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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush in just about 20 minutes it took for me to sign up for this new brokerage account i earned a thousand dollars already today i’m going to discuss which brokerage this is the terms that you need to satisfy in order to get the sign up bonus and we’ll go from there this video is sponsored by interactive brokerage if you

Click on my referral link you get a one percent payout in the interactive brokerage stock check out my referral link down in the video description below you just open up this account you deposit whatever money that you want to in it and they give you one percent back in interactive brokerage shares this is a little bit confusing how they do this and you can read

More about it in the terms of agreement but the way it really works is they want to see net deposits if you deposit a hundred dollars they’re gonna give you one percent which is one dollar worth of interactive brokerage shares you can go anywhere from a hundred dollars to a hundred thousand dollars which means the total net value that you can get from this is

One thousand dollars this is exactly what i personally did here and to show you guys some proof here this is my deposit within interactive brokers you can see right here depositing usd 100 000 through the ach method of course before i did all this i did my due diligence on interactive brokers they are a publicly listed traded company in the u.s they are a us-based

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Company it’s just that retail investors like myself we don’t really come across this type of broker we mainly see e-trade charles schwab robin hood you know all those things that are common names but interactive brokerage is more for day traders and active traders and most of the time they don’t have an incentive like this in order for you to sign up so that’s

Why this particular deal is a really good thing to try to get into this account you can get your one percent of interactive brokers shares and at the same time you can try out this new brokerage account frankly to tell you guys i don’t really care about the trading capabilities of interactive brokers i’m only signing up to this thing just to get the referral bonus

Of one thousand dollars worth of their stock now they’re going to give you this stock as you deposit money into it if you remove money from it they’re also going to remove just as many shares away so this is about the net deposits here if you put in a hundred thousand dollars and sometime later you remove the hundred thousand dollars well you’re not going to get

Any free shares here there is a risk to this it’s kind of like espp when you get paid out in shares there is a one-year hold period on the shares that they pay you out on so you cannot sell these shares you just basically have to watch them fluctuate for an entire year and yes it could appreciate in price and it could reduce in price as well so it’s not exactly

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Gonna be a thousand dollars of value that you’re gonna get it might be half of this it might be 50 more than this but to give ourselves a warm fuzzy feeling of actually how much money that you’re really gonna get just look at their stock here interactive brokers right now it’s at 75.16 it looks like it’s at a five year high right now and who knows where it’s

Gonna go maybe it’s gonna go higher later maybe it’s gonna go lower but i figured that even if they dropped to 50 which is around 2020 you know it’s around 50 there this represents about a 33 decrease in value so instead of getting a thousand dollars you’re looking at about hundred seventy dollars if you guys are interested in getting this account and getting a

One percent bonus check out my referral link down in the video description below whenever i make videos about churning sign up bonuses just like this people say wow you gotta put so much money in in order to get so little this represents a one percent interest rate roughly right if you put it in a high yield savings account right now you get half a percent so

This is a little bit better instead of putting it in the high yield savings you get double the interest so not bad but on top of this this is not cash that you actually have to put in although personally for myself i put in cash but the value here you’re putting in is investable which means you can invest in whatever that you want and it’s the net deposit that

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Counts towards your sign up bonus so the difference here is you’re depositing stocks that are invested already you don’t have to deposit cash exactly if you guys have been watching my channel i’ve always signed up for sign up bonuses here and there and this one thousand dollars just from this morning i signed up to this thing in about 20 minutes one thousand

Dollars is actually roughly my burn rate for an entire month so just doing this right now i know i’m not gonna get this one thousand dollars in cash for another year or so but just doing this right now i feel like oh okay just do this for 20 minutes and i can just sit on my butt and do nothing for the next entire month this is of course not the only amount that

I’m gonna earn i do all kinds of turning left and right i do a lot of smaller amounts of deals just for fun but i hope you guys sign up for this thing if you have a lot of cash on the sidelines it makes it a lot easier if you’re transferring cash into the account rather than transferring assets or stocks because when you do the stocks there might be a fee that

Your original brokerage is going to charge you for transferring all these assets out if you liquidate everything and you do an ach transfer actually it costs you nothing to do this thanks for watching this video don’t forget to give me a like and subscribe for more thanks for watching you

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