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One of the picks that we really love for 2022 and beyond is give x gi vx in canada giv xf in america you need to put them on your radar and on your watch list we’re in a very difficult tough volatile market and this is one of those companies that is growing in a tough market environment growing its revenues with a tight share structure and a strong management

Team a company that we believe is grossly undervalued under-appreciated and under-exposed let’s take a look at some news that was covered by the global mail a sponsored piece of muse that was covered by the globe and mail regarding give x information technology group exclusively here on rich tv live don’t touch that dial let’s take a look shall we so this

Is the article that was posted on may 2nd 2022 titled why investing in restaurants post pandemic recovery includes fintech and this is really how the larger trend of restaurants and you can see here restaurant chain meltwitch food co relies on a leading cloud-based point of sale system from givex information technology group limited put in place before the

Pandemic so you can see here what the article discusses and like i said really a focus on restaurant resurgence and how givex services would be a part of it fast growing restaurant chain melt witch food company has a secret weapon against the economic threat kova 19 posed it wasn’t the gourmet grilled cheese it specializes in or any other menu item it was

Critical behind the scenes technology at the time the pandemic struck melwitch had been franchising quick service locations across canada and more and more in the united states increasingly melwitch is a technology-driven company relying on a leading cloud-based point-of-sale pos system put in place before coven 19. talk about good timing says ryan hillis

Vice president of revenue for melwitch in mississauga now this article suggests that investors who are betting on restaurant growth now should also consider investing in the fen tech financial technology sector those restaurants are using to drive it it features melwitch one of our clients from givex information technology group who recently expanded into the

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United states so a integral piece was the pos system from giveex information technology group limited gi vx in canada and gib xf in america a publicly traded canadian financial technology fintech company the restaurant business is difficult at best of times but the pandemic put even the most established and successful restaurants to the test yet those with

The ability to shift easily from in-person services to online ordering with touchless delivery had a huge edge third-party delivery apps have allowed restaurants to reach customers amid lockdowns yet restaurants using pos systems that weren’t well integrated with these providers often struggled facing extra layers of operational complexity the right technology

Is key in judging multiple online delivery platforms many restaurants had to designate staff to enter orders from those apps manually into their own system that wasn’t the case for melwitch with givex’s pos platform which is game changing if a customer ordered through uber eats with giveax’s pos the order went directly into our system with the customer’s name

Contacts and order items mr hillis says because we’re not punching in the orders there’s no room for human error game changing this is why everyone needs to really put give x on their radar then anal data analytics has been equally valuable he adds meltwitch which launched in 2015 is a data focused company drilling into the numbers to find out what customers

Like mr hillis says givex’s platform provides these insights it’s a one-stop shop folks we can pull all we can pull up our sales across the country quickly to find for instance the most in demand and least popular items to make better menu decisions he says fintech has proven its worth to restaurants over the past two years says mr says m.o char chief commercial

Officer at givex from a restaurant surviving and thriving through the pandemic and adapting to the issues that have come with kovin 19 technologies value has shown through he says as the economy and mobility rebound restaurants and other services and hospitality providers that find a way to prosper in this new environment are attractive investment bets so too

Are the fintech providers that help that can help them bounce back with the right solutions so this is why everyone needs to really put give x on their radar and on their watch lists investing in digitization was a pandemic advantage the pandemic has been a tough slog for restaurants from the outset according to research by npd group restaurant visits in the


Autumn of 2021 were still 18 below pre-pandemic levels in canada bright spots however were takeout drive-through and delivery those grew by double-digit percentages year-over-year and accounted for 83 of all visits the npd report cited technology as an advantage during the pandemic noting that companies must continue to invest in digitization of food services

In a new normal of uncertainty call it leveraging bites for more bites before using give x’s pos system meltwitch had used givex’s gift card platform that arm of givebx business is long established with more than 100 000 customers making the canadian fintech company a market leader in the gift card space yet givex has grown over its 23 years in operation and

What must i say 2300 years in operation this is not a startup company this is a company that has figured things out making tens of millions of dollars and been in business for 23 years to offer a diverse suite of services from gift cards to loyalty reward platforms to pos systems and data analytics the ability to offer integrated technology platforms to a

Winning recipe for today’s fintech firms and the companies which they do business mr char says and all in one system with pos loyalty online ordering and gift cards almost inevitably increases revenue allowing businesses to focus on what they do best serve their customers mr char says although retailers have embraced fintech widely mr char says restaurants

Have been slower at adopting the latest cloud based systems that facilitate operations as well as provide data analytics to drive efficiencies and revenue growth this represents a growth opportunity for fintech companies we’re going to see a lot of growth with payment technology and how consumers interact with those payment options we’re far from that growth

Plateauing mr charles says mr char says our goal has always been to give merchants a cost-effective platform that drives enterprise enterprise value he adds every giveex service is based on the premise that technology should not be a burden but rather a key tool that makes businesses not only easier but more profitable love to know what you think about this

Article on written on and in the global mail you can see ads here from quebec saying give x investing in companies driving the pandemic recovery our technology helps 113 000 locations succeed in the new normal and you can see here investing in companies driving the pandemic recovery you can see the ads here on the right restaurant chains turned to our pos

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And online ordering to succeed love to know what you think about this article from the globe and mail and it’s titled why investing in restaurants post pandemic recovery includes fintech and you can see here at the top another ad for giveex investing in companies driving the pandemic recovery restaurant chains turn to our pos and online ordering to succeed

And then you can click to see their financials all right so i would love to know what you guys think about givex once again a company that we feel is undervalued under appreciated and underexposed when we initially started talking about gimx we saw a huge spike in the stock now the market has been extremely volatile very choppy and a lot of stocks have taken

It hard in this market and have gone down hard from the large caps to some of the biggest companies in the world have gone down dramatically and a lot of small caps as well we’ve seen give x go up since we’ve talked about them they’ve come back a little bit i really believe this is the position at these levels where investors need to consider give x put them

On your radar and on your watch list love to know what you think about give x gi vx in canada giv xf in america a company with a relatively tight share structure and over 50 million in revenue priced under a dollar i believe this is going to be a big winner for investors in the future love to know what you guys think if you like the video please smash the like

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We talk or discuss here on rich tv live in saying that we absolutely love give x we love the share structure we love the revenue growth we love the fintech sector love to know what you guys think comment on the video you’re bored rich i’m rich to be live and we’re out you

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