Game Over : The Major Sellers Have Run Out

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So we’re in a very important time for all investors in the market right now and a lot of investors have been uh manipulated to think things are happening that are not really happening and they’ve been manipulated by media by big social platforms and uh countless others to think false beliefs and have basically been tricked into this belief system on where they think

The market’s going where they think uh businesses profits are going and those sorts of things and so there’s a lot i want to discuss in today’s video i think it’s very important you’re not going to hear this perspective from anybody else out there to be quite frank today you know this is a moment in time we’re in where it is very easy to fear monger to say it’s the

End of the world and to get a lot of clicks and i’m we’re going to discuss why that is why are so many folks getting so many views why is the media pushing certain narratives right now and that’s going to get in some very deep places we’re going to go with that one so i hope you’re ready for for that in this video as well because you’re not going to hear this

Anywhere else let’s just put it that way and uh that’s perfectly fine i don’t mind being the guy that’s speaking about things that no one else is kind of talking about and perspectives that no one else is even like on this like frame of thought essentially okay so yeah i hope you guys enjoy this as always i appreciate you joining me okay so yesterday was the end

Of the world market was down massively nasdaq was down over five percent you very rarely ever see the nasdaq down over five percent the dow jones industrial average went down nearly one thousand three hundred points yesterday okay now after a day like that there’s kind of two usual thought processes on what’s going to happen for the market on the next trading day

The first thought process is to say follow through where the market’s down big again the next day not as big but it’s another big downward date the other thought process that goes through people’s mind is what they call a dead cat bounce for the market so it would be a situation where the dow maybe jumps back like 500 points or something like that 400 500 points

Gets back some of that maybe the nasdaq you know is up 150 200 points right and that’s usually a sign that oh you know things are going to get a lot uglier when you kind of get that dead cat balance there okay and i discussed in yesterday’s video exactly you know why that all kind of transpired in the fact that there was a wall street kind of panic cell in that

Situation we went through the numbers and the stock reactions and we saw such a divergence between the wall street stocks the stocks that wall street money’s really in in like retail stocks for instance and smaller cap stocks and there was a massive divergence there that went on yesterday was the end of the world right apple lost 154 billion dollars in market

Cap microsoft lost over 100 billion dollars a mark cap the destruction was massive but what did we get today well today we got a some green action but not the green action bears were actually hoping for the green action that bears were hoping for was we were going to get that that you know that that dead cat balance essentially there’s going to be a major bounce

And it was just going to be sold off the next day today we just to be quite frank we ran out of sellers in the market and there wasn’t some epic buying uh pressure that came in there wasn’t some epic short squeeze that happened today that people got caught offsides it was just you know where are the sellers where are the sellers you’re just running out of these

Sellers at the end of the day okay you look at the vix today it was not down huge but it was out down like two percent roughly today yesterday the vix went insane the vix was up something like 13 to 14 yesterday right massive move and here today vixx just kind of chills out you ran out of sellers you know i look out there at a lot of stocks today a lot of stocks

Did very very well you know fubo the greatest stock in the history of mankind apparently looked up another 10 today elf on the shelf was up almost 6 percent today tesla had a good day shopify had a good day paypal had a good day netflix skywars qualcomm palantir honest had a good day honest by the way honest was green yesterday despite all i forgot to mention that

Yesterday despite all that insane destruction yesterday you know the market being a disaster zone yesterday honest was great honest was green again today okay something to just kind of keep in mind the chef didn’t do anything today right so you know there’s just a clear divergence between these stocks that have already been destroyed and just starting to run out

Of sellers in countless of these stocks now at this point in time now we pull up a big tech here for a moment okay and i want to discuss this because i think it’s important because this is a stock i’m personally buying right now and that is meta okay seeing the price action in meta that is a 100 percent broken stock okay does not mean the company’s broken but i

Want to explain to you exactly what a broken stock is i want to show you this is not the first time meta has been a broken stock it’s actually this is a third time in its history it’s been a broken stock but a broken stock is one in which oh 2022 has been an absolutely insane year in the financial markets it’s been one to remember and one of the coolest tools i’ve

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Right now some silver look at this move for silver right 5.3 million dollars of premium paid there for these silver calls here i was talking about meta stock the other day so look at this you can type in meta for instance right and there the calls come in right there the puts come in right there any unusual moves we want to see right there out of the money in the

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Attendees given away for free once you connect your brokerage due diligence it’s all in one place so filter out the noise and use attendees i love it make sure you click the link that is in the description it will also be the pinned comment down there as well just for easier access take advantage of this market chaos once again that will be pinned comment you know

The market goes up it really doesn’t go up much the market goes down huge it goes down way more in the market and a market has a green day and it’s still red and that’s exactly what we see in meta stock right now where that stock’s just completely broken no one knows where that company is going no one has any faith in that and there’s no real buying pressure in that

