Gopro, Amazon, Google, Starbucks Earnings Insanity!

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is a financial education and we got a massive amount of earnings to cover well not a massive amount we had a massive amount of earnings come out today we got four i’m really covering gopro amazon google starbucks three of those four had great numbers guys so we’re going to kind of recap

What they did for numbers and let’s just get right into this so the first one we’re going to be looking at is gopro does why because it’s my biggest investments to want to care about the most of anything before i even get into any of the numbers i just want to say after looking over this quarter being on the conference call i haven’t felt as good about my position

In gopro ever since i’ve been invested on when i started investing in 2016 guys like i’ve never felt as confident in my position as right now like the turnaround is official like it was like maybe coming but now we’ve had two great quarters in a row it’s officially here guys so let’s look at what those numbers came in on so gopro the headline numbers here gopro

Beats revenue guidance first year our to the first quarter revenue up 19% year-over-year operating expenses down fifty million dollars quarter on quarter gopro followers on instagram up forty percent year-over-year of twenty two percent year-over-year on facebook and carla is off to a strong start so right off the bat there guys these headline numbers very very good

Very positive but let’s dig a little deeper into these numbers so what we have here they did two hundred and eighteen million dollars in revenue this past quarter now that was versus one hundred and eighty three million dollars last year so very nice increase of over nineteen percent right there we see gross margins fell just a 2-bit that’s mainly because of the

Carmel launch karma is a lower margin product and the cameras are historically so that’s why margins fell just slightly there but something i like here is if we go ahead and we look at the non-gaap loss they lost 62 million dollars even with all layoffs and severance packages they had to pay off and whatnot non-gas sixty-two million dollars versus last year they

Lost eighty six so we’re getting a lot closer to profitability now and you’ll see that in some future numbers here and then we look at non-gaap as far as a loss per share forty four cents versus sixty-three per share last year so we’re making recoveries even despite despite the whole of the huge layoffs and whatnot so the truly i can feel profitability coming

I can feel absolutely on a non-gaap and they reiterate that like 47 times on the conference call that they will be non-gaap profitable in 2017 this year as big i think there’s even a possibility key word possibility they could maybe eke out a profit even on a gaap basis which would be amazing and i absolutely expect them to be profitable in 2018 on a gaap basis

I see no reason at all why they cannot now let’s look at some other things here so second quarter revenue they’re expecting two hundred and seventy million dollars or second quarter revenue plus or minus ten million so somewhere between 260 million and 280 million they’re expecting gap and non-gaap gross margins to be around thirty three point five percent that

Would be a improvement over this past quarter gap operating expenses of 142 million to 146 million dollars that’s very nice if numbers coming down non-gaap of between 122 million and 126 million stab ulis and then look at this adjusted avada to the only only lose about fifteen million dollars give or take five million dollars so basically they’re expecting to lose

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This this upcoming quarter on adjusted ibas off of around 10 million dollars to 20 million dollars so we see now that they are starting to get very very close to profitability and mind you we’re in the weakest corners for gopro q1 and q2 so as 2/3 transpires and then in two to four i see no reason why they cannot be profitable on a non-gaap basis and possibly a

Gap basis especially four to four and into 2018 now something else i want to highlight 2017 gap operating expenses or below 580 million non-gaap below 495 million this is compared to like 800 million they were doing last year for as far as expenses going way too many employees they had higher now they killed analyst numbers here easily analyst had already brought

Up their numbers since gopro had pre-announced rate so analyst had brought them up to 207 million dollars did to nineteen so good for beat there are there only guidance a the analyst guidance easily they killed it and then we look at what analysts respected for next quarter 241 million dollars animals are expecting for next quarter rate gopro saying they’re going

To do between 260 and 280 million dollars next quarter meaning analysts are going to have to bring up all the revenue estimates greatly unless they want to stick with them and be wrong right or maybe they could be right but that was the chance of that are very slim so what analyst are going to have to do at this point they’re have to bring up the numbers they’re

Probably have to bring up their share price target that’s a great thing for gopro stock over the coming month and probably into the coming years now as far as a stock equipment did nothing after hours when i took the screenshot here right before recording the video 0.56% up five cents a share this is why i never tried to like have an opinion on where stock prices

Go short-term because who the heck knows this is a killer quarter this stock should be up 10 15 maybe even 20 percent after hours because it’s a stuff that’s being killed killed killed right and you got them beating the number not they beat their own numbers they beat the numbers they thought they were going to do in march they beat the numbers that they kill the

Numbers analysts thought especially the analysts stopped originally and then they killed diamonds so this stock should be massively right now and it’s not but that’s just the way the stock market works sometimes stocks you go up that you’re like why would that stock go up their numbers are horrible and they go up and sometimes the number a company like this reports

Great numbers in their stock hardly moves and it’s like what but hey i’m not you know i’m in this a longer term so i’m not worried about you know what happens tomorrow whether it goes up 5% or down 5% or stays breakeven you know what happens in the end but needless to say the stocks should be up massively if the world all worked properly now let’s look at google

