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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is a financial education channel and we are talking earnings craziness so many stocks have reported earnings today after the bell that i was like i just got to post a video about it and including my number one investment gopro they reported amazon were covering them in this video and we’re

Also covering chipotle there’s tons of other stocks that reported like deckers outdoor which is a big big shoe company they’re down like 23% fireeye they’re down like 17% it’s really a bloodbath the chipotle is the stock that’s down the least after these earnings today i think they’re only down one percent right now gopros down like 13 percent which isn’t as bad

As it seems when you factor in that stock is up 27 percent in the past month so but still it’s not fun to be down 13 percent amazon’s down over 4% so it’s like a bloodbath after earnings right now so we’re covering three we’re covering my number one investment go pro recovery amazon covering chipotle and just so you guys know in the future i’m gonna start actually

Live-streaming on twitter when i have certain you know companies i follow when they have an earnings i’m gonna livestream something like this where it’s actually gonna be live and i stream it and i don’t have to make like a full video about this and set up all of my fancy equipment all that kind of stuff guys so follow me on twitter link is in the description bar in

Case you want to get earnings updates and things like that and get my opinion because there’s a lot of companies i follow like apple and google and companies like that that i don’t really talk about their earnings too much so i would love to do it just on a short little livestream you know on twitter or whatnot so let’s get in this guy’s so gopro number one stock

You know i hold and whatnots and my biggest investment so what do we have going on we’re gonna talk about the good in the bad here number one thing for me is back to growth gopro is now back to a growth company they grew revenues almost 24% last quarter and that changes the mindset to a certain extent as far as if you’re if you’re not positive on the stock earlier

You’re someone that might think about getting in or you’re a short seller no matter who you are in that space you cannot deny the fact that gopro is now growing revenues again they also expect to go grow them in the next quarter and i would say probably overall in 2000 17 although they didn’t provide guidance on that which we’ll get into but the fact is gopro is

Back to growth and that makes me feel very happy as an investor because i mean the last couple though i mean the last year-plus i mean gopro was down i mean every single quarter revenue was down and down and down so to be back to growth in up over 20 percent revenue growth that’s a positive sign number 2 market share grew they group 4 / 400 basis points as far as

Market share they’re up to about over 26 percent market share of the digital imaging space was sold through 2 4 so they’re growing market share very nicely so they’re not losing market share which is another thing a lot of shorts will try to tell you all that losing market share or misinformation all there’s all these chinese competitors they’re gonna take market

Share that’s not true they actually grew mark to share very nicely that last quarter guys number 3 during the call nick woodman he came out and he said they’re gonna have the hero 6 in 2017 they’re gonna have new accessories in 2017 they’re gonna have new software products that is a relief because in 2000 from 2014 all the way to 2016 they had no new product in

There 2015 they did not release a flagship product and i was in as an investor i’m kind of like scared going into 2017 thinking you know they release hero 5 this past year are they gonna skip a year and then screw up that again so the fact that they have hero 6 coming this year that’s that’s a good feeling for me and i’m really excited to hear see that hero 6 and

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Some of these new accessories because now all these new products are all gonna be made by that that super i cannot remember the guys name ever but he came over from apple he was like johnny ives brahe hand man you know johnny i have the guy behind pretty much every apple product ever you know steve jobs his right-hand man johnny i this was johnny ives right-hand

Man gopro hired him away from apple these the hero 6 and all the new accessories over the next year plus we’ll see they’re all gonna be his products all with his touch all of his mold all with his design components he had over 20 years experience at apple devices designing some hook you know most popular products ever in the history of mankind guys so one of them

You out there probably own them so i’m super psyched to see that because here are five the hero five cameras the karma drone the karma grip you know although i’m excited about those products i think they’re good products they were not they did not have his hands on it because he came in way too late in the process he just got hired like six months ago so there’s

No way he could have really developed anything with those products so it would be unrealistic so really excited about hero six in 2017 and some of the new accessories and some of the new software take products are coming out with and that is gonna be exciting number four karma’s back on the market that’s the last good thing we’re talking about karma is back on the

