Genesis Metals CEO David Terry (TSX-V: GIS) (OTC: GGISF)

Genesis Metals CEO David Terry (TSX-V: GIS, OTC: GGISF) – RICH TV LIVE – JUNE 9, 2020 – Genesis Metals holds a 100% interest in the 275 square kilometer Chevrier Gold Property, located near Chibougamau, Quebec. The project is easily accessible and close to infrastructure.

Hi how’s everybody doing today this is rich or me have a rich to be live with our very special guest it is david terry the ceo of genesis metals corp how’re you doing today david good rich fantastic thank you for being here today and thank you for joining us why don’t you tell us a little bit about genesis metals corp well genesis metals corp is a exploration

Company were listed on the tsx be with assembled g is and we’re listed on the otc qb and in the state’s assemble is gg is s we’re we’re focused in canada and in the abitibi greenstone belt our primary focus project is called chevrolet it’s in the shibuya mu shop a mining district and i guess the company itself is part of the discovery group here in vancouver

Which is a know well known group of successful exploration companies very good now your flight your property is in the a bit to be to be how do you say that abbott ivities abitibi greenstone belt what is the significance of this area well those are quite old rocks dominated by volcanic rocks and granitic rocks and there’s a number of these types of formations known

Around the world and they’re called greenstone belts and the abitibi is is one of the largest known ones in the world and it’s really well known on a worldwide basis for its endowment of gold and base metals and there’s a lot of major mining camps within the abitibi greenstone belt which which have you know fueled the rise of a number of big mining companies and

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It’s it’s quite well known in the world of mining wow okay sorry from butchering that yeah now it spans the ontario quebec border so sort of half of it more or less is in in ontario and the other half is is in quebec okay great now we saw gold prices like recently how has that impacted genesis metals well the gold price has moved significantly really since the

Middle of last year and it’s continued on through the early part of this year and obviously it brings a lot of interest to the gold sector we’ve seen a lot of the larger gold mining companies increase in price significantly and reach multi-year highs recently and and often that translates overtime into a lot more interest in the junior sector or the exploration

Sector that we belong to and so we’ve seen increased interesting and financing our exploration efforts and that sort of thing and and we you know we’re in quite a good good market that way for for funding and an interest in our in our sector very good now our genesis metals properties currently operational given the crisis and restrictions this has imposed we had

Started a winter drilling program in february that we had to suspend for partway through do the cova 19 pandemic and the shutdown of all non-essential business activities in quebec but that has been lifted now and we were able to resume activities in mid-may and so we put out a news release to that effect and we’re wrapping up our our phase 1 program now and and

Waiting for the results of that and then we’ll be starting the summer field exploration program and carrying out further drilling as the year goes on so we had a slight delay but but it was not not for very long very good good to see that you guys are back on track now what sets genesis meta metals apart from their competitors why is genesis the gold exploration

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Company that investors should be looking at well when you look at a gold exploration company or a junior exploration company of any any focus the things that you want to look for are the people involved the projects that they have the access to capital which is important and and i think the genesis brings all three of those together and we’re obviously focused

In in an area that has tremendous potential is well known it’s a safe jurisdiction so that that really is good and we also have a resource on the property which sets us apart from a lot of other companies so we’ve got a base to work from we’re exploring in a high potential area and we’ve got a great team to do it that sounds great and we love gold here rich to

Belie of our members love gold now one of the things that we love to look at is share structure we love tight floats companies that are not highly diluted can you kind of breakdown to our community and our investor group and community a little bit about your share structure you’re assuring outstanding maybe yeah history denotes dannion is just under 40 for a

Million shares ah pretty tight company we’re approximately 50% of this shares are held by institutions and and insiders of the company so you know half of its in the public float but it’s a quite a tight share structure and we’ve raised about five and a half million dollars in the last two financing since december of 2019 so we’re fine anna has to do the work

That we’re planning to do this year and and we’re just getting on with it i love i love your share structure anything under 50 million shares for me is really tight you guys are 44 and you said that management holds 50% of that no management and a group of institutions and a group of institutions so tightly held by management and institutional investors that

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Are i’m assuming our long-term long-term investors in the country to focus on that yes very good very good so if there was one thing you would want shareholders to know about genesis metals what would it be well i think the background of the people involved in the discovery group that’s something that they could do more investigating on there’s a long track

Record of success and and if you’re investing in these sort of companies i think you want to really back the people and and you know depending on how projects go you know there’s always going to be new projects but the people are the most important thing very good and what is the best way for investors to get in touch with the company well you can go to our

Website there’s a lot of information on our website and our corporate presentation and that sort of thing and all of our contact numbers the the websites ww genesis meadows corp com thank you so much for joining us today this is the ceo of genesis metals corp symbol in canada on the tsx venture exchange gis and the symbol on the otcqb exchange in america gg isf

Thank you so much david terry ceo thank you for joining us today david thanks rich have a great day a great day and thank you for joining you

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Genesis Metals CEO David Terry (TSX-V: GIS) (OTC: GGISF) By RICH TV LIVE

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