Gopro. I’m DOWN HUGE and HAPPY. Why?

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Excuse me subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel in today we’re talking about over here subject we were talking about why i am happy you heard me right happy gopro shares have gone down as you guys probably all know in this channel i’m down over a 30 well over 30 percent on my gopro position right now

I own shares in gopro i own 2018 call options in gopro i own 2019 call options in gopro heavily invested in gopro i’m down tens of thousands of dollars literally tens of thousand dollars so we’re not talking about like small money we’re talking about big money and that all sucks like i would never plan to try to lose that much money like that sucks and who knows

If i’ll even get it back we never know we’ll just have to see how time goes guys well there’s three three main reasons why i’m super happiness is i’m like a bittersweet situation like one one side of me is like this sucks i’ve lost tens of thousands of dollars that who knows if i’ll recover from you know it’s all going to depend on gopro share price over the next

You know year in the 2018 options that only has about six six months left right the 2019 one that has about a year and a half and then my shares obviously i can hold those for as long as i want right so that sucks but at the same time there’s three main reasons while i’m really really happy that gopro shares have gone down massively guys so let’s talk about all

These three today so number one and this might be the biggest of all them it’s gonna help with the avoiding the follow-the-leader thing i call it so basically i have this channel right which gets tons of views i have the four stocks on buying series which gets 20,000 30,000 40,000 views like we’re talking on a ton of views right those videos and those videos i

Talk about the stocks i’m buying right the worst case scenario would be if gopro was up let’s say i was up over a hundred percent on gopro right now like i’m just killing it on gopro and let’s say also well we don’t win resorts i’m up over a hundred percent on right so let’s say both of those just kicking ass taking names i’m just making money hand over fist right

Everybody to see this everybody’s getting to see this as far as that follows a channel that those 20,000 30,000 40,000 views in those videos everyone’s seeing this right say that’s the scenario everybody we’ve been looking at me like a dog right now everybody would be like holy smokes this guy is freaking killing it the two stocks he talks about more than any

Other he’s just dominating on those he’s a freakin investing god he’s above everybody look at the way he’s doing on these two stocks right that’s the way people were looking at me that that know a lot about investing involved mostly people that don’t know much about investing they would be looking at me like that like oh my gosh what you would have then is you

Would have everybody waiting on my next stock position so you know who knows maybe i would take gopro out and add a new stock massive amounts of people massive amounts of people would then like oh this is the next hot one right now imagine if that stock went down 30 40 50 % guys imagine that we’d have a massive amount of investors killed because they would have


Saw what i did with gopro win right made all this money let me throw money into this because they you know it’s natural you see someone that’s just they can’t miss right and they’re just you know doing so great you just want to stick to your money in whatever they’re doing right because oh that makes sense and it’s the easiest way to go right who wants to do all

That research who wants to read all those annual reports and 10-q engine in everything right who wants to go through all that not everybody wants to do that kind of work it’s much easier just to see someone having you know an extreme amount of success and stick your money in whatever they’re sticking their money in right i mean there’s people that literally they

Stick their money in whatever warren buffett’s owns also like warren buffett will come out i own stock a b and c they’ll put their money in that stock like carl icahn same deal they’ll put their money in that stock we’d have that scenario going on right now if i would be killing it on gopro nguyen now this scenario it’s made people i always want people to fish for

Themselves i want to teach people how to fish on this channel that’s the main thing i don’t want to go catch the fish for everybody i don’t want to go catching fish for everybody because then no one learns right if i go out and catch everybody’s fish what happens when i leave no one knows how to fish and then they’re all screwed right they’re all going to duck eat

So that’s a problem so by gopro going this is like oh you know what you know jeremy he’s doing great on his win but look at his gopro he’s he’s doing horrible so i shouldn’t just you know throw my money in whatever jeremy’s thrown his money into and i think that’s actually a very good thing that people will actually look at it logically and be like you know what

You know look at that position he’s doing great look at the other position he’s doing bag let me not just not throw all my money at whatever jeremy’s let me try to make my own decision and just like for my own information and that is huge guys so that is the main reason i’m happy with this because distrust me if i was up huge on gopro and when everybody just be

Throwing money at whatever stock i’m buying guys and that would that would be a bad thing in the end that’s totally something i’m against at the end of the day guys number two reason is build credibility in the channel of both credibility and me what you have is you have a lot of people right in the financial landscape business whatever they try to teach they just

