Fury Gold Mines Chair Ivan Bebek (TSX: FURY ) (NYSE: FURY)

Fury Gold Mines Chair Ivan Bebek (TSX: FURY ) (NYSE: FURY) – RICH TV LIVE – February 10, 2021 – Fury Gold Mines Limited (TSX:FURY)(NYSE American:FURY) (“Fury” or the “Company”) is pleased to provide an update on its regional exploration plans at the Eau Claire project located in the Eeyou Istchee Territory in the James Bay region of Quebec. This summer the Company plans to explore the Percival trend, which is located 14 kilometres (km) east of the Eau Claire deposit. Percival was the site of a 2018 discovery that included drill intercepts of 78.5 metres (m) of 1.46 g/t gold (Hole ER18-822) and 87m of 2.35 g/t gold (ER18-823)[1] from surface (Figure 1). The mineralized footprint at Percival is 400m by 100m and is hosted within sulphidized and silicified breccias in a sedimentary sequence in multiple parallel stacked lenses (Figure 2). This represents a second style of mineralization at the Eau Claire project that Fury’s technical team believes is largely underexplored. #fury #gold #richtvlive

Hi how you doing today i am your host rich here we have a rich tv live with our very special guest the chairman of fury gold mines symbol f-u-r-y on the toronto stock exchange and the new york stock exchange ivan bebeck how you doing today ivan doing very well thank you thank you for joining us very excited for you to be here with us today uh very excited about

Learning more about your company and i have a few questions for you first and foremost fury gold mines is a gold exploration company that is positioned in three prolific mining regions in canada can you tell us a little bit more about the company and your high grade assets as well a little bit about your experience great thank you um great to be here i’ve

Been doing this for 21 years and i’ve been a gold bug that whole time and my goal in my since i’ve entered the business was to go and find some of the biggest gold discoveries in the world and i feel fury offers that opportunity in three different places and it’s it’s something it’s the best thing i’ve been part of on the gold side i’ve had some tremendous

Successes uh the first company our group created was called keegan resources went from 49 cents to nine dollars per share five million dollar market cap to about a billion dollar market cap in a period of about four years and uh and and that’s the kind of returns and that’s why i’m a gold bug because we’re looking for those share price returns we follow that

With a company called caden where we drilled 100 holes in mexico in the bear market and we came up with an asset sale we sold the company it was 67 cents a year before we sold it we sold it for 350 a share to agnico eagle and if you hold the shares of agneco for 14 months after that transaction they would have traded around ten dollars per share so this is

The kind of returns we’re chasing and that’s why we’re looking for gold in canada canada is the the best jurisdiction as far as i’m concerned we can raise all our money at 40 or 80 percent above our spot price because of mechanism the government allows us to do it and we’ve got some of the best assets we’ve got two assets homestake ridge in bc million ounces of

About seven and a half grams gold which is really high grade and one of the most prolific regions where some of the largest gold mines in the world have been found such as sk creek we believe that this is highly underexplored and there’s a lot of room for it to get bigger and we’re about to show that to the world here in the coming weeks eau claire is in quebec

Number one place globally you get to raise money at 80 there’s a million ounces of gold that a company drilled in one spot for 25 years and that’s running about 8 grams per ton again extremely high grade and when i say high grade i’m talking about profitability and appeal for investor price share price performance right in that deposit they never stepped away

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From the million ounces of high grade and we just did that two weeks ago and we see this incredible expansion on basically day one on the first hole out of a massive drill program we just started and thirdly committee bay this project here is a huge gold green stone bell it’s a it’s a it’s a piece of land up in the arctic it’s it’s a belt because there’s a

Certain type of rocks that have a lot of gold endowment 300 kilometers long and we’ve sampled the entire 300 kilometers we’ve spent 60 million dollars in the last five years getting closer to discovery up there there’s a bit of cover on it so you need to add a bit of science we’ve used cool things such as artificial intelligence and so on but the team we have

