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Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at where you can learn how to win and trade hi how you doing today i’m your host rich here on behalf of rich tv live with our very special guest many time guests on the show the ceo of gif give x information technology group don gray how you doing

Today don great how are you doing rich i’m doing fantastic very excited to have you on the show congratulations on all your success so far since you guys have been public you guys have been moving up in really a tough market and in a choppy market where a lot of companies have struggled givex has been a good quality performer so congratulations on all your

Success but i really believe that you guys are just getting started and i have a few questions for you so dawn since you were on the show last you guys have announced three pieces of great news first one being gift card program with i’m a huge fan of maple leafs toronto maple leafs and maple leaf sports and entertainment toronto raptors toronto blue jays

And can you tell us a little bit about this deal with maple leaf sports entertainment and this news and what it means for your company for giveex well may believe sports and entertainment is uh primarily starting off as a gift card client with some opportunities for us to grow that into loyalty and upticks they’re very similar to other clients we’ve got

Such in major league baseball and the nhl and we’ve where we’ve built a value-added ticketing program for those companies and so it’s a bit of a continuation of that obviously we’re very proud of being able to get maybe sports and entertainment because it’s uh right in our backyard that’s a great brand for uh for giveex and uh we expect it to uh you know to

Grow nicely and there’s lots of opportunity within within that group to be able to expand uh what we sell them so obviously uh it’ll be we can start off with it’s maple leaf sports entertainment which kind of covers all of their brands but we like to be going more specifically with more of the brands but all that leads to you know that will take time we have

To work at it and uh but uh we’re confident that uh once we got our foot in the door that we’ll be able to expand what we do with these guys so it means a lot to us to have a brand like that uh and we’re proud to have been selected and we had to compete in an rfp for that and we were chosen over some you know good size competitors well a lot of people don’t

Understand that the maple leafs travel well i mean maple leaf sports and entertainment you’re literally working with a global brand because wherever the maple leaves go they’ve got fans in the seats and it doesn’t matter where in the world the maple leafs play they always got fans in the seat so i think it’s a great move and i think it’s just just another step

In the right direction for give x now the second great news piece was the completion of the acquisition of loyalty lane inc can you tell us a little a little bit about this acquisition and how another key step and how this is another key step in the growth of giveex sure well loyalty lane is the company’s been around for over 15 years they’re in their their

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Focus is grocery and grocery couponing you know you clip coupons and you build you know people who uh you know use coupons a lot this is a program where they connect the companies that are supplying the coupons such as big brands to people who are using the coupons such as consumers and they connect all of that right at the merchant’s location so at the at

The point of sale terminal so yeah you were able to go clip your coupon you can either do it physically with the old style coupons when you get it maybe sent to you in the mail or you can actually cut the coupons in real time on your phone you can download them onto your phone and you can then use those coupons at the cash register as you’re buying product

And loyalty lane then gathers all this information and they are able to provide statistical information both for the merchants and to the people that are supplying the coupons the the big brands as to who’s buying and how much they’re you know how often they’re being used uh whether these uh promotions are actually paying off or not so uh we’re we’re quite

Confident uh we’re quite confident that this is um uh going to be a a great acquisition for giveex they also have two subsidiaries uh one is msc which is a company that specializes in building the websites and the apps uh that are used by consumers and by merchants to be able to use these coupons you know obviously if you go to the grocery store you have to

Be able to uh you know you want to be able to find those coupons you want to be able to pick them up off a kiosk or pick them off a website so msc specializes in doing this they’ve been a partner of uh loath lanes for a long time and who else glenn bought them uh about a year ago and uh so he became part of the group so we’re looking forward to working with

That team because they can provide some of the expertise that we would need to be able to enhance our own capability on the couponing and the delivery of coupons through all kinds of different channels particularly in the united states which is very a big part of the program and then of course the third part of that acquisition was electronic script inc which

This company has been around for 25 years it was part of a bigger group and left left alone really for the last five years not much was done with it but they have over five million people that have signed up for these ability to donate part of their purchase to their favorite charity or to their schools uh there’s over 50 000 schools and charities that are

Also registered on the platform which gives us a whole bunch of eyeballs that we can then start working with on when we talk about give x awards some of the other things that we’re going to be doing so that’s the overall loyalty lane while not a big company it has been profitable and we believe that adding give strength as far as being able to add additional

