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So a couple friends of mine are having a game of thrones viewing party it’s a potluck so i decided to make a dragon egg i’m thinking i get this taro and make the outside shell and hollow it out but maybe you fried rice or something inside there’s a little taper at the bottom so this will be good for sitting it down and then i can cut around it to shape it into more

Of an egg shape after i shape the egg i’ll cut it in half and hollow it out and then i can put it back together for the dragon egg have a whole bunch of patterns right so i’m gonna make it all smooth on this taro first and then put little patterns of maybe chicken or something to make it look like i have the dragon egg texture so i’m gonna peel everything first i

Think i’m just gonna start shaping it okay so i’m gonna salt salt this and then bake it for a while because i know taro takes a while to cook so i put the shell in the oven i’m gonna pre cook it because i know the taro will take extra long to cook while the taro is baking in the oven i’m going to marinate some chicken this is for the fried rice some soy sauce white

Pepper sake olive oil here i’m pretty cooking some of the taro so i’m gonna use the stuff i removed from the inside of the egg and put this put it in the fried rice and mix in some chicken essence olive oil olive oyl and i cook the chicken some veggies olive oil for fried rice you would normally use overnight rice so that there’s less moisture if there’s lots of

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Moisture in the fried rice it may turn out mush so here i am frying the rice to get a little bit of the moisture out first olive oyl soy sauce so i’ve prepared some semi-frozen chicken breasts this will act as layering on top now give me the pattern on the dragon egg so i’m just gonna cut them in a little squares salt white pepper olive oil chicken bouillon so

I mixed together one part cornstarch one part water here to make like a little glue suck and glue my chicken breasts on top of the taro to make the pattern i’m gonna fill this up with the fried rice and pattern it with the chicken breasts and then i’m gonna bake it for as long as i can hoping that this is going to cook in the meantime i put this back in the oven

For a little while and see how it goes it’s been in there for about ten minutes now the chicken is cooked it’s looking good here’s a finished product the close-up view all around i don’t want to open it right now because it’ll pretty much ruin it we know there’s fried rice inside if you liked this video please click like and subscribe thanks for watching

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