Getting the Most Out of Your Costco Membership

Ever notice that when you buy bulk items, sometimes the last few to be used are almost worthless sometimes? Sometimes the last few goes bad if its a food item. Or perhaps you bought more than what you know what to do with? Those last few units of a multi-pack are critical to your savings as that makes or break your savings in buying in bulk. If you’ve bought an item and had the last few items go bad or had to give them away before it expires, that is a great indicator that you should not buy those items anymore in bulk unless your consumption rate changes.

How’s it going everybody this is peeta bush today i’m gonna talk about making the most of your membership at costco we all know that there’s a membership involved whatever that you buy and it usually have to buy in bulk and usually the per item cost is really really low however whenever you buy one single item you can almost count on every single item costing about

$10 so if you have 10 items in your cart it’s gonna cost you $100 out the door do i shop there yes can you save money shopping at costco yes can you waste money shopping at costco that is also yes and this is done every time when you buy a bulk item and you don’t finish it to the very last drop you’re also wasting money even if you finish the bulk item to the last

Drop however at the last few items you kind of stretch yourself a bit maybe you don’t like the item anymore because you oversaturated yourself you had too much and then you have a few left or you’re like oh okay you know i just want to get rid of it you know you just somehow waste it somehow so you take these items and just i don’t know give them away because you’re

Afraid that they’re going to expire soon some of these items could include like muffins okay this is like the 12-pack of muffins this is really hard for even a family of four to finish if you don’t really really like these muffins not to mention it’s full of sugar and stuff so you really should not buy this muffin stuff there’s also these cheese bites that there’s

So much of it that if you try to finish it with a family or whatever and if you’re stretching yourself towards the end you’re gonna not like it as much towards the end and this is in the sense even if you finish it you’re not getting the most satisfaction out of these cheese bites and therefore it’s kind of a bit wasting your money i personally bought a huge pack

Of sliced meats and at the time i thought it was a good ideas like oh yeah you know it’s such a good deal right um it’s so low price because you’re getting so much you think you’re gonna finish it off but by the time i had it i only had maybe i think a quarter or half of it and that’s stretching it a bit the other half just essentially goes bad right no one wants

To eat it it just gets thrown away therefore if you buy something like that and more than half of it gets thrown away you’re obviously wasting money these things that i described where you cannot finish some item and it goes expire happens more often than you think and i’m sure if you go to costco and you often buy items you’re gonna realize yeah you’re gonna be

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Like yes you know this has happened before to whatever that you bought now the strategy is if you have a family that rips through whatever item that you buy very very easily then sure yeah you don’t have a problem finishing these items but if you find yourself working towards the end and like people don’t like certain flavors maybe you bought a variety pack and

There’s like always this one kind that no one wants to eat and then maybe it gets thrown out what i noticed with items in costco in general is that if it comes in a 12-pack they usually give it to you at the price of a ten pack so you rely all this is cheap i get two of them essentially for free however if you don’t finish that last two items you’re essentially

Paying regular price for those kind items so you could have just i don’t know go to a regular grocery store buy five items of it okay at regular price and then you know you won’t be over saturated with that item and then you can go back a month later and then buy that item again another five items and then you essentially would pay the same price however if you

Buy that costco item 12-pack you try to go through this 12-pack really quickly you’ve finished ten of them okay so you kind of pushed yourself a little bit to finish these ten however you missed those last two and in this instance you essentially paid the same amount as if you didn’t go to costco at all therefore you’re actually wasting money now this is a great

Time to reflect on those giant vitamin bottles that’s about five hundred tablets i have never witnessed anybody finish this maybe some of you guys out there is a vit vitamin taker where you actually take one or two a day and then you will actually finish that whole 500 tablet bottle in maybe a year or two maybe you have a family and you actually finish it then

That’s great but to me i think most people have a hard time finishing these many many tablets vitamin bottles not to mention that personally i don’t eat that much vitamins and i realize i don’t need them at all i just go and eat a whole bunch of vegetables that you know they’re all these different colors and i think that get most of my vitamins anyway and i’m a