Backing us is really the secret weapon they’re all former newmont global experts newman’s the largest mining company in the world gold mining company in the world and these guys have put together this portfolio so when i talk about fury and when i think about fear when you think about fear you have to think really big and not just because we’re going to find

Big minds but we’re going to try to gener generate those share price returns for investors because the second phase of a success that we’re going to try to create is going to be to buy producing minds and actually turn our minds from explorers into producers and we’ve put a ceo in place michael timmins who comes from magnico eagle amazing guy i met him when

They were buying our last company and he’s leading that charge and he was at agnico eagle when they went from one mine to nine mines in a 15-year period that was an extreme growth at nico went to a hundred dollars per share and so that’s that’s kind of the the thought behind fury where we’re coming from the capabilities are really strong and the portfolio is

Awesome and all three projects are in a very mature stage of massive discoveries that could be made here in the coming months now you mentioned three projects which project are you the most excited about and why oh that’s like asking me which is my favorite child if i have three children and i have two and and i couldn’t tell you i love them both equally um

I love committee bay for the scale it is actually a gold bug or a goal of explorer’s dream you can make a few a few 10 million announce discoveries you know up in that part of the world it would be incredible however um eau claire’s is starting to show us a lot more potential away from the deposit that we’re going to make bigger this year and that’s what’s

Really got my attention as of lately um big land position gold everywhere the group before never ever you know gave it the proper exploration to go see if it’s there it’s in a part of quebec where some of the largest gold mines in canada occur and we have about seven targets that we see that will get into this summer that could possibly compete with that

Committee bay kind of huge scale opportunity and then the third one homestead ridge it’s something that we’ve explored for a few years just turn the corner on it you’ll see in the coming weeks it has a chance now to compete with the other two so committee bay is my first but the other two are close behind the company has multiple drill programs scheduled

Throughout the year can you talk a little bit about your plans for advancing your entire portfolio of assets in 2021 sure um drilling is the number one way to perform as a share price and that’s the only way we’re going to get rich as investors and so we’re going to do probably well over a hundred thousand meters of drilling in the next 18 months about 80 to

100 000 meters of that will be this year alone the drill is there’s two drills turning as i’m talking to you today that is that is the way we’re going to advance our projects before we say development before we talk about building minds you have to know how big they are and the first two that have really advanced assets that could be mines today according

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To some economic studies we’ve put out these ones actually are looking like they could get double or triple the size you would would be the big miss to build the mine before you know how big it is because you have to know how big of a plant to build right so from us you’re going to get drill results every month for the next 18 months every month we’re going

To provide a lottery ticket type of a drill hole that may or may not give us that lottery type of return and every month right now i know categorically after the first real results came out of eau claire that eau claire is going to get bigger we’re going to go into a bull market with our first gold asset we’re drilling getting bigger every month for the next

12 months wow that’s impressive a lottery drill program that’s interesting never heard that before i like that what differentiates fury gold mines from other canadian canadian-based gold producers and explorers great question and um a lot of people will be critical towards it because we’ve broken the mold and what we’re doing it’s a very big company way of

Thinking like a major we put together a pipeline three projects that could all give us a home run for different reasons for the same reasons in terms of discovery as i mentioned that that lottery ticket kind of drill hole each month we will provide that possibility for shareholders month after month for a very long period of time across all three projects

The biggest differentiator behind us outside of a a very established branded reputation as a group since 2005 for the last 15 years and the fact that we found a mine and bill a mine previously it’s the caliber of our technical team and the aggressive nature of our exploration programs we’re taking if you have a very good technical team in terms of the

Geoscientists that work for you you can take bigger swings and we’re not shy we are bold we are we are ready to go out and take those huge swings because you don’t get paid well and our business plan doesn’t work you don’t make money as a shareholder if you’re conservative and drill safe holes you make money for drilling the holes that are a kilometer away