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Development focus development resources we believe that this company is going to add a lot of value to the giveex brand overall and we’re looking forward to it plus they have about five and a half six million uh eyeballs that are using their couponing program so between the two there’s over 11 million consumers that we will have access to to be able to send

You know promotional material to and these are all opted in people that have decide you know have opted in so this is not like uh consumers out there that i’ve that don’t want to be contacted these are people that want to be contacted i absolutely love that it seems like just an amazing amazing deal and you followed up with a third and most recent news you

Just announced which i did a video on give x expounds i food partnership to launch the ifood card in colombia you guys are now going to be in colombia can you go through the partnership with us and how it’s going to expand givex’s footprint in colombia i know ifood has a huge footprint with you guys in brazil now you guys are in colombia let’s talk about it

Well ifood is basically a south american company now that they started in brazil they’re going to be going into virtually all the uh you know successful companies successful countries in south america starting with colombia and they’ll be going to others as well following them as we as they as they grow but the concept is is it’s the same same as we’re doing

In brazil we are able to uh uh we’re the stored value uh technology that sits on the ifood card that allows people to buy product and ifood has moved beyond just food you can buy groceries you can buy uh pharmacies you can buy other things you know it’s just not uh food delivery now so it’s becoming a it’s becoming a wallet almost a banking system in some

Ways for people that are unbanked in in brazil that’s why there’s so many people using it so it become and we we earn a percentage on every transaction that goes through there so as it gets bigger and bigger it’s more and more valuable to get x so really colombia is as a small version of what’s going on in brazil and but it’s the first of what we think will be

Many more steps into south america over the next couple of years with with ifood congratulations on all of these acquisitions i know you guys have worked really really hard to build shareholder equity and create shareholder loyalty and build a quality company and it sounds like all of these companies you’re working with have been in business for a very long

Time so you’re not working with startups you’re working with companies that have reputations have have credibility and have a large customer base so before we go today is there anything else you like to share with the investors that are watching today well you know it’s it’s uh you know it’s a it’s a kind of a difficult market out there right now it’s hard

To tell whether or not uh what’s going on the world is in a bit of an upheaval certainly with what’s going on over in europe it’s a pretty scary time for everybody yes so i think it’s uh it’s important that any investments that are being made are you know are kind of secure you’re not taking too much risk and i would say that give x is definitely a d secured

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A d risk uh security i mean that’s obviously my opinion uh we’ve we’re profitable and uh we will continue to be so we’re well capitalized so you know it’s in in difficult times you know there’s a flight to safety and you don’t want you don’t want to you want to stay away from risky bets so i i would think this is an opportune time for uh investors to look at

Companies like giveax that are not as risky that maybe not are not going out there trying to you know dominate the world and dominate the the marketplace with uh very expensive acquisitions they’re just growing um methodically and carefully and that’s uh so that’s kind of the message that i would probably like to you know give to our investors and potential

Investors is that you can count on us to be careful with what we do going forward i like that it’s a safe play it’s a undervalue play in my opinion a company doing over 50 million a year priced around a dollar in canada i know we’re looking at getting a us listing soon so we’ll keep everyone updated on that what is the best way for investors to get in touch

With the company if they have any questions about giveex well we have an investor relations page on our website uh probably the best place to do is go there you can get lots of information on the company obviously on the website it tells you more about what the company’s doing and there’s an opportunity there to you know send in questions and we

Will do our best to answer questions for for our investors if they want to get more data or they can download information download internet you know investor information from the website fantastic today you’re watching the ceo don gray here on rich tv live i must remind you guys the rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your

Due diligence do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about or discuss here on rich tv live in saying that we brought you guys give x first we actually talked about it around 73 cents it’s trading right around dollar today i still believe it is undervalued underappreciated underexposed thank you for joining us today the ceo of give x dawn

Gray thank you for joining us today dawn okay rich and by the way we do have an analyst it is now so we have an analyst tracking giveex that’s also on our webpage so if you’re interested in what they have to say please have a look fantastic thank you so much and i must let you guys know that if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching we bring you the

Winners and we bring them to you first if you like the video smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe this is rich from rich tv live with the ceo of givex don gray saying have a nice day everybody we’ll see you soon you

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