want to find this info go to www.howtogetthejobideserve.com and

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FULL ALERT: Vivos Inc (RDGL) FDA approval of Cancer Treatment for Humans & Pets (IsoPet®) By RICH TV LIVE

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