Gopro Hero 6 Launch Event Reaction!

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Holy smokes guys the gopro event is now over i just got done watching the entire event it was pretty awesome they launched hero six black which we’re gonna look at they launched a fusion camera they did some karma updates they did some quick story updates a lot of excitement there just got off that just got done watching it guys it is pretty exciting stuff so we’re to

Look at all that something i’d love to keep track of is the stock price of either apple or gopro unlike launch days usually the stocks go down so about 45 minutes before the launch happened the stock was down over 3% but we’ll look at that at the end and see how it turned out by the end of the event so first off they kind of showed off the fusion camera the fusion

Camera this is a vr virtual reality camera this is can do spherical content you can create all different angles your camera will record at all different angles you can take photos out of that and all that good stuff so they showed off this first off there’s a lot of exciting i guess you say software features about this camera but i think over capture is really the

Most exciting part of that now that’s basically meaning you can record everything and then you can take a little part out of it and you can actually make that into a full 1080p video which is pretty cool stuff so think about it you know any any time you’re recording you usually have a camera let’s say i was recording with this ipad right here i’m gonna get to get

This segment but what if something happens behind me you know i can’t i can’t record that what if something happens over here you know with this camera i’m recording on this kit is a canon a dd i’m recording with right here this is i can only record this little segment of what’s going on here that’s kind of cool and that’s fine for something like this but something


Like i’m out doing adventures or whatnot snowboarding or something i might want to get a different angle than just the one the cameras pointed out so this is gonna offer a whole different experience there so pretty exciting stuff there hero six black launch which is is their main camera this has 4k 60 so 4k 60 frames per second versus 4k 30 and the old gopro you

Could also do 240 frames per second at 1080p i don’t even know there might be other devices out there that offer 240 at 1080p i don’t even know of them i’m sure there’s might be something and exist but this is pretty cool stuff so that’s awesome stabilization on this camera looks like it’s gonna be phenomenal i don’t even know if people honestly need a handheld

Stabilizer or something like this maybe if you’re doing extreme type rocky stuff like mountain biking or something but pretty cool it also has a zoom feature a digital zoom which no gopro that i understand has ever had this in the past guys so that is pretty awesome stuff voice commands have been even upgraded from last year’s model which last year’s model was

The first gopro ever to have voice commands so you just tell it you know gopro start recording gopro take a picture all that good stuff so pretty exciting stuff so gopro hero 6 black is gonna be at $499 so that is the same price point they came in actually with hero4 black which was two years ago when they did that launch that was a $499 product so this is coming

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In at $499 the karma drone with the hero 6 is going to be $1,199 the karma soul just separately which is gonna be seven hundred nine dollars by the way the karma got a follow-me feature now and it got something else that i forget but the follow me feature was the main thing oh it can also record like an upward motion so the gopro can actually record above it now

Which is actually a totally different perspective than any drone in the past like my dji drones you cannot like record above it so there’s a lot of cool use applications i think that’s more stuff for like professional videographers or very creative people that can think of ideas but it’s definitely a cool thing and something that no drone that i’ve ever known has

Been able to do it and certainly not my dji drones and then we had the fusion camera which we talked about that one’s gonna be priced as $699 that’s $100 less then i thought the the camera is gonna be launched at so basically when the event was over the stock was then down less than 1% so i won’t be i wouldn’t be surprised if that stock is actually up more than or

Actually goes up today which would be rare because most stocks on launch day actually go down but the way that one was trading i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s and there’s still three hours left in the market but i wouldn’t be surprised if that one actually ends up today at some point we’ll see what happens traitor so i won’t pretend to be one the hero six launch

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Video is out guys i highly suggest you watch that you can see that i already gave it a thumbs up baby this was like 16 minutes in i think and i already had about 6000 views so definitely you will want to check out that video there and enter than that guys that basically wraps up the launch you know hero 6 black 4 k 60 1080p at 240 those are big things about the

Awesome stabilization are looks awesome looks like it’s gonna be way better and low light in all those situations a fusion camera it looks like it’s gonna be awesome as far as over capturing type situations also if you want if you’re into the virtual reality game it’s a must-have karma drone got some updates which is cool without having to come out with a whole

New product the follow me feature the ability to tilt the camera actually upward and record from from think about flying a drone here and i could record under the cameras or something crazy so cool stuff there guys let me know in that comment section what you thought about the launch if you actually watch the launch event let me know what you think about these

Products i think there are definitely some products that are gonna excite the gopro fanbase in a big way so let me know what you guys think though i want to hear your comments in that comment section thank you for watching guys and by the way i got a big launch event myself tomorrow so pay attention to that thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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