Hey guys how you doing this is rich here may have a rich tv live and i have a big big big big big piece of news to share with you guys right now geo mega resources i’ve brought it to you first last week i told you they got some big things up their sleeves some big things up their sleeves g omega resources symbol gma in canada g om rf in america huge news breaking

News getting to the hand sanitiser space is true coping 19 update engineering progresses while retrofitting rare earth pilot plant to hand sanitiser production that’s right they’re getting into hand sanitiser production covin 19 updates this is from montreal quebec where they’re located g omega resources inc gm a in canada g om rf in america a rare earths clean

Technologies developer for mining and recycling is now in the hand sanitizer space is placed and provide an update on the novel coronavirus cove in nineteen impact on its operations g omegas main activity which is the ongoing engineering work with hatch have been able to continue despite the crisis in parallel the corporation began modifying its rare earth

Pilot plant facility located at the national research council and our c in butcher ville quebec to be able to produce hand sanitizer which shall be geared predominantly towards retirement homes and hospitals were an urgent need of this product to help combat the spread of kovin 19 big news breaking news i had no idea they were gonna get into hand sanitizers


G omegas chemical processing team has proven once again its skilled to utilize its expertise with evolving market conditions i am proud of our team and chose flexibility motivation and creativity especially during a difficult situation like we are globally today geo mega can assure its shareholders that these modifications to the pilot plant will in no way

Impede the progress of building the much larger demonstration plant located in nearby st. bruno quebec geo mega strives to become canada’s first rare earth oxides er using recycled magnet waste making canada one of the few countries outside of asia to be able to do so g omega has continued to advance even under recent difficult social distancing measures and is

Progressing successfully in the engineering work with hatch upon engineering being completed or during the long lead items for the facility will be a priority g omega has recently secured project at financing of 1.7 2 million from the quebec government this february c news release dated february 7 2020 which has effectively fulfilled the requirement capital to

Complete construction of the demonstration plant g omega in conjunction with the quebec government has a very clear objective to establish quebec as a hub for a clean technology and sustainable rare-earth refining industry self-reliant and not dependent on other countries for key materials in light of recent events and supply shortages as highlighted by reported

Delays in medical ventilators construction due to lack of permanent magnets this has never been more critical g omega looks forward to further engagement with end-users and government on rare earth recycling and establishing a sustainable supply chain based right here in quebec canada commented kiril megamen president and ceo of geo mega i would love to get the

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Ceo on her show so he could talk about this big news not only are there rare earths play which i think has huge upside one of the only few in north america to be quite frank but now they’re in the hand sanitizer space now remember wrist tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes we are not a licensed advisor do your due diligence do your research

Before you invest in anything that we talk about here enrich to be live kovan 19 coronavirus is a serious issue everybody’s jumping on the bandwagon trying to help gyeo meg is no different trying to make a difference trying to produce hand sanitizer for those that are in need the most specifically seniors in homes and hospitals big news breaking news spread it

Everywhere let everybody know before it explodes geo mega gma in canada g om rf in america and of course if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring you the winners we bring in the news and we bring it to you first thank you guys for watching is your boy rich reverse tv live and i’m oh peace

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