From your deposit or are going after brand new discoveries and that’s really what what differentiates us we’re more aggressive than all of our peers and we have different capabilities and lastly we cannot just find it we actually have people in place that could build the mines that we’re going after which will provide a big premium on anything we make as a

Discovery going forward now you mentioned on it a little bit about your leadership fury’s leadership has a track record of success starting with yourself many many 20 over 20 years of experience in this industry what who are your key members and what experience do they bring to the table great question touched on them a little bit mike timmons the ceo that

We brought in and uh he was drawn in by the assets that we have came from agnico eagle was a superstar on the corporate development side he was building their first mine and then he was in corp dev acquiring the additional nine mines they had that made agniko what it was today so he has the training in the background but i’d argue the most profitable gold

Company in the world it trades at 90 a share i mean that kind of understanding of how to create that value in the share price by somebody that can actually build mines is rare that’s the first guy michael hendrickson our svp exploration he was a global structural geologist for neumann him and his colleagues were drilling a mine called a hoffo in ghana it was

About 8 million ounces his team you know was challenged to see if they could make it bigger or if newmar would sell that deposit it grew to 25 30 million ounces under his watch and so he’s a legendary mind finder he was called the gold ninja when he was at newborn which is really great but the smartest thing about michael hendrickson the svp exploration is he’s


Smart enough to surround himself with different world experts with different science backgrounds that complement what he knows versus try to do it all himself and the third person that makes this happen is our cfo uh lindsay she’s lindsay sherry she’s amazing because she comes from goldcorp goldcorp was the largest gold company in the world and she was there

Out there being the controller and she was there through the financial growth so we have the ability to grow quickly to grow large and to perform without any hiccups along the way the mentality is think big start small and think big and when i say start small i mean start where we are now with a really good package of assets think really big of what it can

Become and have the team to go execute behind it to make it happen and then just on my record i’ve raised close to a billion dollars in the companies i’ve been involved in they’ve all been successful today and so you know for me it’s how can we do things better over a period of 20 years the formula is really good the team’s really strong and the opportunity

Has never been better aligned with the gold market that’s in front of us now rich tv live is simulcasting in countries all over the world we’re well over 90 countries i always want to remind everyone that rich tv live is strictly for education and entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we

Talk about and discuss in our show if you guys like the video please smash the like button comment on the video share the video everywhere and subscribe i really like this company in my opinion just learning from you directly and doing a little bit of research it seems to me like it has incredible future now what should special uh interest be focused on by

Investors if an investor had to look at one specific thing or a few key catalysts over the next couple months what would they be drill results every month for the next 18 months drill results that could make each mine or deposit much bigger or make that world-class discovery the fact that we offer that every month it’ll be drill results out of this company

And that’s that’s the most unique thing about it because of how much drilling is going to happen and how how long we’re going to be able to offer that kind of huge return so it’s probably one of the most catalyst driven gold companies exploration companies that i know of globally right now so that’s what i’d focus on absolutely and our investors love to get

In contact with companies a lot of times there’s other companies other gold companies that are going to see these videos that might be wanting to get in contact with you as well what’s the best way for potential joint venture partners investors shareholders to get in contact with you ivan i would say our website www.furygoldminds.com our email address is

Info furygoldminds.com info f-u-r-y-g-o-l-d-m-i-n-e-s dot com and i’m quite active on linkedin personally and if anybody has a question once you reach out to me directly ivan bevik on linkedin uh please reach out and and i do add a lot of commentary along the way with a lot of our catalyst as they go forward and so look forward to hearing from anybody that

Wants to know more that’s fantastic well thank you so much for joining us today the chairman of fury gold mines symbol f-u-r-y in canada and the united states ivan bebik thank you for joining us today thank you for having me great pleasure my pleasure thank you for watching if you guys are not winning you’re not watching this is rich from rich to be live with

Ivan bevick the chairman of fury gold mines have a nice day

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