Good Jobs for Teenagers

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What are some jobs that teenagers can do today i’m going to go ahead and share with you guys specific companies that are hiring teenagers that actually pay a decent wage i’m also gonna share with you guys some entrepreneur type jobs you guys can start up on your own whether you’re in high school still or whether you just got out of high school these are great jobs for

Teenagers i can’t wait to share this with you guys today good day subscribers and specifically good day to you teenage subscribers out there and you parents that have teenagers that you want them to go get a job because today’s video is really gonna help i’m gonna give specific companies that are hiring teenagers and i’m gonna go ahead and discuss a lot of entrepreneur

Type jobs teenagers you can go ahead and start on your own and make some money on the side so let’s go ahead and get into this first four first things first i want to go ahead and discuss the companies that i’m talking about that are hiring that pay decent wages so there’s really three companies out there that i want you to take a look at and if you’ve never heard

Of these companies or they’re not in your state then you kind of luck and you’ll probably have to go somewhere else but company number one and there’s a good chance if you live in america you have one of these and it’s cost oh costco that’s number one these start their average wage like twelve plus dollars an hour so for part-time help and that’s a really good job

You know you can get as a part-timer now they don’t have a ton of teenagers that work there so if you get in there as a teenager you are very privileged if you notice a lot of people at costco are usually in their 20s 30s 40s and whatnot that work there so that’s probably the hardest one of these three to get into the next one is a delicious place and it’s called

In-and-out burger mmm and burger so unless you live in california arizona nevada texas and i think utah you’re probably out of luck on this one but if they usually start their wages around $11 plus an hour and all you’re doing is making burgers taking orders doing french fries and things so they pay well above the minimum wage and the last company is called quick

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Trip quick trip quick trip their convenience store chain and they usually pay a dollar two dollars above minimum wage but they also give you a lot of bonuses the longer you stay with the company and they’re extremely easy to work with as far as scheduling goes whether you need to work 20 hours a week 10 hours a week 30 hours a week there are a great company to work

For if you’re looking for part-time work as a teenager and there’s tons of young people i mean the majority of people that work there the stores are honestly under 25 years old whether they’re managers or they’re part-time workers so that’s really a great option so costco in the nell burger quick trip those are three companies that you probably want to start with

Applying if you don’t get in there then let’s go ahead and go to the next step and i’m gonna tell you guys about a few different entrepreneur type jobs where you can make some money on the side and you can start these businesses on your own so and really kind of have your own hours and whatnot i got a big eraser look at that okay so job number one and a lot of these

Jobs i’m gonna mention are kind of manual labor intensive jobs so you got to be willing to work but there’s no such thing as a free lunch number one landscaping and scape being job number one landscaping you can go around your neighborhood look at the houses that maybe need their trees trimmed to grass cut things like that get yourself a little thing of business

Cards from vistaprint you can get like 150 cards for i think it’s like 10 bucks 7 bucks 10 bucks and you know give me your business card and say hey you know i’ll charge you 25 bucks knock on the door or charge of 25 bucks for you know cutting this grass right here or charge it 30 bucks i’ll cut your grass and i’ll cut that tree right there whatever it’s a great

Way to get income and you just kind of go around your neighborhood and whatnot see all your neighbors some of them you’ll probably know some of them you probably won’t know and offer to go ahead and help mountain this way and more likely they’re gonna be kind of interested because your wage is probably gonna be loker lower than someone that’s older and doing that


Type of job so that’s a good possibility landscaping another job is going around in detailing cars i had a house so i’m gonna go ahead and rake that one was just gonna call it detail so basically you go around house to house and all you have to know is how to clean a car so you use the person’s hose that they that they have their whatnot you buy yourself a bucket

You buy yourself the soap and you buy yourself one of those little hand vacuums or you use your parents if they have one and you just go house the house pass out your business cards hey yeah i do car detailing and once you get your first customer or you do your parents car or whoever make sure you take some pictures of it so it looks really good and then you can

Pull it up on your phone right there when you’re at the customers house and say hey look at this i did this person’s car and look how nice it came out one time i’ll do yours you know 15 bucks 20 bucks so take me about an hour and i’ll just have it looking beautiful i clean all the inside i do the outside it’s just gonna look phenomenal so that’s another great job

Detailing cars house to house it takes very little money to start even you i mean your parents might even have a bucket and soap already in their house so you can just use theirs so if that’s another great job to have some other type of jobs you can have are like babysitting but babysitting is getting a little harder because now parents more and more looking at are

You like certified and someone starts choking do you know how to give him the heimlich things like that so we’re looking for more like certifications nowadays so it’s harder to get into babysitting but it’s another possibility a great one is a dog sitting this is something a lot of people need so i’m gonna write it down here dog ma’am my handwriting so messed up dog

Sitting that’s another job that’s a great job where you can go house to house give out your business card say hey you know i’ll walk your dogs or i’ll do whatever and a lot of people love that you know their dogs need to go get walked or whatever at lunchtime they can’t do it because they’re working so they hire you they pay you 10 15 bucks for that hour you go over

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There and you could just go around your neighborhood and whatnot it’s summertime you probably have nothing to do anyway so it’s a great little job you can do there so these are just three ideas of jobs there’s a million different ones you can start for basically no money that you can try to use your parents equipment on you know landscaping you could probably use

Your dad’s lawn mower and tree trimmer detailing cars you can use probably your parents bucket or soap or whatnot in dog-sitting you basically don’t even need any equipment for that so they’re all jobs that basically don’t cost any money to get into other than get business cards no matter what even if you’re teenager you want to get some business cards made just so

You can hand it out let’s get your phone number on it’s got your email address on it that that type of thing so i hope this helped today guys costco in an alberta quick trip those are the first three you want to try to get in with can’t get in that start your own business you know a little entrepreneur business not like you starting some big things just starting

A little business and then if you’re not wanting to start your own business you don’t get hired by those three companies there’s always the mcdonald’s burger king taco bell walmart all those kinds of places you can apply that are always hiring part-time help but you’re probably gonna get hired in at minimum wage or something close to minimum wage so don’t get your

Hopes up too much about that that’s like the last step fallback you want to really take i think you so much for watching guys i hope you enjoyed this teenagers and you guys that are parents of teenagers let’s not just sit home and sit on the couch all summer you know let’s do something this make some money yeah anyways guys have a great day and thank you for watching

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