Golden Leaf Holdings’ (GLDFF) (GLH) explodes with news on approved health Canada license

Golden Leaf Holdings’ (GLDFF) (GLH) explodes with news on approved health Canada license

Hi guys this is rich from rich tv live we are 22 days 16 hours 45 minutes and 25 seconds away from history and you know your boy boy rich is calling all the winners ka ly which i predicted is up 22% today h ip h which i predicted is up 21% today al ef which i predicted is up 19% today and gl h which i also predicted is up 17% just to name a few of the winners

You could see all the green right there we got all the winners every day absolutely free right here at rich to be alive and if you want to get the tools that we use just go to wwe tv hover over stocks we got investing comm bar chart trading view marijuana index new cannabis ventures nasdaq comm tsx com otc markets investors place tacos investors have in

Stock too it’s if there’s anything i’m missing let me know i will add it if you’re looking for news we got bloomberg reuters bbc news cbc news cnn news let me know what i need to add and i can add it and if you want to contact us you can add our group chat that’s our slack group you can follow us on youtube follow us on instagram you can see our podcast you can

Follow us on discord where we are growing very quickly our facebook group link it in where we have over 30,000 members we are growing so quickly thanks to you the people and it’s because we keep bringing the winners a few weeks ago i did a video on golden leaf holdings limited told you was undervalued told you it was going to be a beast told you is gonna be a winner

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Congratulations to anybody got in up 17% today a 48% buy hump bar chart the funny part is all the indicators are saying it is not a win everything is saying strong strong strong strong strong smell strong smell strong so strong sell but yet it is winning it that’s why these indicators are not a hundred percent they can only predict past results past results are not

An indication of future results let’s talk about the big news golden leaf holding subsidiary medical marijuana group corp acquires sales license from health canada this is why the stock is exploding golden leaf holdings golden leaf or the company on the cse under the symbol glh the otcqb markets under the symbol gl dff a cannabis company with cultivation production

And retail operations built around recognized brands today announced its 100% owned canadian subsidiary medical marijuana group corporation otherwise known as m mg a licensed producer in st. thomas ontario canada received its sales license from health canada on friday september 21st 2018 then uses a significant milestone for the canadian licensed producer ask for

Comment president of m mg philip miller said we are thrilled with the news all of our product in the inventory will move immediately to buyers and could contribute approximately us nine hundred thousand to third quarter glh revenue all 2018 product we can grow is already pre-sold under very favorable wholesale pricing our plan for 2019 is to secure direct-to-consumer

Licensing and supply the profitable medical patients market with the assistance of our sister company mmc also 100% owned by gl h which currently has patient lists that can account for 100% of our production capacity weeks back wow that is huge we expect a complete value chain of seed to consumer will result in high profit margins today we have one of canada’s most

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Advanced indoor grow operations with exceptional yields and preeminent cannabis products now that the sales license has been approved let’s go we are able to ship our top-quality product to a waiting a wholesale buyer numerous new orders are now being received on a daily basis we want to leverage this momentum to stay focused on achieving profitability and creating

Value for shareholders love it williamson’s and ceo of golden leap holdings commented we anticipate this news to contribute to our third quarter revenue numbers and foster increased investor confidence in our company with recreational cannabis becoming legal in canada in the fourth quarter of 2018 we are well suited to take advantage of anticipated product demand

In an exciting market this accomplishment is the first of many steps that establishes us as an international cannabis company and let me remind you it is dirt cheap at only 27 cents i say pardon unbelievable dirt cheap unbelievable when asked about the next steps mr. miller replied m mg has submitted building permit applications with st. thomas municipality for

Expanded space to allow for cannabis oil and edible production indications are that canada canadian government will approve the production and sale of such products about a year from now mfg expects to be able to leverage golden leafs existing capabilities with these products that it currently produces and sells on the west coast of the united states above golden

Leaf holdings golden leaf holdings limited is a canadian company with operations in multiple jurisdictions including oregon nevada and canada with cultivation production and retail operations built around recognized brands golden leaf distributes its products through its branded chalice farms retail dispensaries as well as through third party dispensaries golden


Leaves cannabis retail operations and products are designed with the customer in mind focused on superlative in-store experience and quality products visit golden leaf holdings com to learn more what do you think about this news remember rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes we are not licensed advisors always do your due diligence always

Do your research before we invest in anything or before you invest in anything that we talk about here on rich tv live obviously we bring you the winners first we bring you all the winners first don’t buy it just cuz you’re hurting here make sure you love it we are 22 days 16 hours 39 minutes and 15 seconds away from history in canada recreational cannabis will be

Legalized and the market is great the market is responding to this news the market is responding to the fact that we are so close to history and we are green in canada comment like the video go share this video everywhere remember if i’m winning and you’re winning we’re all winning it’s a win-win situation for everybody involved thank you for watching if you’re

Not winning you’re not watching this is your boy rich gh welding leave holdings i told you as a winner and i’m up peace liberty health up 13% 134 wooden amassed they also got their license at 377 they’re up 10% – lets go chat about peace

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Golden Leaf Holdings' (GLDFF) (GLH) explodes with news on approved health Canada license By RICH TV LIVE

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