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Global integration QMALL into the Eurozone| QMALL token gives X’s again – RICH TV LIVE – April 25, 2022 – #QMALL #metaverse #richtvlive #trading #crypto #bitcoin #business #news #finance #blockchain #technology #richtv #investing #ukraine #global #money

Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at where you can learn how to win and trade hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and go to rich tv dot io and join our growing global community built by investors for investors where we talk about stocks and cryptocurrencies

24 hours a day seven days a week join the community join the chat now i want to bring your attention and focus to qmol which just continues to grow and expand now with over 100 000 customers in the ukraine and they have some big breaking news and updates that we’re going to talk about exclusively here with your boy rich from rich tv live sure you subscribe

Don’t touch that dial let’s take a look at kumo shall we all right this is the q mall dot io website the first metaverse exchange transparent reliable own the qmod exchange will launch its own metaverse before the end of this year now going through the website all you need to do is sign up a cue mall top up your balance select the desired currency and create

An order pop up your balance now qmall even easier than usual with a card of any bank i send wallet how to sign up and verify very simple go through your kyc and what are the advantages of qmall now all right crypto license and payment gateway authorized by ueu regulators the company became regulated in the eurozone by registering as uab q mall in lithuania


The company has been officially registered as a vertical currency exchange operator and depository you can see the news here on their twitter you can also see the news here on news btc there you go that’s the big news and the article and virtual currency wallet operator by the financial crime investigation service under the ministry of the interior of the

Republic of lithuania what is the benefit benefit of this is qmall is legally licensed to operate in europe the company can become building on its 100 000 plus ukrainian users by attracting new traders from around the world a green light to operate in the eurozone is a massive step toward the company achieving its long-term goal becoming the world’s first

Choice cryptocurrency exchange q mold is adding euro trading pairs what are the benefits of the euro trading pairs obviously more trading more options is what investors like right everyone wants more trading everybody wants more options so fast trading with more options qmall adding euro trading pairs the most immediate and impactful benefits of qmal’s eu

Registration is its ability to allow users to trade in euro pairs it will help them scope to create new trading strategies and therefore increase profit so more trading pairs more options more profit qmol has teamed up with the french equivalent to silicon valley sophia antipolis to create europe’s largest launch pad what are the benefits this ambitious project

Between qmol and sophia and typiolus will help many crypto projects gain the financing they need and provide them with the firm foothold in the european market creating europeans and europe’s largest launch pad is only the beginning of the untold myriad of opportunities that now lay before kumal’s feet s-i-s-a hosts numerous successful startups alongside

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Many major global brands such as ibm cisco and samsung so that’s huge the opportunity to cooperate with some of the world’s top tech companies is now within q malls grasp and once again you can follow them on youtube where you can learn more about qmall and twitter you can see where they have 17 000 followers on twitter lots of information there right there

You can read qmo crypto exchange continues its expansion cryptocurrency exchange qmol founded and claiming over 100 000 users already in the ukraine so the opportunity to cooperate with some of the world’s top tech companies is now within qmall’s grasp when great minds meet ideas come to life qmall is now exploiting new opportunities that sophia antopolis

Offers in addition to its eurozone regulation and euro pair trading announcement the company is likely to see a significant increase in the value of the qmal token as a result now remember rich tv lab is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything we talk about or discuss here on

Rich tv live you can also go and follow qmo on all of its socials this is their instagram and you can follow them also on facebook you can also join rich where we’ve got information at your fingertips about stocks and cryptocurrencies 24 hours a day seven days a week and love to know what you guys think about qmall if you like the video smash the like

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Button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe love to know what you think about qmo are you using this platform do you like the platform now with the gateway to the global crypto market it seems that there is no end to qmols meteoric rise the tokens value will continue to increase and the founders dream of becoming the number one exchange

Looks likely to be realized sooner than we think as a result of this news we’ll probably see thousands of new traders using qmall services stay tuned we’ll keep you updated right here exclusively on rich tv live if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching we bring in the winners we brought you qmol and we bring them to you first what do you guys think

Of this news q getting more regulation getting more customers and growing and they’re also helping in the ukraine so right there aid to ukraine thank you guys for watching if you’re not winning probably not watching bringing the winners we’re bringing the news we’ll bring in the analysis and we’ll bring it to you first thank you for watching everybody so

You’re bored rich remembers to be live and i’m out you

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