Stock to push up the stock price in any any form or fashion to be quite frank and that’s exactly where this company’s at right now it’s a completely 100 broken stock this is not the first time this has happened meta was a broken stock back in 2012 into 2013 after it went ipo people were very confused on what the business even did how they were going to make money

If there was any longevity there a lot of questions across the board and the stock was a broken stock for you know that period of time 2017 to 2018 the stock was once again a broken stock there was a lot of questions about you know things that were going on in meta’s business model at that particular time about you know fb growth there was a lot of questions about

That and from 2017 and 2018 that was a broken stock in 2021 especially late 2021 through this year it is once again a broken stock now with a company like meta usually they don’t stay broken forever but it is a broken stock right now and we just have to acknowledge the fact that that is a broken stock right now the company of fundamentals broken not in my personal

Opinion and we’ll see that play out over the next year or two but the stock is broken in the short term okay now this is incredible this is aia investor sentiment which i’ve been pulling up a lot this year okay 18 this was as of last week eight only 18 percent of investors were bullish on the market for the next six months okay this is absolutely shocking okay

And this goes back to why why can’t we get a continued sell-off in this market right well think about this for a moment there are less people bullish on the market for the next six months right now than there was back in 2008-2009 great financial crisis when the entire financial system was collapsing right before our eyes think about that for a moment right the

Lowest we ever got in that period was right here right before the market turned this was literally a week before the market turned essentially this was the lowest number we ever got rate over 19 of investors were bullish on the stock market for the next six months that was march 5th 2009 okay and so isn’t that very telling about the state of pessimism bearishness

Non-belief everything’s just going to go bad forever and ever that we have in the stock market right now that is incredible okay absolutely incredible even in the rona i thought for me personally the ronan crash was i think one of the scariest moments for the stock market to ever go through and that’s why we had the fastest stock market crash in history right but

Even during that whole situation when you had ronan start to take off and max fear and all we’re going to close the economy and everybody’s going to go bankrupt blah blah blah right even in that period we never touched as low of a number as we have right now in terms of people bullish on the next six months for the stock market that is incredibly telling about

How pessimistic investors really are right now okay you don’t see these numbers ever ever even in extraordinary situations you don’t see these numbers that’s how pessimistic the stock market is at this point in time okay when you look at it and this was a b man sent me this this was as of yesterday okay and as of yesterday to be quite frank why can’t we get the

Nasdaq to break to new lows why can’t we get the russell to break to new lows right we have still super high inflation we have uh pessimism about potentially company earnings all that you have real estate getting worse you have the 30 year going up why can’t we get this market to new lows what’s going on here well the truth is we already have everybody pretty

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Much bearish on this market that you can possibly have bearish in this market the only way you can get that nasdaq to break through new lows okay and the russell breakthrough new lows in sp 500 break through new lows is you’re going to have to have a disastrous and i mean absolute disastrous next earnings period in the following earnings period that’s the only way

You’re going to be able to get that to happen because now at this point in time dude everybody that’s already want to be out of this market’s already out there’s no one hanging around here and except for the long-term bulls that aren’t getting scared out of by whatever is going on short term because they love this company that company this company that company for

The long term so know at this point in time it’s like how do you get this how do you get this baby down you have to have a massive deterioration of earnings now if we don’t have that massive deterioration you can’t get this market down to break through those new lows it just can’t happen essentially and so that’s a that’s a big big question mark that we’re going

To have to kind of see what happens there okay and you know it doesn’t help when you hear things like apple orders are coming in very strong for the new iphone things like that it’s like okay you know i thought company earnings gonna fall apart and i don’t know you know we’ll have to see with that now the next part that’s very telling here is this right here this

Is very important for everybody watching this to understand okay when we were going through the first let’s call it crash of the market there this whole situation something that was very troubling is the discrepancy between how much the dow was down versus how much the nasdaq was down we’re talking about roughly almost 15 percentage points there okay almost a 15

Percentage point difference that’s not normal okay not normal at all versus right now we’re now at you know a 12 ish 13 percentage point difference there so we’re more in where we should be and you see the max downside 4.2 versus like 8 for these you know we need to be kind of more in those sorts of numbers um to really feel like you’re starting to finalize the

The crash right and the the final stages of a crash you’re going to see moments like that happen you’re also going to see moments where the safety stocks fall the big tech stocks fall you know the the companies that everybody was hiding out those even fall that’s when you’re kind of toward the later stages of the the collapse crash right that started way back in

February 2021 and it’s just kind of cycle through and so that’s something we do see playing out right now right in front of us right the mids and smalls i spoke about this a million times the past six months or so yardini research you know you that we’re trading at incredible valuations incredibly low and this leaves so much room for the upside in 2023 in future

Years here it’s ridiculous so that’s good news but even better news is how much large caps have come down so as of recently we’re now at an s p 500 large cap about 16.5 i would feel more comfortable if we get that down to like 15. if we can get that down to 15 i think that would be very very good news for the market and make the market feel much more comfortable

