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Givex Expands iFood Partnership to Launch iFood Card in Colombia | RICH TV LIVE – February 24, 2022 – #givex #ifood #richtvlive #colombia #news #business #finance

Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at where you can learn how to win and trade hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and and we got some breaking news for you today from give x that is launching its ifood partnership and launching a new card

Loyalty card in columbia through their ifoods partnership huge huge huge breaking news exclusively here on rich tv live or crystal ball told you that give x was going to be a winner our crystal ball told you that givex is going over a dollar it’s now at a dollar five congratulations to investors all over the world we told you it was a winner we told you it

Was undervalued under appreciated underexposed we broke the news that they’re working with maple leaf sports and entertainment mind-boggling now they’re working with ifoods who is enormous in brazil and they’re going to be expanding into colombia let’s take a look at this news huge breaking news shall we okay guys so there’s some huge news from give x give

X expands ifood partnership to launch i food cards in columbia this is enormous this is the website of it looks just like skipthedishes it looks just like ubereats it’s huge and then we think about eye foods and then you think about give x man this is a big deal this is a big big big deal and we brought you guys give x first told you guys

About give x first i wasn’t kidding about give x first gift cards experience the experience of a global industry leader and an all-in-one gift card solution you can see this is their gift card guide on the bottom left you can get your guide and this is why this deal is happening a huge deal and i’m gonna go through eye foods but man like i’ve been doing my

Research on high foods these guys are huge break this news down with more than 10 million gift cards sold in two years giveex and ifood aim to replicate brazilian success in the colombian market so these guys are huge over the years ifood has been experiencing huge growth by the end of september 2019 the company processed 21.5 million orders in brazil alone

This shows how ifood has progressed overall but this growth has also been quick ifeud currently delivers food to 822 brazilian cities and that number is up from 662 cities in july of this year that’s increase of 160 restaurants or 24 in about two months time over 100 000 restaurants are now partnered with ifood this is huge this is so big for give x can you

Guys imagine we brought you give x first and now look at what they’re doing take a look at this news giveex information technology group givex gi vx on the toronto stock exchange a global leader in omni channel processing of gift cards loyalty and digital merchandise credit with more than 7 billion riaz already traded on its platform and ifood one of the most

Innovative and this is the ifood website once again right here this is huge huge huge news huge partnership enormous and ifood one of the most innovative food tech companies in the world are pleased to announce the launch of their highly successful ifood card program in colombia a brand new country a brand new opportunity this could be absolutely

Enormous look at this brazilian startup ifood raises 500 million in latin america’s largest funding round this was november 13 2018. imagine where they are now i’ve been doing my research on ifood this is absolutely enormous this is huge news you guys got to put this news on your radar put on your watch list from discook to the largest food delivery company

In latin america ifood brazil this is ifood brazil and this is givex and they are now moving into colombia ifood is a leader in online food delivery in latin america once again this is their website we can scroll down all the way to the bottom and you can see all the different countries that they are right here explore by cities london brasilia campinas

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You can see all the different countries here all the different cities here all the different places and areas of focus so now they are going to be moving into colombia despite the fact that they have been hugely successful in brazil and all over latin america now they are going to move into colombia with the partnership with give x huge huge huge news and

Once again ifood is a leader in online food delivery in latin america driving more than 60 million monthly orders as well as providing business intelligence and management solutions to over a hundred and seventy thousand restaurants in twelve hundred cities aca across brazil so i was showing you guys these articles i was reading at the time of these articles

Were written when we scroll up here 2019 they were servicing 822 brazilian cities and they are now at 12 cities across brazil ifood has sold more than 10 million gift cards to brazilian customers since migrating its ifood card to the givex platform in 2019 and is eager to repeat the success in colombia this is huge for both give x and ifood we brought you

Guys give x first and we told you guys they have an opportunity to be absolutely huge we told you guys that we felt that they were undervalued underappreciated underexposed and i’d love to know what you guys think if you like the video please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe give x is making big moves and here

At rich tv live we love to discover undervalued underappreciated underexposed opportunities first if you have a comment on the video please comment on the video give x serves as a central platform for giveex hub connecting all major business to consumer and business to business sales channels in brazil with integrated business intelligence tracking the real-time

Performance of the ifood card program in each channel giveex says we are partner we are the partner that supports our clients even as they grow and their needs change we look forward to working with ifood in this exciting new market and building on our mutual success in brazil said give x ceo don gray who i should be speaking to very very soon stay tuned to that

Interview about this big breaking news and hopefully some other huge news that just continues to roll through with give x take a look at this give x acquires loyalty lane this news just came out on february 17th so the news just continues to come for give x this is why i think you need to be extremely aware of them put them on your radar put them on your watch

List the ifood card has made benefits and once again this is the website here for ifood the ifood cart has many benefits for the business to business market in colombia businesses can use the card to attract and retain talent foster team engagement and increase customer loyalty clients appreciate the many uses of the card such as promoting virtual and physical

Happy tours celebrating team achievements and marking employee milestones the ifood card is exclusively redeemed for food in colombia and is accepted in 40 000 restaurants bars and markets that are on the ifood app in just one month of operation the number of companies buying the ifood cart in colombia tripled said polo rabello director of growth for ifood by

The end of march we expect to sell 100 000 gift cards in the country and today on average 3 500 small businesses already used the ifood card she added through givex i food transformed ifood card into an omni channel product sold in mobile wallets so utilizing the technology of give x and you can see here all the huge companies and brands that are using givex

