Getting a Girlfriend is Automatic After You Do This

Here is how I managed to get a girlfriend even during this COVID era. In fact, I would consider myself having pretty good luck with finding a girlfriend over the years. Please allow me to share some tips and tricks on how to do so for yourself.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush some of you have asked me on my videos how do you get a girlfriend i understand that some of you younger guys out there might not have had a girlfriend before today’s video is going to be more about the tips and tricks on what you can do to increase your chances of getting a girlfriend this how to get a girlfriend

Video is sponsored by weeble you can get two free shares of stock valued at up to fourteen hundred dollars just check out my referral link down in the video description below now this video is not going to be one of those pickup artists type of videos what is it where like you need a like a peacock thing or something like something that like draws attention to

Yourself i guess those probably would work if you’re going to a club or a bar but i’m talking more in the sense of meeting a girl in your everyday life that could become your long-term girlfriend not something you know that you just date once or whatnot first thing i want to say is this is a numbers game some guys i feel like they just get so tunnel visioned

Into one single girl that they’re very infatuated with and you know if it’s that girl or no one else that they just kind of set themselves for failure because this particular girl maybe they never talked to them before maybe their preferences is for a completely different guy maybe they like a different race maybe they like a guy with a certain type of career

Maybe they like a certain type of personality there’s a certain characteristic that certain girls like so you’re not going to be able to catch every single girl that you are fixated on i personally liked a girl where they did not like me back and never worked out we were never boyfriend and girlfriend so you just gotta you know pick yourself up if it doesn’t work

Out you know maybe you ask them and they reject you or something you just gotta go okay they don’t like me for who i am today maybe and you just gotta move on and have a different potential person that you like just as much and i’m not saying lower your standards or anything to like cast a wider net you just have to have more potential girls that you like that

You could go for while i’m on this topic of potential girls you might be thinking about well what about dating sites how are those i think they have plenty of fish that i know of okcupid and tinder all these dating sites i’ve probably had half a dozen to a dozen dates on all these sites mostly on match i would say about half the dates

I thought the girl was weird i personally did not want to see them again so i would recommend to not use these dating sites use other traditional method because most of these girls on these dating sites they could not find a guy for one reason or another that’s why they’re on these dating sites if you think about it the really really good girls they are in real

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Life they have so many dates and potential dates and guys asking them that they don’t even need to go on these dating sites most guys are probably looking for as high quality a girl as they can get and to do this you don’t go on dating sites you go and find the girl in real life i worried about man jose i do live in california it’s the silicon valley it’s filled

With men and very very few potential girls around here if you see a pretty good looking girl chances are they have so many guys after them the numbers does not work well for a guy in the silicon valley san francisco is probably a little bit better and if you happen to go to the east coast there’s actually statistically more girls in the east coast than the west

Coast so one thing that you could do is just move to the east coast personally i grew up with a sister so i think this influenced me a lot more to be comfortable with talking with girls in fact i would say talking with girls is probably more fluent to me than talking with guys i just personally don’t have many guy type of activities i do like fishing but i’m not

The best at it i don’t really go play basketball i don’t really watch sports so i personally tend to hang around with a lot more girls and guys i have a lot more friends that are girls than guy friends for whatever reason that is back in high school sometimes i would hang around with just a bunch of girls it would be pretty intimidating because you just have like

I don’t know six ten girls and we go out to lunch in one car there’ll be a girl in the driver’s seat girl in the passenger seat i’ll be sitting in the back on one side i don’t know where and four girls in the car and then me just do our thing just hang out you know so i mentioned this because i see some guys out there they only hang around other guys their hobby

Is playing basketball playing video games and their entire circle of friends is mainly just guys so you see the problem here is because they spend most of their time with other males and no time with other females you gotta find yourself something to do that involves the opposite sex something that girls are interested in as well in this pandemic it’s probably

Hard to meet new people probably hard to go to a meet-up i would say meetup is probably better than dating sites but it’s still not as good as if you met someone maybe at work maybe if you met a girl in college which is really really good if you did that because if you met them in college you know they’re just going to be just as educated as you are if maybe you’re

