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Earn money by selling the energy capacity you DON’T use. Get a $20 Sign-up bonus form OhmConnect here: This is not just saving money by using less electricity but getting paid for the amount saved!

Everybody this is vita bush oftentimes on this channel i like to give other people’s money away and this time is no different i’m gonna try to give the utilities companies money away to you guys and i’m gonna show you how to do this with own connect home connect actually started as a hackathon project where they actually try to reduce the carbon emissions of people

Just using some great idea the way it works is like this when you don’t use your electricity normally you don’t have to pay for that but on top of not paying for that electricity you actually get paid money for that portion of electricity that you don’t use so how do they do this normally pg&e our edison in california they need to buy electricity during peak

Demand times in the whole power grid sometimes there will be higher demand and lower demand and the power grid is designed so that they meet the average demand so they use the most efficient and actually the pretty expensive type of power plants so that they can meet the average demand but then the peak ones they wouldn’t build very expensive power plant just to

Meet the peak demand because power plants are really expensive so what ends up happening is that pg&e and edison they contract out this energy capacity when they need more they just kind of go hey okay i’m gonna pay this company so and so much money for make a lot of capacity instead of paying this dirty power plant maybe $150 per megawatt they can pay this

Own connect company $100 per megawatt in order to just reduce the usage by one megawatt to the utility company that’s no different if you if it can pay people less money to reduce the energy usage versus paying another company to supply it it’s no different it actually it becomes cheaper for it for the utility companies so the money that we’re actually getting from

This owned connect thing is actually money that the dirty power plants would have gotten you can see that they’re not very happy about this and they actually try to block laws and stuff however the us supreme court actually ruled that this is okay because it incentivizes people to actually be cleaner be more green about things because if we reduce our energy usage

We actually reduces our carbon footprint because we’re not using those peak demands we’re lower we kind of like smoothing out the amount of electricity we use this is actually really good for your pocketbook and it’s good for the environment because if you live in this area you’re going to breathe the air outside and it’s going to contribute to global warming or

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Whatever it’s gonna make more pollution and things like that so if you don’t turn on these dirty power plants better air for you more money for you pg&e wins because they they spend less money to smooth out the power grid the people that aren’t losing here is the dirty power plants which well it’s fine right we don’t want the dirty power plants to run if this

Sounds good so far i’ll leave a referral link down below you actually get $20 signup bonus right now after your first thing called an hour which is just the first time you participate at first when i was using this i thought maybe it might be a scam or something so actually didn’t make a video or anything but now i really know it’s legitimate because number one

There are news articles on forbes magazine about this company number two i got about $28 first payout after using it for two weeks i went through about 200 hours if i post on facebook you get upper 25% bonus or whatever ends up about twenty eighty dollars and if you participate this they anticipate you might get about $50 to $100 $150 per year so on top of not

Spending money on electricity you actually get a bonus for not for turning down your electricity how they do this is sort of us mystery so because i haven’t told you exactly how they do this when i signed up actually really puzzled about stuff because i was clicking around how do they know how much points do they give etc so the twenty eight dollars was actually

Submitted to my paypal actually went through and went inside my bank account already so i can say that this is legitimate and i actually got paid one time for this already so how do they actually calculate how much they pay you well this depends on how much they make now during peak demands they’ll send you up to 200 hours each week they don’t want to bother too

Many people in the beginning there certainly are more demand time so if maybe later on they’re gonna have more and more but right now is only restricted to 200 hours per week maur is a thing where they alert you through the phone and during that hour to ask you to reduce your electricity usage now if you happen to be able to reduce your energy usage during that

Hour you’ll be credited a number of points proportional to how much you save the number of points is different for each hour because that depends on how much the utility wants to pay in order to reduce the demand oh our keeps 20 percent of this and they divvy up the rest of the 80 percent let’s say you save half a kilowatt hour in one hour and another time you also


Save half a kilowatt hour it’s not guaranteed that the points will be the same because the wholesale price of electricity fluctuates another aspect of this thing is that you can connect various devices so that home connect can send notification to these smart devices to reduce your energy usage during this time for example a nest thermostat we can turn that off

Immediately if you happen to be turning on your ac or heat they can turn it off during that hour you can connect like smart switches for lights and stuff you can also connect your electric vehicle charging you can also connect your phone to alert you to manually turn stuff off the interesting thing is as i’m filming this i’m actually participating in an ohm hour

Right now i actually reduced a lot of usage you know i’m just trying to push it a little bit this time to see how far i can get and perhaps maybe see if i reduce a lot maybe i get more points or something it’s just testing out i don’t think i’ll be able to do replicate this every single time so currently the company is only limited to regions that have smart meters

It actually requires you to have a smart meter and other places i believe like new york has smart meters and other densely populated areas have smart meters without people going here they can actually check how much electricity you’re usage the way own kinect is able to pay you is they need access to your pg&e or edison account because they need to figure out

What your historical usage is let’s say during one home hour they need to figure out what you normally use so they’re gonna go back and look at your historic usage i’m not sure how far they go back how many weeks they go back but your usage depends on how much you normally use during that hour and that weekday so during an ohm hour you actually have to use less

Than you normally would use during that hour and during that day of the week so if you normally use zero watts let’s say you just turn everything off and you just connect this account to it you actually will not get any points because you didn’t reduce your usage compared to your historical usage in that sense i guess ohm connect can use that historical usage and

Say hey look a utility company we actually reduced the demand compared to historical values for this subgroup it pulls together all these people let’s say thousand or 10,000 right and if we all turn down our electricity usage during high peak demands we might be able to reduce maybe one megawatt worth of capacity and that’s one megawatt of capacity that we don’t

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Need to use which means we don’t have to turn off this dirty power plant and better air for us and cheap beer for pg&e and you know it’s a win-win for everybody upon your first home connected usage you have to connect you actually have to connect your at&t account so that they can see your historical usage and then after you participate in your first ohm

Hour you can then have the ability to transfer that points or money into your paypal account each point is worth one cent and each omar the last to home hours i participate is about 110 points i think it fluctuates a bit – per week times 52 weeks that’s about $110 right there so if this sounds good to you don’t forget to go down in the video description below and

Sign up through my roof rolling you’ll actually get a twenty dollar bonus for signing up right now it used to be five dollars and they upped it up to twenty dollars i think actually joining this thing is like it’s kind of like a charity thing almost you can even donate the points that you get to a charity just to let you know you’ll be able to withdraw the money

After participating in your first hour so right there you can withdraw at least twenty dollars first right there so i’m really enthusiastic about this after i realize that is actually a legitimate thing i actually hope this company become really successful and kind of grow to other regions as well because the idea of smoothing out the electricity grid and not

Turning on really dirty power plants is like really good for the environment it helps everybody it helps your pocketbook it gives you some spare change to use it reduces pgn ease power fluctuation it reduces their cost it increases it puts money in your pocket and it reduces the greenhouse gases emitted by the really dirty power plants it reduces the pollution

From the dirty power plants in your local area so if you go outside if a lot of people participate it’s actually gonna make your air quality better this is really great and i’m glad to be able to share this with you i’m really glad actually discovered this now versus later i mean it’s been around for like almost a year now and don’t forget to give me a like and

Comment down below if you signed up and let me know what you think of this program and don’t forget to subscribe over here thanks for watching

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Get Paid for Energy Not Used on OhmConnect [CA and TX only] | BeatTheBush By BeatTheBush

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