Google smash some numbers here despite the whole youtube situation that affected toward the back half of the quarter eps of $7 73 cents versus seven dollars and thirty nine cents were expected from analysts and then they did revenue a twenty four point seven five billion versus twenty four point two two billion to expect it now look at this as it compares year over

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Year when google parent recorded adjusted first quarter earnings last year at six dollars and two cents a share six dollars and two cents and they just did a 773 number and then revenue last year was twenty point two six billion they just reported a twenty four point seven five billion dollar number so we can see why i’m so excited about google in this covers two

Stocks that are were my three stocks i’m buying in last month’s video gopro rate is my number one google was my number three wynn resorts by the way report the other day great numbers out of them i’ll discuss that sunday’s video which will be for stocks i’m buying now so we’ll get into wynn resorts on that time but as far as google goes absolutely stellar numbers in

The stock moved pretty nice after-hours about a four percent up move net stock as of after-hours is over nine hundred dollars a share now over nine hundred dollars per share so great numbers on google amazon holy smoke us amazon came out in destroying number so sales jumped twenty three percent to thirty five point seven billion dollars in earnings per share climb

To a dollar forty eight from a dollar o seven analysts were expecting in or excuse me a dollar twelve nrel’s were expecting analysts expected a dollar twelve for them do these is dollar forty eight they crushed it and analysts were expecting thirty five point three billion dollars in revenue and animal amazon also beat that by about four hundred million dollars so

Amazon now is over it was already over nine hundred dollars now it’s over nine hundred and fifty dollars per share that made about a three and a half percent up move after hours so basically bezos going into today was worth right around eight hundred eight hundred about eighty billion dollars give or take so as of tomorrow he will gain probably two three maybe four

Billion dollars can you guys believe that he will make that much money tomorrow are you could say he’s already made that because of the stock going up after hours you can say his net wealth increased from basically one o’clock when the markets closed right or a four o’clock in eastern time right he had such and such amount of money in ten minutes later after those

Numbers came out he said his net worth was with was worth more than two three four billion dollars more in ten minute time that’s frickin incredible the last one we want to cover here is starbucks so starbucks was the only one that came out with disappointing numbers now they did eps of forty five cents which was in line with estimate so they met numbers there

But revenue lag just a death league is five point two nine billion dollars in revenue the forecast was five point four one billion dollars same store sales of three percent versus three point seven percent were expected by wall street as two straight quarters they missed on these things store sales numbers and but there was some good news in a starbucks quarter

Though right here the company said same store sales improved as the quarter progressed very important there culminating with a four percent u.s. same store sales growth in march which is a very last quarter of the or the very last month of that quarter in further acceleration into april that’s very good news there for starbucks very good news now the stock after

Hours did drop it’s dropped close to five percent to about the $58 range starbucks is a stock i’m very interested in a stock that i need to really look into very deep because after a drop like that and with with same store sales accelerating throughout the quarter that’s a good sign that’s a really good sign so i may have to look into this and they got a lot of

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Hype last week over that unicorn frappuccino that’s probably going to drive sales over at least for the rest of this month and whatnot you know just kind of having their brand out there and almost like free advertising for them so yeah definitely company i want to look at very in-depth at this point starbucks is so that covers what we have gopro great numbers google

Great numbers amazon great numbers like any way you look at it those three companies report a phenomenal number starbucks a little disappointing but at this point i’m going to start looking into the starbucks very in-depth guys so i hope you enjoyed this today and you know what guys have a great day hi google headquarters how are you i’m great thanks may i please

Speak with the ceo its jeremy jeremy from the financial education channel yeah yeah just put me through i know it’s busy day they’re having earnings and whatnot just put it put me through please thank you hey mr. schmidt how are you sir jeremy from the financial education channel i know you don’t have a lot of time but listen you just came out with your earnings

Report no we’re in there did you ever mention my name and i find that very disrespectful the mere fact i brought you guys thousands upon thousands of dollars in revenue tens of thousands of dollars in revenue last quarter you didn’t even mention my name that’s nothing to you that’s nothing to you well i find that to be very disrespectful you know what i’m this

Close to starting a new channel on myspace yeah you have a good day – hi amazon headquarters how are you i am great things hey may i please speak with mr. basil’s thank you so much great customer service here great a mr. dave o’s how are you sir i’m doing great thanks hey i’m curious so i just yeah i know you guys quarterly report just came out nice job but nowhere

In there did he ever mention my name why is that i had the book come out i had the book come out you know what a big seller was like top seller and stock market investing you guys don’t even mention my name oh oh i’m so stupid the book came out in april and this was for january february march quarter oh so you’ll mention me next month i’m so sorry dude that’s my

Fault now i’m idiot aren’t my apologies okay so i’ll be able to look out next month no i would love to go on the yacht with you this weekend but you know what i already got plans with woodman nick woodman gopro yeah yeah i’m going his yacht this weekend so i know dude it’s like seven weekends in a row but we’re buddies you know i know you know and i feel bad he’s

Not a billionaire anymore he’s kind of broke especially compared to you but you know what i’m support my friends even if they are broke you know i know he’s only worth like 700 million with a loser huh yeah but no no i’m not gonna say that to his face so good buddy yeah yeah where are you guys we’ll hook up on these weekends okay

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