In the same major you’re in the same school at least if you have a chance to make things work out at the college or in university this is probably the the best way to go about it if you happen to not you know go really long term with someone back in college well you also have workplace to potentially date someone but you have to go very careful about this because

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You don’t want to date someone that you’re still working with i would say if the girl is in a different department it’s a little bit easier because at least if something bad happens after if you break up or something then you can essentially avoid that department and you can you don’t really have to see that person i would say hygiene is on the top of the list you

Have to take care of your hygiene first make sure that you’re always clean and tidy looking if you have like an acne problem you need to take care of it i have a video on you know my beauty routine how to you know make sure that you keep your face clear you increase your odds dramatically if you keep your face clear if you’re overweight make sure you know you’re

Not overweight and then one step beyond that is you know you gotta get a neat and tidy haircut you need to dress a little bit trendy knee and tidy depending on the girl that you’re going for so i think if you combine your tidiness your hygiene the clothes that you wear basically you’re 80 of the way there the rest of it is probably your confidence level you need

To be confident enough and not be too chicken to talk to the girl and when you actually start talking to the girl you also need to be somewhat funny so how do you train for this i’d say when you meet other people and you notice that they tell certain jokes you gotta practice it it’s kind of like everybody needs to be a comedian you have to tell a certain joke at the

Right pacing and at the right timing how do you gain confidence in talking to people you need to know that you are a valuable person if let’s say you work a menial job and you play video games all day and you’re a slob you just ate pizza pizza stains everywhere well how are you going to muster confidence in yourself in order to talk to a certain girl it’s really

Hard i’m sure some people somehow they don’t care about how they personally look what they did that day what kind of job they have there are some people that are able to you know be super confident even though they don’t have things to back it up but a much easier way to have confidence is to have things to back it up that’s where your confidence is drawn from

If you know you are in a secure financial position that’s going to give you some confidence if you have a clear skin more confidence right there if you’re wearing something nifty a brand new shirt or something you’re gonna get more confidence if you’re working towards some goal and you’ve succeeded a whole bunch of times that’s gonna give you confidence as well

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So it’s a lot of different things just on the surface you have to work on yourself like how much are you valued as a person the more you put more value into yourself the more confidence that you’re gonna get naturally so i would recommend the best way to gain more confidence is just to build yourself meeting girls on airplanes yes i’ve done that unfortunately

That didn’t work out it’s a numbers game again meeting girls at grocery stores nope i don’t do that meeting girls at the bookstore nope i never had the confidence to walk up to some girl in a bookstore most of the time it’s pretty organic in the way i meet a girl maybe she was in my class maybe she was in the same school club or the same meetup i’ve done those

So when you have something common that you’re doing and you happen to meet someone it’s a lot more fluid than some stranger that you walk up to so how do you increase your chance of this happening more you just have to do more social events going to some really large barbecues really helps too you meet a lot of opposite sex there a lot of people may say just

Be yourself and eventually you’re going to meet the girl that you like i don’t think this is the case you actually need to minimize the amount of time that you are alone and maximize the amount of time that you’re meeting new people of the opposite sex i think if you’re doing mainly male activities you need to consider sort of paring down a little bit maybe you

Really really enjoy doing those so maybe you don’t want to cut them out entirely but you need to increase the amount of actual physical time you are with doing social things i used to have a hobby of playing with electronics a lot more including assembling a lot of electronics kits you know soldering them all together and soon i found out that this is a very

Very lonely thing to do because yeah you can do it all at home and stuff but you’re not going to meet anyone new unless maybe you’re bringing this whole thing to some sort of club where they’re doing electronics and then you meet other people but most likely electronics as a hobby don’t have much girls in it i would say an example could be some sort of sports

Team with mixed genders in it i think rock climbing clubs are pretty popular or maybe food eating clubs you know from meetups and stuff if you guys need more ideas maybe make some suggestions down below and then you know i can throw some ideas around down in the comments section thanks for watching this video i think this is long enough and i hope these tips

And tricks helped you guys out don’t forget to give me a like and as always push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching you

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