Get your popcorn ready #1 stock and crypto currency inside

Get your popcorn ready #1 stock and crypto currency inside

Did i have it on my show at least three times right things that make you go and it’s the hottest this the hottest stuck and the galaxy let’s just keep coming not only did we identify nphc first people was interview them multiple times and don’t worry they’ll be back real soon it’s a big news but we also identified the hottest cryptocurrency in the universe as well

Oh my goodness if you’re not winning you’re clearly not watching so you need to come over here get out of the dark side and follow the light it’s true we are light workers and we’re doing great work now thanks to you can you leave my goodness we have identified the hottest cryptocurrency in the universe but i gotta give the credit for nphc to mr. kit champ it’s true

You brought it to us first mr. kit sam you are a scholar my friend up 259 for set what traded 580 million shares what at these prices that’s like whoa whoa whoa i know it’s so hard and i’d turn off my computer at these prices that’s over 1.5 million dollars that’s gone through this fully reporting bulletin board company that’s clearly undervalued underappreciated

And underexposed we need to give it some credit where credit’s due we need some good music for this let’s bring up the chin i mean how often do you see a stock up two hundred forty eight percent i mean that chart looks damn my goodness what’s the word due diligence suits but i gotta get to the other hottest cryptocurrency in the plan which we identified first

Like a bunch of kings um fire thanks to you mr. cloud ninja kenny lee a lower second well established dj it was vegas if you need a dj you let me know i will work on a deal with mr. cloud ninja get these available my goodness he’s a busy man trying to identify all the winners let’s this you’re right you’re ready cuz i mean all we do is briefly what the number


One cryptocurrency in the universe you ask all the way a number one spot oh oh yeah yeah the chain coin right there the chain coin at four dollars and ninety three cents up a hundred and eighty five percent after being up two hundred percent yesterday we brought it to our community at sixty cents representing a gain of oh i don’t know seven hundred percent in two

Days if i just leave right now what the hell is that else to do i mean there’s 15,000 stocks 805 cryptocurrency is not the number of c 811 cryptocurrencies and we got the hottest stock and the hottest cryptocurrency on the planet my goodness there’s other youtubers with millions of subscribers hundreds of thousands of subscribers none of them none of them brought

You the number one stock and the number one cryptocurrency in the planet other than rich tv live at our community thanks to you mr. katan for identifying nphc and bringing them to us and we bringing them to the world and thanks to you mr. cloud ninja for bringing us chain coin and we got all the evidence just look at our videos we’re not talking about it after we

Talked about it first haha i love it i love it haters back off just back the off i’m whistling all the way the road i really don’t know i’m i really don’t have anything else to say i really don’t have anything else to do other than just sit back and enjoy the show you know what it’s been a while since middle wow it’s been a while since i’ve really celebrated

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In style so what we’re gonna do i’m gonna leave this for you guys to identify you guys can see what you think about this winner look at a seven day winner clear this church which was identified by kenny lee look at that historically that i’ll let you guys chew on this for a couple seconds while i uh i celebrate in style because that’s what i do i mean you got a

Celebrated style right now the question is i’ll be back i’ll let you guys watch this for a second actually you know what let me just put you back then something else i’ll get ya i’ll give you the level to the greatest show on earth i’ll leave that bring it to chew on just chew on that all right you guys chew on that for a second oh do you think i’m just a little

Excited just a little so while we wait to celebrate stuff i want to show you guys some of the other hot pics which i just think are cool this was brought to me by our community look at this oh this was up i like the name rich pharmaceuticals but now they’re getting crushed in the red a little bit down two percent but it was that big earlier today no it’s down but

I like the name rich love anything rich pharmaceuticals cool name maybe we can get the month show let’s think of what would be the perfect music for a winning fantastic powerful thirsty what’s putting a little think we should probably pull up the bumpy jump some of you are gonna go on a vacation i feel it with all the wedding going on i can’t hear that oh i’ll

Be back i’ll leave you with chc again i mean just chew on this chart up from oh was it 60 cents on july 11th that’s two days ago and today all the way up to $4.99 not so shabby okay i haven’t done it in a while it’s time to bring it out you got only bringing it out at the right times right so when i celebrate i bring what the popcorn and i mean who doesn’t like

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Popcorn right so we just talk and a crypto courtesy you’re talking about every day on your show and people start winning within the community and start making money everybody’s happy everyone’s helping each other and everybody’s feeling good i’m feeling good i’m feeling real good now the question is do you have your popcorn ready cuz i got my popcorn ready is your

Popcorn ready because guess what guys we are the hottest community in the galaxy finding and identifying the hottest stalk in the world out of 15,000 that’s pretty damn good okay and finding the hottest crypto currency in the world out of 811 that’s pretty good so my question is do you have your popcorn ready cuz i’m oh there’s nothing else for me to talk about

Today i honestly don’t think there’s anything else to say i don’t think it’s anything else to do only we can do it’s going five more winners i don’t need to do any more due diligence we ready thumbs to harness fix in the galaxy so thanks let you look at that beautiful winner right there oh yeah that’s winning now remember if you’re not winning you don’t watch

That’s a hell of a lot of chicken dinners once more popcorn there you go there’s the bump guard you got your popcorn ready cuz i got what bumper ready enjoy the show guys i’m up

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