In general now to get that down to a 15 you need some more wall street selling of some of the big stocks not a lot you know you get apple down 5-10 percent and boom you could already be there uh to be quite frank because that will pull down the rest of the stocks as well so just kind of some food for a thought there we’re we’re much more where we should be but

I would feel much more comfortable if we can get that down to like a 15 by the end of this year something in there roughly okay no the next thing is that’s very important to speak about is the media cycle okay and this is you know if we’re talking about social media because media can come from so many different places right and media is you know how does media

Make money it’s the maximum amount of clicks possible right or people watching the tv or whatever it is right and so if we think about the media cycle right now it’s a very bad media cycle and the reason being is not that much that’s on you know like going crazy right now to get people’s attention right and so think about this for a moment right the media cycle

Had a very good media cycle for a while there right you had number 45 right so uh 45 when he was in office the media talked about him constantly and the amount of money the media made off of you know using his name and constantly talking about him constantly okay it was a lot of money it was a lot of dang money because there was always something to talk about can

You believe what he tweeted today can you believe what he said can you believe what he’s not doing can you believe what he is doing and this was constant right and you know everybody watched it and it was a full-on you know circus show that everybody watched on a daily basis and what’s going on people that were pro people that were against people that were middle

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Everybody couldn’t stop watching oh what’s going on now it was like a reality show but in real life right so then he leaves office and so not much to talk about there and you know there’s been a few situations here and there but not like it was right so okay so now that went away rona was something that the media got to pick up on for about a year and they rode

That for about a year roughly right rona’s still going on like crazy but it’s not in the scary period it’s not getting the clicks it was getting you know two years ago that those days are long gone so there’s no room to talk about the whole russia situation people cared about that for honestly like a month like a month and then they just started kind of zoning

Out of that over time and so now we’re in a cycle with with in regards to media where like where do you get the clicks right where do you get people’s attention and one of those areas is talking about the economy and fear definitely sells it sells way better than positivity if you tell somebody that you know their their their house is not on fire they’re gonna

Laugh at you right you tell them their house is on fire they’re gonna take you all serious and be like where where where is it where’s it on fire at right and when it comes to media and getting clicks and things like that it’s about selling the fear because that sells very very well and so everybody makes maximum amount of money off that right the creators make

Maximum amount of money whether that could be a youtuber whether that could be uh somebody on instagram or tick tock or whether that could be somebody uh you know on on mainstream financial media wherever that is but telling you the end of the world right is this is the end of the world where we’re done and they they talk about that day after day after day it’s

Going to get people to keep clicking and keep clicking and keep clicking right so they make money off that the networks love that because they all have ad spend so they want as many people watching paying attention to that as possible right and so everybody’s kind of fallen into this situation and everybody’s looking at this right and it’s the cycle we’re in right

Now right in no different than we were in the cycle of late 2020 into early 2021 where everybody was paying attention you know whatever you know financial asset was going to go up massively and things like that now we’re in this kind of negativity cycle so for you as an investor you have to break it down and you have to say have i potentially been tricked because

I am just in this cycle where i’m just constantly watching negative stuff seeing negative stuff being fear-mongered and keep clicking on and paying attention to it or do i actually feel this way right what are the numbers telling me right is this really the end of the world is this really the great depression right is this really the end of everything and i think

These are fair questions to ask because the media has tricked people countless times in the past into thinking they hate individuals or you know uh they’re against this or against that right and for right now it’s a slow period it’s a slow period for the media so man if you want to make some money you know just talk every day about it’s the end of the world and

Everything’s going to end and i’m telling you that’s where the money’s at right now that’s where the clicks are at that won’t last forever as soon as the market starts bouncing back that starts to go the wayside and then the media cycle is going to have to pick up on the next thing and figure out what’s the next thing we talk about now because crap we don’t have

Much to talk about right you know that’s just the way it is and that’s the way it plays out and so i just think that’s important for everybody to kind of keep in mind in regards to situations so uh yeah i appreciate everybody joining me on the today’s video even with uh you know little controversial takes like that that you’re not gonna hear other places and um

You know just keep in mind what you’re feeding your mind and if you’re feeding your mind with the same repetitive stuff constantly um about you know negative you know it’s end of the world shoot you’re going to start thinking at the end of the world right but you really started got to start opening your mind up a little bit and then paying attention to what’s

Going on with companies earnings um start paying attention to you know businesses those sorts of things and i think um you know you’ll get more understanding of like yeah you know things have weakened but is this really the end of the world is this really another great financial crisis or are there other things at play here and i just think that’s something to

Kind of consider there and don’t just you know think because you see a headline it’s like oh yes that’s that’s it for yourselves man fear sells really well and it’s a slow it’s a slow cycle man so anyways guys much love as always i appreciate you joining me and have a great day

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Game Over : The Major Sellers Have Run Out By Financial Education

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