Lot healthier myself i know some people out there require a certain vitamin because you know they have certain bodily needs for these vitamins so yes go ahead and get those bulk pack and stuff but for most people for most healthy individuals that do not need vitamins that can get vitamins from you know regular foods and stuff then you don’t really need them now

Let me cover the law of diminishing returns again whenever you buy a 12-pack of something if you’re stretching yourself a little bit every single additional unit that you have the first unit is really great of course the second unit may be pretty good but it’s probably a little bit less enjoyable than the first unit and as you have it you’re the returns your

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Satisfaction is gonna get lower and lower and whenever you buy a really big bulk pack by the time you finish it towards the end you’re gonna get like to me like let’s say you have a big pack of chocolates or something towards the end i’m having maybe like one-third the satisfaction as when i had the initial piece now when can you buy this box up without worrying

About expiration dates it’s anything that does not expire of course you can buy you know bulk pack of toilet paper i do that all the time i buy a whole bunch of them it essentially last me a year or something or i buy toothpaste it lasts me a really long time you can buy non consumables things that are not perishable like toothbrushes or whatnot they can just sit

Forever so you can buy a bulk pack as long as you finish it as long as you know you’re going to use up all of it eventually then yes you can go buy these bulk pack of course if you think you’re gonna finish it but you buy a bulk pack like you’re just trying something out and you never tried this thing before okay let’s say it’s some new shampoo you’re like oh let

Me try this you buy a home you buy this giant forty ounce bottle and you just tried it once or twice and then you will realize oh this is you know you don’t really like this this is not the time to try something new at costco you really need to take their samples or something and make sure you like at first before you buy a bulk pack and if you don’t know that

You like it you should really buy the smaller version first and then go back and buy the big pack now lastly you might think that with my frugal nests and things i always recommend to not buy i might not be able to buy anything at all at costco there are some things that i buy at costco for example i buy the rotisserie chicken that’s five dollars all the way in

The back i walk all the way there grab that $5 rotisserie chicken and yeah i myself cannot finish all of it so you know what i do i just eat a little bit of it and then i just dividing up all the rest and i stick them all in a freezer then that essentially extends the life of it a lot longer because if you try to finish it just fresh and you just stick it in the

Fridge it’s not gonna last you know four or five days it’s gonna taste terrible after like the third day i think you eat it on the first date you freeze it at its peak of freshness and then you defrost it and it’s gonna taste almost as good it’s gonna lose a little bit of moisture when you defrost the chicken the second thing is anything frozen is pretty easy to

Consume over a longer period of time for example shrimp and scallop and i buy those regularly the third thing as i said is toilet paper you can buy them in bulk and you can use them over a really long period of time if you don’t have that many people you can use them over a year wow who cares two years two year old toilet paper is you know it stays the same after

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Two years especially since it’s wrapped in plastic the fourth thing is like a guilty pleasure of mine i always keep on buying these parmesan crisp they are so good i tried making them myself it’s a hassle to make myself so this is just something i’m like you know i’m not going to buy some parmesan that’s essentially the same price of this bag of chips oh it’s just

Something that i buy it’s the ingredients looks healthy enough because they don’t add any preservatives and things like that in it so yeah it’s really expensive because i think it’s like eight or nine dollars just for one bag of cheese chips you know they put quinoa parmesan in it it’s good the fifth thing i buy is cows short grain rice it’s made in california so

Therefore the arsenic level is not as high as other white rice i’ve since heard that you really should reduce your white rice intake i do still have maybe roughly half a cup of day but then i’m thinking i should lower this even more i don’t know have quinoa or something but this is a shame because i really like white rice anyway i buy the cow rose white rice fifty

Pounds of it rice lasts a really long time so guess there is an expiration date you can’t keep it for like ten years i think but you know i pretty much finish it 150 pound bag within a year at least more much faster than that so i hope you enjoyed this perspective of getting the most bang out of your dollar shopping at costco i keep on getting comments at the end

Saying hey how come you don’t pre record the stuff that you say at the end and you don’t keep on having to say it to me i like repeating the same thing over and over again not because i like to do it the same way because i think every single time i do it i do a little bit better i try to change it a little bit you can tell if you watch you know many many times

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