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Hey guys do it this is rich and rich to be live and ya crazy crazy crazy crash in the markets today holiday in canada but in the u.s. get on the chair took it on the chin took it on the chin america china i found myself a nice little place to just like gather my thoughts like a boat what plan is for tomorrow the markets how you guys do it i doing stuff so crazy

Day in the markets obviously the markets were deep red global markets everywhere cannabis stocks in the u.s. were red myself a nice little spot i always want to show you guys different places yo what’s up man sn nvf was green fantastic tell me more about what was green tell me more about what was green i wanna know what was real it’s a holiday here in canada

So people are open anyway little park spot here late to come chill i took a bow what can happen tomorrow in the markets and i’d love to get your guy’s opinion since we’re live literally just found this lake venturing around columbia thinks gonna happen tomorrow tea god was green suniva is green how you doing holly how you doing rent how you doing adam you guys

Do it thanks for joining me on this holiday i hope it goes down further that way i could buy more shares what’s up drew yeah just yeah whatever you do today loves ann arbor man lower goes the more we want it right how free was down in the u.s. today how much hey guys thank you for smashing that lake 24 people see webb is the only green you have well at least

You have one green labs was at 5% see how clear this waters clear man oh yeah just found myself a nice little lake here vivo was up 7.2% evo a sleeping giant vivo and sleeping for far too long who’s been sleeping for far too long i claimed his bench everybody else is claiming everything else so i claimed the bench well claimed trying to claim the bench xena

Let’s go have a good week ridge yeah thanks man tasha brands was a twenty nine percent like that like that told you guys about passion for a man not surprised by that thirty people here in nine likes smash it smash it who else is bringing you views like there’s a target stocks come on one day we’ll be on netflix you guys would be on netflix and no one care to go

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Into detail about leland leland’s doing some business and in germany you know that so we got what 20 25 26 days left in august then we got september which is almost always green for the cannabis sector if you had a thousand dollars which one would you put your money into instead of us or oxen that’s tough probably right now oxley they got more momentum right

Now it doesn’t mean that they’re gonna go up more it just means that they might have more plants right now once is that a biscuit for langley license that’s gonna be a different story alethea was a publicity stunt yeah kind of like maybe like what green growth brands did with africa happy civic day men a specific day aj yeah you would say already usually means

That we’ll have green tomorrow it’s got to go down for it to go up i think it goes down today and then it was green tomorrow just to adjust so goes down must come up and today was a red day in the us and hopefully tomorrow we have green to be a good time to start picking it up in vancouver british columbia at a lake i found this lake playgrounds and kids people

Barbecues camping hey glad to have you here james welcome yeah i want to give you guys a look i always like to give you guys a different type of look all right you guys know that i’m like a guy for the cannabis sector nobody else i’m not stuck behind a computer like a lot of other people looking at my level – yeah we’re gonna do our research we’re gonna community

We’re gonna look for winners we’re also gonna have some fun along the way and you got to have time to enjoy the finer things of life and i just love nature badminton if you guys can see the baton well yeah there’s a lot of action going on right now and it’s a holiday here so i choose to take my holiday and not really to stress too much about what’s going on in

The markets but i throw on b and m bloomberg and i hear that there’s tear wars between china and the united states it’s going back and forth it’s not good for the markets i mean what do i think will happen with the earnings calls tomorrow which ones specifically are you talking about yeah china china and us is just a big mess we need to focus on finding winners

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We need to find the companies that have the most momentum we have to find companies that are the best most undervalued underappreciated underexposed companies at the lowest levels fifty-two we closed and just accumulate and eventually we’ll have a resurrection of epic proportions stocks will explode and we will be rewarded that’s what’s gonna happen it’s just

The way it goes when you’re in the fastest-growing sector in the entire world doesn’t matter what the world is doing because everybody’s gonna keep smoking weed then people are gonna keep taking the cbds people are gonna keep buying their hemp products and people are gonna keep smoking their weed but that’s a fact and these lps are gonna get a bigger and bigger

Piece of the sector every day every day they’re gonna get a bigger piece of the sector every day they get a bigger piece of their pile every day they get a bigger piece of the pie so this is an illegal industry that’s becoming illegal and the legal side is slowly but surely growing and the illegal side is slowly but surely shrinking so it’s gonna be interesting

To see what happens over the next five to ten years because i believe it’s one of the best opportunities up there because just a year ago it would be illegal to invest in cannabis companies and now it’s legal i’ll focus on the canadian and the us market in the cannabis sector yes i’m still interested in a ripple well when it comes to cryptocurrency the only coins

That i really think anyone should be interested in buying really his bitcoin to be honest with you i think bitcoin is the only coin that anyone should be interested in cumulating because the thing you have to understand what bitcoin is that there’s only so many bitcoin i believe there’s only going to be 21 million bitcoins and if you think about the amount of

Billions of people in the world and how many bitcoin are out there i’ll tell you right now that right there supply and demand who’s on 21 million bitcoins and there’s billions of people supply and demand baby if you got a few bitcoin you’re gonna be laughing you’ll be laughing so i found this new leak you know i always like to show you guys different places

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Chance to see what we’re talking about if you have any videos or questions or if you have anything you want me to talk about put it into the chat and we can discuss it otherwise i don’t think there’s too much to say it’s a red day overall it’s a holiday it was brutal day in the us and hopefully tomorrow we have a bounce-back day hopefully tomorrow it’s green and

Everybody forgets about today otherwise forget i go could get ugly so we need to beware and if these tariffs and these trade wars continue heated the way they are between china and the united states it’s very likely we’re gonna continue to see more volatility in the markets and more big aggressive swings in the red and in the green so careful before you invest in

Anything we talked about on our show always consult a financial advisor and do your own due diligence and do your own research before you invest and anything that we talk about on our show and that’s in the best the best is blessed we just jammin found this lake i guess i’m not the only one there’s other people here too you found the lake too hopefully tomorrow we

Get a greenie i know that it was some stocks were up and some stocks are down with us today so i think that what really matters is what happens tomorrow so everyone in canada enjoy your holidays everybody in the u.s. don’t panic tomorrow’s another day go enjoy the day enjoy your summer and the resurrection isn’t here this is rich from rich to live winning you ain’t watching it’s true

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