Gold Mountain Mining Corp. CEO KEVIN SMITH (TSXV:GMTN)(FRA:5XFA)

Gold Mountain Mining Corp. (TSXV:GMTN)(FRA:5XFA)(“Gold Mountain” or the (“Company”) – RICH TV LIVE – January 27, 2021 – is pleased to announce that it has entered into an Ore Purchase Agreement (“OPA”) with New Gold Inc. (“New Gold”) for a three-year term. #GOLD #NEWS #RICHTVLIVE

Hi how’s everybody doing today i’m your host rich here on behalf of rich tv live with my very special guest the ceo of gold mountain mining kevin smith how you doing today kevin i’m great thanks for having me today hey thank you for joining us really excited to have you on the show beautiful background there in beautiful british columbia and i’m really really

Excited to hear more about gold mountain mining which is on fire today having a huge day the stock is exploding doing quite well first and foremost kevin why don’t you tell us a little bit about gold mountain mining and what got you motivated to be a part of the company yeah gold mountain mining is my first public deal so i wanted to make sure it was a really

Strong one i met grant carlson and ron woo about two years ago they told me about the project they told me how it had a path to cash flow they told me they thought i had some exploration upside i thought it would be a great one to kick off my public market career with fantastic now can you tell us a little bit about how the mining contract for the life of mine

Will help gold mountain mining cash flow to scale the business efficiently yeah one thing that’s really unique here is uh you know we’re not going to have to continually go back to the market and dilute our company we’re pretty confident that we can get this into production and use the cash flow off of that production to continue to keep the drills turning and

Then also expand our production profile and build an on-site mill in 2024. wow now gold mountain mining also has a very experienced team can you talk a little bit about your team and what those key members of the team bring to the table yeah we’re a very operationally strong group here we’ve got mining engineers who put many minds into production manage mines

That are in production uh we’ve also got some major titans in our advisory crew of uh tuki angus and dan coons having those guys around the deal and making sure we’re not making any wrong moves is a huge advantage we’ve got some great capital market experience also uh from our directors uh it’s a young management team but we’re super hungry we’ve been working

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Hard and we’re looking forward to delivering excellent shareholder value to our supporters very good as a ceo it’s vital to build shareholder equity and create shareholder value i love hearing that from you kevin now how long do you think it will take for gold mountain mining corp to put the elk gold project back into production you know we have a goal to uh get

This back into production this summer that would mean there’s about a month of sight prep and getting a few areas ready to receive waste rock uh there’d be another two months of waste drop mining and then our goal is to be delivering ore to our uh or purchase agreement partner uh in october of this year wow very good now gold mountain mining corp is a company

That’s doing quite well but there’s a lot of gold stocks out there there’s a lot of mining stocks out there there’s a lot of stocks out there how do you differentiate yourself from your competition yeah back to that point about that early cash flow and being able to expand in a non-dilutive manner that’s going to let us continue to explore and add ounces to the

Back side of the resource while we slowly chip away on the front side of the resource and creating that cash flow so for a company to go into production so soon after you know listing on the tsxv i think it’s going to turn a lot of people’s heads and it’s going to get it’s going to get the market excited it’s a little bit different story than people are used

To hearing because you know the traditional model is to explore raise more money explore raise more money and then develop a mind long term we’re going directly into production and we’re going to use the proceeds of mining to continue to build the asset and then eventually expand our portfolio with similar assets i love what you’re saying and for us a tight

Share structure is key to our success at rich tv live our community loves tight float stocks can you explain a little bit about your share structure maybe how much is held by insiders and institutions yeah so when we went out to the market and raised money that was one thing that was very important to us was having a tight share structure we’ve got really strong

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Escrow releases so all of our shareholders know that they’re long with us while we build out this company and you know these typical vancouver companies where there’s a lot of let’s call them blue shares hanging around and it makes it really hard to build a market we’ve taken a very different approach and you know we’ve told people we’re looking for long-term

Partners insiders have been cutting checks since the very beginning uh we continue to cut checks in each round of financing that we’re doing because we believe in the project and i think it’s an important message we have a couple really strong institutions backing us which is very important as a as a new company and i think you’re going to see them continue to

Add uh but you know we have about 25 of the float free trading and all of those people are communicating that they’re long with us and uh yeah we’re really excited about the opportunity in front of us we don’t really see a whole lot of shares coming out in the market until summer time which really lets us execute get our story out and if there are people who

Do want to exit we can transfer their shares over to strong hands and hopefully people ride the wave with us into q4 at least this year because i think that’s when this story gets really exciting with the cash flow yeah it’s been pretty exciting already i mean we’ve seen the stock go from under a dollar today last time i looked it hit a high of dollar 25 so

It’s clearly up trending where do you see the company going for investors and shareholders that are watching and going to be watching this video all over the world what can they expect from gold mountain mining over the short and mid-term yeah i would say expect a lot more of what you’ve seen so far we spent two years methodically putting this business plan

Together so that when we were public we had the correct news flow you know that steady trickle of positive progress and we’re going to continue to deliver that our goal as a company again uh we’re told it’s aggressive uh but we believe we’ve put in the work early so that we can we can deliver on all those commitments that we’ve made so i would tell your

Shareholders expect to see a lot more of what they’ve seen already fantastic if there was one thing you would want those shareholders that are watching to know about gold mountain mining corp as the ceo kevin what would it be gold mountain mining is a real mining company we’re going to build a mine on this site we’re going to use that cash flow to increase

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The resource and then we’re going to go out and look for similar projects or blue sky projects and continue adding shareholder value that’s great and if an investor or a joint venture partner another company is interested in doing business investing or contacting you or the company what’s the best way for them to reach the company anybody who wants to reach

Out to me directly my email is ks at gold dash mountain dot ca we’ve got tons of great information on our website at gold dash mountain dot ca and then we have great social media so come find us on twitter instagram facebook linkedin uh we just started a telegram channel so you know there’s lots of places to find us and we’re going to be constantly updating our

News flow so encourage people to follow along that’s great thank you so much for your time today kevin smith the ceo of gold mountain mining corp everybody put it on your watch list put on your radar this is a company that’s just getting started i do find it to be undervalued under appreciated underexposed now remember rich tv live is strictly for education and

Entertainment purposes do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything that we discuss here in rich tv live and make sure you speak to your financial advisor do your due diligence we are not licensed what we want to do is we want to make sure that we educate the public and if you like this video smash the like button comment on the video

Subscribe and share the video everywhere so that the rest of the world can also learn about this under undervalued underappreciated underexposed company gold mountain mining corp that is on the rise thank you so much for your time kevin smith ceo thank you for joining us thank you so much for having me looking forward to being back thank you for having us and

Thank you for joining us and for those of you that are watching thank you for your time have a great day and thank you for watching

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