Gazillion Hobbies Master of None

My Quadcopter:

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush you might have noticed on this channel i share a lot of different kinds of videos mainly because i personally am sort of like a one-man band type of person i think this resulted from me trying to learn different skills sometimes yes it is to save money other time is just out of my own curiosity now today i thought

I’ll do a little bit of a different video where i’ll share my hobbies the many many different ones that i have but i wrote a brief list down and this is not completely inclusive of everything there might be little ones here and there that i missed out i counted about 30 different hobbies and sometimes you might not count like radio control car and radio control

Helicopter as one single hobby of course so you can count it whichever way you think it’s reasonable and then just let me know in the comments down below it’s around 30 40 or something like that so sometimes i can show you the item itself i have a lot of equipment every single thing i do here i always seem to have something and i’ve accumulated i have not sold it

Because it’s still of good use for me i regret to say that i probably thin myself out way too thin across all these hobbies because some of them i can’t even get to in many many years this is my rc helicopter i only know how to hover it mainly because it was so expensive that i was afraid to crash it later on i learned on my quad copters this is my quadcopter and

I probably need a better one later on so i can record some video and put it on this channel this is my radio-controlled car is one of those really fast one that’s ray scible this thing is heavy this is my tig welding rig it’s a cheapy one from china but i’m trying to learn how to weld aluminum now i do a lot of cooking myself so i have a lot of specialty cooking

Equipment such as this dehydrator with a jerky gun and i did make a video about this this is my sous vide machine you can make really good food this way because you can cook very very evenly including eggs it gets pan a bread maker a really powerful juicer and the electric yakitori grill so you can have yakitori at home and you know when you go to yakitori it’s

Very very expensive but the materials are so cheap on top of this i have a whole bunch of other tools like a mixer george foreman grill crock pot you know the usual i do like 3d modeling such as doing it on pro ii or solidworks and this is something i designed it’s supposed to be part of puzzle but then it didn’t work out too well because i wanted to print out

Each of these pieces and connecting together and of course after you design them you want to print them out with a 3d printer this is one of the cheaper ones but it’s a very good one at like around $200 i have this electric guitar and nope i do not know how to play it too well mainly because i have just too many hobbies it’s ridiculous that i cannot focus i guess

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I cannot just do just this my main focus these days of course is youtube i’ve been spending a lot of time learning how to edit in different formats learning how to do different things in video and that takes a significant amount of time so i can’t just go in here and you know just keep on playing no it’s not tuned and of course i also had a bass at one time but i

Sold that one i’m not a very good musician i can play probably one song out of every instrument a keyboard and i’m not very good at it at least i know how to play a few songs one very advanced song and i taught myself how to play now why the heck do i have an ice axe at least i used it once now i wouldn’t consider plumbing one of my hobbies but i do do it myself

So that i do not have to call a plumber this is one of the tools you need to turn on and off the main water supply this is a really wide wrench thingy so that you can open you know really big wide nuts so at one point i did install my own 50 gallon hot water heater now over here a water heater is on a pedestal about two feet high i cannot personally lift 150 pounds

But i was still able to do it i think i’ll talk about this story sometime later now i consider selling on amazon and ebay also a little hobby because you need to put time into it and kind of get good at it these are all a three size amazon boxes so it’s only one type of box i have a lot of other boxes that i saves just so that i can have a cache of good boxes so

That i can put whatever i want in those boxes and sell those not at some point i also actively day trade it for quite a while maybe about a year two years or so and what i realized is i pushed a lot of transactions through but in the end i was not very good at it i felt like i was just spinning my wheels because i did a lot of transactions sometimes i lost money

Sometimes i got money but when you add it all up there’s very little gain here because there’s so much transactional cost every single trade you got to pay you know a few dollars here and there and it adds up i like to dabble a little bit in robotics mainly using an arduino what i realized what this bipedal prototype is that the response rate is so slow there’s

No very tight feedback loop here so then i can probably never make it walk dynamically you need something much more sophisticated to do that here’s a little fun toy it’s just a little foam head thing with a bunch of styrofoam balls and inside there’s a few servos and you know it can make it open and close this mouth and move its eyes around my coworker got me at

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One point to go golfing with him so i bought a brand new set and now i have this you have to wonder did i waste a lot of money on hobbies here and there yeah probably so i have to say i probably could have saved that a lot more if i didn’t go and venture to do this but i’m really happy even with this sitting here that i’m not using it all that much because now i

Know how to go to the driving range and actually hit a ball and you know i’m very happy with that this is my snowboard and i think it’s a generational hobby because people are not going snowboarding as often these days anymore this is my skateboard and the most i can do is just an ollie not and ollie on to a curb or anything i’m not that good i use it mainly as a

Transportation here are my roller blades and yes i can do grinds 360s and 540’s my bowling shoes and i’m not very good at it i don’t have a bowling ball but i think i bowl like 140 or something really terrible at least this was not a complete waste of money because i did go enough times for it to be worth it because you have to pay a rental fee and you know after

You go i think about 10 times or so it becomes worth it oh i think it’s probably a lot more worth it because i think i got $30 off of $40 because i signed up for a credit card i’m not gonna dig the picture out again but i did do cosplay for a few years i think i made maybe four or five costumes it was fun but i felt like this is something that i do not really want

To do long term i have my own electronics lab it’s just a little bit equipped it doesn’t have all the advanced instruments or anything but i do have a nice soldering iron something that you need to repair electronics over here is a piece of my tabletop cnc machine it cuts metal there’s a lathe that goes with it and there’s a computer that operates this thing

I have used this machine on camera on this channel before this is a ucs lego naboo it retails for about $180 used i do enjoy a legos but i realize i do not have the time to do the collecting nor keeping all this stuff to display even so i would say it’s not really a hobby for me to build all of this but i just get it so that it can be put on display if you like

Robots and building gundams it’s pretty darn fun because you get to look at each part and you get to see how it comes together there’s like a skeleton inside it’s just fun building it itself and then when you’re done you get to put it there and display it personally i’ve been eyeing one of those perfect grade ones just so that i can try to build one of those really

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High-end one i’ve never built those high-end one that’s always like all you know let me just build something cheaper so we’ll see about that later on i did play varsity badminton back in high school but then i wouldn’t say i’m very very good because sometimes i can go to the court and i can see people use these batman things and when they hit the birdie it’s like

Whack it’s just so darn fast it’s just much harder than i could ever hit it so i’d say i’m probably just beginner between beginner and intermediate even though i did do training this is my scooter helmet not motorcycle mainly because i don’t want to go all that fast i want the scooter to not go that fastest in case i crashed there’s a gopro mount over here so i do

Plan to integrate some footage from when i’m on the scooter this is one of my fishing poles and i’m not very good at fishing i think in my lifetime i caught maybe three or four fishes and about three or four crabs now crabs are really awesome and i really want to go out there and catch some more crabs this season so you probably get the point right now i probably

Have another dozen or two of these hobby things that you know i occasionally do or like something i try to learn a little bit of just so that i can do a certain thing i hope you find this interesting about me these are actual things i did be it failures or something that i’m continuously doing i guess the purpose of this video really is just to share the different

Things that i do i’ve collected many things that i would actually do that you know may or may not save a lot of money don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know you you think i have too many or maybe you have just as many as well if you’re interested in supporting this channel don’t forget to check out my audible link down in the

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Gazillion Hobbies Master of None By BeatTheBush

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