Gopro Huge Layoffs Coming..I Might Sell Everything..

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Well the nightmare investment that is gopro maybe coming to an end we got to discuss all this if i’m gonna be selling out of my position oh we got to talk about where i’m at emotionally with this whole deal so gopro is in the process of laying off around 200 to 300 employees this week techcrunch has learned from sources close to the company the hits to the company

Were largely concentrated in its areal division the segments of the company responsible for its karma drone in a letter to impacted employees gopro explained these cuts are part of a larger restructuring quote to better align our resources with business requirements and quote techcrunch has been informed by sources that the company relieved impacted employees of

Duties today but will likely keep them on payroll until february 16 totally smokes until after ces is over okay and this comes just a couple weeks after i’m watching a video that was posted on december 18 i don’t know if it’s a chinese or japanese engadget nick woodman the ceo of gopro was on and he was talking about you know he’s happy with the way karma drone is

Gone he was talking about you know there’s future iterations here and then we see 200 to 300 employees getting laid off in the drone division this is what i call lack of communication and and this makes me question if i want to be in the gopro even more anymore after at this point and the reason being and we’re gonna kind of talk about the only thing that i’m kind

Of waiting for to maybe possibly get out of this position and whatnot so with gopro here you know the main reasons i’m in this company is there and the number of the there are clear and you know clear in a day the number one action camera maker okay the second reason i’m in this company is because there’s hope that they could they’re already kind of the number two

Drone maker but there’s the hope that they could you know come out with better iterations of karma a smaller package things like that and compete even in a bigger way with dji right so drone is kind of the second main reason i’m in this stock the hope i mean when i first got into the stock they were kind of looking into drones and talking about you know they’re

Gonna launch a drone and whatnot and then they ended up having a delay in a delay and then they finally came out with it you know fell out of the sky and this and that and they screwed everything up so freaking that it was unbelievable worst management team by far i’ve ever invested in a company right they screwed that whole deal up but there was still hope that

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Okay they can kind of rebound this and gopros bryn’s so strong and whatnot and now we hear that maybe they’re not even have a drone division and the number three reason is really around the vr camera but the vr camera is something kind of a little further down the road drones can be more immediate cuz that’s such a huge market already okay so 200 to 300 employees in

My opinion i’m not an executive at gopro but in my opinion they probably only had 200 to 300 employees in the entire drone division so if you’re gonna eliminate 200 to 300 draw our own employees do you even have a business there anymore at that point in time are you even planning on coming out with new products and things like that like if you have eliminated those

Maybe you’re just exiting the space and you have no interest in even being in the drone space anymore and that to me as a shareholder is like pure i don’t know if i want to call lies or if i want to call it just miscommunication or whatnot like a couple weeks ago you’re hyping this out now some behind the scenes you’re doing something totally different and it’s

Like why like this is unbelievable to me this is this isn’t i’ve never seen this happen in my almost decade of being in stocks i’ve never been involved or seen a management team constantly say one thing and constantly behind everybody’s back doing another thing and it’s unbelievable the mistakes the delays the product issues the the mismanagement the mismanagement

Of money its thing after thing after thing the hype and then all to be let down time and time again as a shareholder they hype and they hike and they let me down as a shareholder time and time again with this one and it’s just a mess so as far as it will i sell the position and as far as where i’m at emotionally with this whole investment you guys know this is me

This meant a lot to me i mean all my investments whether it’s a huge investment like gopro whether it’s a smaller investment they all mean a lot to me because i’m such a competitive person i’m such a competitive person and and so the money the money is important absolutely but for me it’s actually the second thing just for me as someone that cares about something a

Lot you spend a ton of time putting in the work towards something when you have to take a loss it hurts really really bad in anybody out there that’s a super competitive person that puts in a lot of time towards something and you end up taking a loss you guys all know how i feel it is not a strong feeling if it’s sigan a video game or something i don’t care about

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Them who cares if i lose but when it’s something you put in a ton time toward it hurts so what i’m kind of waiting on here is within the next month the company should announce their q4 earnings okay these q4 earnings what i’m gonna be listening to here is not the hype i’m not gonna be i don’t care what wouldn’t it has to say i don’t care if he’s gonna say they’re

Gonna become a bitcoin blockchain company i don’t really freaking care what wouldn’t minh has to type out or whatever because he’s lost so much trust with me that his words are irrelevant at this time his words are literally irrelevant they don’t even matter to me at this time all i’m gonna be listening to on that q4 is what the actual results are from this q4

Okay and that is it results i don’t even know how to spell results anymore it’s just frustrating all i’m gonna be relisting to is the results what are the revenues coming at or did they make a good profit if they couldn’t have made a really good profit in this q4 there’s no hope for me in this investment it’s just something i need to get out of because this is a

Quarter they should haven’t easily made a very nice profit in if they couldn’t have made a very nice profit in this queue for no reason for me to be in this company absolutely none because there’s no hope for me to even you may ever make a profit in this company if they can’t make a profit in this q4 here if they couldn’t have made a profit it’s not even worth it

Guys so i’ll be listening those results and based upon what those results are the actual financials of revenues and the profits if they had any the based upon that is when i’ll make my decision if i’m gonna sell off a hundred my position if i’m gonna sell a 50% of my position or fall won’t sell off any the results are gonna have to come in super strong super strong

For me to actually stay in this company at this point in time because i have lost so much faith in management at this point in time that i can’t trust anything they really have to say specifically woodman i can’t trust anything that he has to say out there so unless the results are super strong and the revenues came in great and they beat all their numbers in the

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Profits they were super profitable like unless those two things are they’re like what is there for me to be even being in the stock at this time so once again it hurts it absolutely hurts you know anybody that’s a super competitive person out there you know how it feels when you put a lot of time into something and it doesn’t pay off and you have to take a loss but

It is what it is and in this game this investment game it doesn’t matter how much time you put in how much work you put in doesn’t matter a you you your foolproof plan and whatnot you will still take losses sometimes there’s never gonna happen where you’ll make a hundred percent of time you’ll make a hundred percent of your money like it’s just not gonna happen

You guys sometimes you’re gonna take losses in this game and it looks like i’m gonna have to take a big one here with gopro and that hurts it certainly hurts because because of the time i put in because of the time i put in all those conference calls i listen to all those investor presentations you know being in the stock and dealing with it in reading ten cues and

Reading ten k’s and in this and that the amount of hours the amount of hours you put into this something like this and for it not to pay off it hurts guys you know it’s the it’s such a it’s a worse it’s funny you know what i was think about this i’m like what so what’s a better or worse feeling my wind resorts that i put in a ton of time toured and it pays off in a

Huge way right or the way i feel right now you know with gopro more likely not working out or even close to working out and taking a huge loss and the pain i feel from the gopro is actually much worse than how excited i am for what i made with win so you know it’s just the the losses hurt more than the gains actually feel good for you and that’s just the way it is

Guys and and it is what it is but i got accepted and it’s part of this game guys you’re in this game long enough you’re gonna have to take some losses here and there you know that’s all i have to say you’re gonna take some losses here and there and then it happens so anyways um we shall move on and see what happens in the future but anyways thanks for watching guys and have a great day

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Gopro Huge Layoffs Coming..I Might Sell Everything.. By Financial Education

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