Market and although you know my expectations are very muted from what they were when the product was was launched because of the recall and whatnot i think some negativity around that and then you know dji came out with mavic and there’s a super competitive so my my expectations for karma are muted but still regard this yeah it’s a it’s a good thing to have the

Product back out there even if it only brings in say let’s say ten twenty thirty million dollars in revenue e per quarter still ten to thirty million dollars or the revenue per quarter you cannot sneeze at that especially when you’re a company as small as gopro and now it took that stuff the guidance was pathetic for q1 they guided for about two hundred million

Dollars in guidance which is only up about ten percent over last year and this is what karma drone coming out now karma drones been released back into the market as of yesterday so i look at that and i’m like what kind of crappy guidance is this and then you have hero five you know coming in and and you know that sold through very well thank you for they had the

Lowest inventory out there in the retail channels that they’ve had since 2014 when the hero four was launched so i’m looking at all these things and i’m like how are you expecting to only do a two hundred million number there should be a two hundred fifty million dollar plus number you’re gonna post up here in q2 so i’m mad about that but at the same time at the

Same time i’m not as nearly as angry as i would be if any other one of my stocks provided a crappy guidance like that the reason being is gopro has discipline disappointment disappointed i mean way before i was invested in the stock i tracked the stock in what they would do is they would over promise under deliver over promise and say they’re gonna do this great

Number and then they come in under that and then i’m gonna do this great number and then they come in under that and you know even if it’s a small miss it’s still a miss in wall street sighs how are you really gonna stop moving in the right direction is you come out with guidance that’s you know realistic that you can do and then you beat that guidance and then

You do a quarter after quarter after quarter after quarter and then the wall street takes into account that wow this company’s killing earnings every single time this is probably a freaking good company this is probably a very good stock so so you know with them and all their screw-ups and they’ve missed a number since i’ve been invested in the company they missed

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Numbers and missed numbers and missed numbers and they missed numbers in q4 they missed it by about thirty million dollars you’re supposed to do about a little over five hundred and seventy million the only post a little over four five hundred forty million so they missed numbers again so i look at this and i’m like i’m pissed that the guidance was really crappy but

At the same time i’m like maybe this is for the better because last thing i want them to do is come out with some kind of you know big number and know we’re gonna do this number and then they miss again and disappoint everybody again the stock gets hammered again so that’s kind of my take on the on the guidance for this next quarter and then the last bad thing is

They didn’t do yearly guidance they said last year and i think they switch see cfos and whatnot so maybe that switched around things but they said that they were gonna they’re gonna only provide year the guidance and they were not gonna provide quarterly guidance anymore well now they switch back to the old way which is now they’re not doing yearly guidance which

I was hoping they were gonna do because i think they could have really blown people out of the water with a yearly guidance number and instead they just doing the back to the quarterly guidance number so i’m like you know pickle would pick away go pro so that’s another bad thing i’m you know upset about let’s go krause don’t basically all into account i look at

Gopro and i’m like i kind of feel the same as i did before but i’m gonna feel much worse about my gopro investment if that guidance they provided actually comes true if they only do a 200 million dollar number they don’t do it forty two hundred fifty two hundred and sixty million dollar number next quarter i’m gonna be i’m gonna be very much more unconfident in

My gopro investment and i’ll have to ask myself some real questions at that point guys because just if they just do two hundred million and they can only get 10% up over the what they did last year they should be growing a lot faster in that in my opinion so we’ll see what happens there amazon amazon amazon so amazon they beat their earnings maybe eps they did a

Dollar fifty four versus a dollar forty two and their song actually got hit but why did their stock get hit the revenue missed but it didn’t miss by that much they posted forty three billion dollars in revenue are over forty three billion dollars in revenue they’re supposed to do a little over forty four billion dollars in revenue so about a 1 billion dollar

Difference which i know seemed like a big number 1 billion dollars but if you take it as a percent basis it’s not a horrible miss or anything so but they did miss they did miss what analysts were expecting they also missed analyst guidance as far as what they’re expecting for next quarter so q1 amazon’s expecting thirty three point two five billion dollars in revenue

