GM cuts jobs in face of bleak outlook

As General Motors cuts 11,000 jobs so it can raise money to invest in technology for an electric, self-driving future, the FT’s Patti Waldmeir travels to Ohio to meet autoworkers who are facing their own uncertain future.

The past and future of general motors are colliding today at places like this gm factory in lordstown ohio one of four us plants due to be idled in march as the us automaker cuts 11,000 jobs so it can raise the money it needs to invest in technology for an electric self-driving future the price will be paid by people like linda bellick who comes from a long

Line of auto workers in lordstown including a brother and a daughter who worked alongside her at the local gm plant now linda will lose her job – part of the biggest restructuring of the us auto industry since the global financial crisis my name is linda balog i’ve been working for general motors for 20 years i went through a layoff in 2008 and i was laid off

For nine months almost ten months and we did get the new crews so i was called back to work but this time i’m a little bit more apprehensive and i’m looking to go elsewhere to work two doors down fran her husband jim retired from general motors and then brenda lives up that way she’s she just took the buyout she was gonna get laid off because she works her her

Husband doesn’t work there but she does but her husband hurt himself so she was the sole supporter and their family wasn’t yeah for a while it’s almost like we’re handing the market to honda and toyota when we’ve come this far and we’re competitive with them and our our cars are earning jv power awards and and what’s that consumer reports best buy and all the

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Safety ratings and stuff i mean we have come so far to give up now i mean who does that who moves from you fight your whole way inch by inch instead of building quantity you’re building quality and and we’ve raised our stakes and we’ve offered all stuff in these cars and i just it just blows my mind how it’s like there we’re just gonna build electric cars they’re

Separating families and general motors is tearing them apart not to mention what they’re doing to our economy what to the mahoning valley how many people have lost their jobs like what is the landscape gonna be like in another couple years here like who’s gonna have money to buy things and it’s not just gm workers who will suffer all the world’s big automakers

Are scrambling to reinvent themselves as companies that make money less by making cars and more by solving people’s transportation problems dave green the head of the united auto workers local for the plant says he feels betrayed by the threatened closure of the plant and all the job losses if you’re gonna sell a car in america you should be building that car in

America this puts americans to work like a decade ago every taxpayer in this country bailed general motors out and we want to work and we don’t want a handout here we just want to you know fair day’s work fair day’s pay earn our living support our community but the company needs to now support the american auto worker we invested in them it’s their time to invest

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In us these pictures are worth a thousand words you’re pretty amazing so honored and proud that the kids have put this stuff together if you read through them you can see obviously it’s clear the folks that you know mom and dad are directly impacted maybe it’s an aunt or an uncle maybe it’s just a friend or a classmate the job losses could also have ramifications

Far beyond general motors perhaps as far as the white house because this is the kind of area that put president donald trump in the white house trumbull county ohio where the plant is located is traditionally a staunch democratic area that’s one republican to elect mr. trump in 2016 last year president trump said at a local rally don’t sell your house promising

To bring jobs and factories back to the area so when gm announced its cuts recently he was furious calling it nasty to make the announcement right before christmas and threatening to retaliate against gm will he be blamed for failing to protect those jobs when voters go to the polls in the 2020 presidential election the writing is on the wall for lawrence to the

Us auto industry believes it must cut costs as it faces a cyclical downturn in sales and the enormous cost of investing in a driverless future caddy wall meyer financial times lordstown ohio

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GM cuts jobs in face of bleak outlook By Financial Times

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