Gift Wrap a Cylinder with No Tape!

Wrapping a cylinder is hard enough. What about with no tape! Let me show you how.

How’s it going everybody business beat the bush today i’m going to show you how to wrap this cylinder without any tape start with the roll of wrapping paper take your cylinder stick it right in the middle to measure out your paper make sure one of the sides comes almost up to the edge you can just eyeball the other side over here and just make the cloud wrap it

All the way around the cylinder and give it about three more inches over here overlaps about three inches and then i’m gonna fold right angle it’s just about one inch inside this edge over here same thing on this side you don’t have to be exact over here and then i’m gonna pull this over and grab the other side turn it around and then i’m just gonna pinch this

Hot and sort of fold this in on top of each other make sure this seam it’s roughly about a quarter inch or so and then you just kind of fold it down to stand it up so it’s easier to work with i’m just gonna make one two three four folds over here first and then i can stand it up now over here is the tricky part you want to fold pleats into this thing think about

Folding one fold for every hour of the clock so you’ll have twelve folds all the way around first what you want to do is fold a little fold over here and then you just keep on folding it in and pull it so that it’s just on the left side of this center point so always concentrate on this center point of this whole circle and make sure that it goes on the left side

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And you’re gonna do this all the way around so you see i got one fold to fold here i’m gonna do another one pull it taut pull it down like that you don’t have to be exact spacing either so i’m just gonna keep on doing it you pull it taut fold it down pull it’s hot pull it down kind of like a dumpling right pull it taut hold it down and then you just keep on going

Keep your fingers in here pull it taut hold it to the left of this center point flick hot hold it to the left of this center point just keep on going you don’t have to tuck anything in right now until the very end now even at the very end i have this little space lepper i’m still gonna do another pull it taut fold it down now that you’re at the very end over here

Now we can take this and tuck it inside here tucked it in there okay this is pretty tightly put together i’m gonna do the other side now you see right now it’s kind of messed up it’s not a problem you can just pick it back out and fold it out like that now this time you have to do it counterclockwise which might be hard for some people but i’m gonna do it anyway

And show it to you one fold right here first second fold and remember when you create this edge look for the center point of this circle and place this edge to the right of it this time i’m gonna pull this hot make another edge push it down make another edge push it down you see i’m not really folding these right here i’m just putting my fingers over here pulling

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It straight and you see this edge automatically forms by itself i’m not folding that and then i just kind of push it down and this creates a fold already so i’m just gonna keep on doing this make more dumplings i’m doing it keep on doing it and at this point you see i’m just folding over what’s underneath here i’m ignoring trying to tuck it in right now you just

Want to finish folding first boom we’re almost done all right now it’s ready to be tucked in i pull this up you see it’s all ready to be folded in there push that in there and this is it look at that no tape no nothing and it’s a cylinder if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to give me a like and subscribe thanks for watching

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Gift Wrap a Cylinder with No Tape! By BeatTheBush

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