To thirty five point seven five billion dollars in revenue wall street was expecting thirty six billion dollars so even at amazon’s highest highest point they’re still not quite doing what the analysts expected so but amazon sometimes as a company that they like to sandbag numbers a little bit and then beat what analysts expect and whatnot so take it for what it

Is regardless amazon grew fabulously last quarter i mean the the the results i mean go look at those amazon results guys it’s ridiculous the way they’re growing that company when you take into account how big the company is now how you know forty forty three billion dollars in revenue and there’s growing at the pace they’re growing it’s very very impressive only

Only huge company that’s really growing like that i was really two of them facebook and google and amazon they’re really the three huge monster companies that are growing at that type of clip it’s very impressive cheep-cheep oatley reported revenues of three point seven percent increase in revenue so that was a good sign chipotle’s coming off a horrific year that


Was one of the wall street darlings you know prior to for 2004 teen and prior chipotle was a a wall street darling the stock could do no wrong and then the whole e.coli situation happened and that just affected the whole entire company and the stock in such a negative way but they finally are back to revenue increased three point seven percent and so that’s a good

Sign unfortunately comparable or excuse me not unfortunately this is another good thing comparables restaurants store sales they grew fourteen point seven percent in the quarter so that’s very very impressive there and then lastly we’re gonna learn not lastly but then now we’re kind of getting to the negative things restaurant level operating margin so you know

Basically what they’re making for a margin out of the restaurants is now thirteen point five percent versus it used to be nineteen point six percent so that’s not a that’s not a good sign but they’ve had a lot of costs are doing they’re they’re trying to make sure they don’t have another you coli situation or any type of situation like it so they’re spending a

Lot of money in the restaurants and that’s taken down their operating margin and they haven’t been able to increase prices that’s another big thing and then also they’re doing a lot of promotions to get people into those stores i know we’ve had to bonds for buy one get one free burritos we’ve had coupons for actually we just use them that night basically you buy an

Entree you get a free guac and chips we use over like hey yeah let’s do that so those type of things they definitely do her operating margin so that’s something we see is triple with chipotle their net income was sixteen million dollars in the quarter that compares to sixty eight million dollars lan last year’s quarters so we’re talking about a dramatic decrease i

Mean they’re still profitable that’s good but gosh from from sixty eight million to 16 million that’s dramatic that’s freaking dramatic guys and that all comes from that that restaurant operating margin being down so much and lastly here diluted earnings per share was fifty five cents a decrease from two dollars and seventeen cents they did last year so i look at

Your poll a and i’m like you know that’s great they’re growing revenues again that’s great they got restaurants saying excuse me saying sir sales going the right way but – man the the profitability has been eroded at that company amazon i look at like that company’s just a beast maybe the expectations is just too high on it now there’s one i don’t invest in just

Because i can’t invest in those hyper growth companies that have super-high pease i mean it’s just too much for me go pro i look at and i’m like i’m really like waiting to see q2 numbers we can earth use the q1 numbers i’m like if they freakin only do two hundred million dollars in revenue i’m gonna be i’m gonna be i’m gonna be a hundred percent wrong on the stock

Just straight-up i mean i expect them to do way better than that so if they do a 200 million dollar number and that’s it i’m gonna have to rethink my entire investing philosophy around gopro because they should kill that number and a quarter kx so that’s kind of where i’m at with all three of those stocks let me know in the comments section if you are in any of

These stocks if you have an opinion on any of these stocks i mean i know i got a few short sellers a gopro on this channel so i’m sure you guys are you know having the last laugh here or today so congratulations to any of you guys watching it and then don’t forget to follow me on twitter i’m gonna start like i said i’m gonna start live streaming every once in

Awhile whenever i feel like updating an earnings call or something or you know if company comes out with earnings i can just do a short in 1 minute video on a cell phone or whatever and post it up there and then you guys can have my opinion on this rather than doing a full scale video and all this stuff guys so anyways thank you for watching today guys and have a great day

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