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Including swiss la wendy’s 7-eleven fairmont hotels and restaurants marriott international lone star i mean the phillies we’re talking some big big big names and that doesn’t even mention their relationship now with maple leaf sports and entertainment the toronto maple leafs the toronto raptors so there are so many exciting things that are happening here with

Givex and that’s why i believe everybody needs to put them on their radar put them on their watches right now so through givex ifood transform the ifood card into the omnichannel product and into an omni channel product that was sold in mobile wallets and other digital marketplaces by the end of 2021 companies were distributing the ifood card to more than 60

Million users of digital wallets and over 100 000 points of sale this is huge and to better engage your customers and streamline your operations you too can use giveex and this is exactly what they are doing now in colombia and it is enormous we are always looking for partners to contribute to the innovation and pioneering of our operation counting on giveex

As a technology partner in the evolution of the ifood card was fundamental once again this is the ifood website right here was fundamental and huge huge huge so big fundamental for us to reach the results and continue the successful work emphasized rebello givex is leveraging the technology and experience it developed over many years while supporting clients

Locations and more than 100 countries to scale the expansion of the ifood card program quickly and securely in colombia key features such as 24 7 spanish support and currency conversion are already in place because of give x’s existing global footprint so they already have everything they need gibbex is very proud to be chosen by ifood to support this expansion

They have proven to be a real innovator in the food tech space and we are glad to help their ideas make their ideas a reality and offer our technology and business intelligence tools to achieve these incredible sales numbers for the ifood card said maria costa managing director of guilt give x l-a-t-a-m which stands for give x latin america by bringing the

Ifood card to colombia givex and ifood look forward to building on past success and many more years of partnership and this is just blowing my mind they’re literally opening up new countries creating new partnerships and it seems like it’s happening on a weekly basis so if you’re looking to increase your customer acquisition engagement you should be thinking

About giveex if you’re looking for communications and rewards for your members and your community you should be thinking about giveex if you’re thinking about customer insights and operational efficiency you should be thinking about give x they are absolutely blowing up give x on the toronto stock exchange on the tsx under the symbol gi vx now i want to show

You guys how give x has been doing we brought them to you guys first at 73 cents hasn’t even been that long and they’ve been performing extremely well in a very tough market the market has not been performing well overall and give x has been a bright spot in a really tough market so let’s just take a look at give x all right here we go on the tsx there we go

And there they are at a dollar five congratulations to investors all over the world we brought you this pick at 73 cents believe it or not right around here and it has been an absolute winner for our members and for our community congratulations to everybody who got in for the win on give x now officially at a dollar five at an all-time high since we brought

Them they have been as high all time as right here let’s say about a dollar 24 that’s their all-time high their all-time low is about 60 cents and they’re currently at a dollar five and we brought them to you at 73 cents and this is a stock that’s performed extremely well in a really tough market where most stocks some of the biggest stocks in the world have

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Tumbled over the last month or over the last couple months to begin 2022 giveex is is doing extremely well is now at a dollar five and it was up nine percent today in a really tough market giveex is a global technology company designed to simplify business efficiencies through an omni-channel platform with a high level of security and innovation the company

Has processed over two 20 billion transactions has client operations in more than 100 countries and has operated in brazil for more than 12 years where it traded more than 7 billion reyes in the brazilian market alone since its founding in 1999 gbx has provided technological intelligence to a wide variety of industries from restaurants and once again this is

Their website from a wide range of industries from restaurants and retail to hospitality and the service sector offering a range of integrated and customizable products including gift cards digital exchange vouchers loyalty and point-to-sale systems now one thing you need to understand is you need to understand how big ifood is these guys are enormous they

Are absolutely huge they are a giant and they are give x’s partner and they are now moving into columbia so what will this do for giveax i told you guys they were going over a dollar when they’re at 73 cents they are now officially over a dollar congratulations to all investors now let’s just hear a little bit about ifood ifood is the leader in online food

Delivery in latin america has 60 million monthly orders for nine years in the market the company of brazilian origin is also present in colombia and this is where i food and give x are going to make it big it works alongside partners with initiatives that bring together business intelligence and management solutions for the approximately 170 000 restaurants

Registered in more than 1200 cities throughout brazil ifood counts major investors such as mobile a global leader in mobile marketplaces and just eat one of the world’s largest online ordering companies what do you guys think of this news now remember rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research

Before you invest in anything we talk about or discuss here on rich tv live in saying that we believe this is a project that is extremely undervalued under appreciated and underexposed we think the upside is tremendous now that they’re opening up in colombia that’s going to generate more revenue for the company we told you they were doing 51 million a year now

They’ve got deals with mlse they’ve got now opening up in colombia this should enhance their revenue at 51 million a year i think a company should be priced at around five dollars with a tight float giveex has a tight flow 115 million shares currently priced at a dollar five i think that they are undervalued under appreciated underexposed based on how i look

At companies and they are one of the only companies that did well today well not only but they’re one of a few companies that did well today in a really red market bitcoins down stocks are down and give x is up so love to know what you guys think of this video two thumbs up if you like it comment on the video share it everywhere give x is the slump buster if

You’re in a slump the market’s red and you don’t know what to do think give x it’s a winner it was up nine percent today in a red market and it’s been going up all month long as your boy rich from rich to be live and i’m out peace you

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