Want to teach about the good stuff they just want to talk the good stuff you want to either act like they’ve never made a mistake or they just want to pretend like they’ve never made a mistake right everybody’s made mistakes in this game like if you’re investing if you’re only in business if you’re doing anything big in the world like you’re making mistakes right

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It’s real easy it’s real easy to talk about zero to two hundred thousand right really the not easy to talk about 2015 margin trading short-term trading when i lost seventy five thousand rate not fun stuff to talk about there no that’s not that much fun but i still talk about i still constantly talk about why obviously every month i talk about gopro and i’ll do random

Gopro videos just to bring it up like i don’t shy away from the fact that i’m down huge i’m doing this video today not shying away from the fact that i’m down huge on my biggest investment so that just builds credibility out there to the people that they say okay this you know because i could have easily shied away from this right i could have killed off the three

Stocks are four stock some video i’m buying right i could have a you know just pretended like oh this never happened i never invested in gopro or whatever i could have just made no videos about it or anything just like acted like it never happened right i could have i could have you know i could have kept it private that i even own gopro and could have never made

That information public right all these things i could have killed it off a long time ago what promised people would have smart people would have seen that like hey you know what he was said he was in that stock and then also now he’s acting like you know he’s not involved with it or something he’s making no videos about it he’s not mentioned at all like whatever

Happened there people would pick up on that because people are especially people that follow my channel with freaking smart right they would have picked up on that and said you know why this guy he doesn’t have credibility like a lot of people respect me because of my credibility – i’m actually out here talking about the stocks i actually owned and why i own them

And if they do bad then i’m the face of them doing that and if they do great and on the face of that – guys so it’s definitely helpful in credibility and the number three reason is and gives troll some ammo and this time it sounds funny giving troll some ammo well there’s something i found with youtube every single youtube channel out there to succeed you need

Some trolls like you need some trolls like and you know everybody on youtube you know regardless of how and you know there’s some people on this platform right that are like hated in in and you don’t vilify it or whatever even those people have way more people that love them than hate them but what i found is you need a few trolls in this is this type of situation

This gives trolls some ammo i get comments all the time you know i don’t produce a gopro that and try to bring up gopro and you know that got a lot of people rooting against me with gopro like and obviously i have way way way more people with me right it’s like you know a hundred for everyone that’s against me but those ones that are against me they’re important

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Too because they bring in views the channel they comment and some of that stuff and you know this gives them some ammo something fun to you know root against me because sometimes you got to have some people rooting against you at the end of the day guys and i definitely have that would go pro so a lot of people that want to see me lose my ass on it like worse than

What we’re at down right now there’s a lot of people that want to see me lose everything on gopro they want to see me lose every dime on gopro nothing would make them happier than seeing gopro at $0 like nothing would be make them happier than gopro or all my stocks going out of business like there’s some people out there and you can stay sick or whatever that and

That want to see that so this situation it gives those trolls some ammo le so they can you know fire some shots at me and whatever and you know you just got it for me i don’t even care about it because when you’re on youtube and you start experiencing stuff you get thick-skinned i already had thick skin like way before you too great and once you get on a platform

Like you get so much nasty stuff thrown at you all the time because you got tens of thousands of people watching your channel every day like some people are just going to hate you or or whatever or say some nasty stuff just to say stuff like even the nicest channel there would be a youtube channel that talks all about curing cancer and like here’s the thing to

Cure cancer right and here’s how you can cure cancer and it’s a hundred percent foolproof you can absolutely cure cancer like there would be still some people out there that would be like this is stupid i hate you you know people need to get cancer people need to die like there would still be some trolls out there that you know would feel that way and they would

Still give thumbs down in their videos and whatnot guys it’s just the way youtube works that’s the way the world works so that’s the other reason but the main two is obviously you know avoiding the follow-the-leader situation you know i want people to go fish for themselves not me fish for them although i enjoy sharing my investments in some of that stuff i don’t

Want people just blindly following me into whatever stocks i’m investing and the second one building credibility those are the two main ones that are real reasons why i’m seriously happy gopro has gone down and i’m down big on that position because both those things on would be a very different story if it had just happened to go up guys so anyways hope you enjoyed

This today i don’t know what else to say so hope you enjoyed it if you just came across this channel you may want to subscribe you guys if you’re watching this video you’re already subscriber anyways thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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Gopro. I'm DOWN HUGE and HAPPY. Why? By Financial Education

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