Gopro Karma vs DJI Mavic!

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and today we’re going a little off subject but something i wanted to talk about we’re talking about the gopro karma drone vs. a dj i navik joan drone excuse me mavic drone the karma came out last week was announced and whatnot showing off that’s coming out

October twenty third and the dg i mavic drone that is coming out here within the next few weeks they have not set a specific date on it yet some people have speculated around october 18 we don’t know so i wanted to break down which product in my opinion is better but i’m first going to give you the pros and cons of each product and then tell you which one i’m going

To buy because i will be buying one of these products and i just want to share that i am probably a pretty good person to talk about this subject just because i’m an investor in tech company so i follow all the tech companies and i try to look and see you know if one of my tech companies is in trouble because somebody released a product that i think will damage them

Or one of my tech companies released a product that’s really good also i am i am a videographer i’ve video production company so i deal a lot with drones i have a phantom for a phantom 3 in a eunuch typhoon piece of crap all sitting on the floor there by the way the eunuch oh my gosh that things like the worst drone ever bought in my life it does not work at all

But anyways that’s not even part of the subject so we’re talking about karma versus navik so let’s first talk about the gopro karma the gopro karma in the entire system now there’s three different models you can buy you can buy one model that’s just the drone with the handheld stabilizer and whatnot but no camera attached 799 dollars you can buy one with the hero

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Five session attached to it and that’s 999 dollars or you can get the hero five black with it for a thousand ninety nine dollars and that’s the whole package and that’s the best of everything from gopro at the moment or and then in the dg is maddox case there’s no specific price point from what they’ve said so far it’s going to be around a thousand dollars so we

Can just assume okay maybe it’ll be 1100 bucks so being around the same price point as the gopro karma drone with the hero five black so the best of gopro vs. a dj i natick so with it with the karma you get the drone you also get a handheld stabilizer that looks very high quality i’ve seen the reviews from tech sites and whatnot that looks super high quality so

You get a handheld stabilizer those are like three hundred dollars if you want to buy it by yourself you can check it out online and then you also get the best action camera in the entire market right now which is technically not even in the market because this video i’m posting on september 27th i believe today is and it’s not coming out to october second so a few

Days from now but the hero five black is pretty much the best action camera in my opinion at least that’s on the market so you get all three of those projects products with the dj i’m attic you only get the drum so you’re paying the same price as the gopro karma but you’re only getting that one drone versus getting a handheld stabilizer getting an action camera to

Do whatever you want put on your head put anywhere and you get a drone now the dg i folks will tell you well we have obstacle avoidance we also have follow me feature those are two features gopro karma does not have well that’s all great if they worked all the time i’ve done several tests with the phantom 4 and had other friends test their phantom fours and i can

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Tell you from experience it’s very inconsistent it works very inconsistently now will that be fixed in the mavic we will have to tell i’ve watched them a few different websites today kind of do with small reviews that aren’t super in-depth but they did small reviews of them and from what i saw it’s not even working that properly already in just those small reviews

We shall see when the products released i’m gonna judge it completely until then but i highly doubt they made it so much better in that very quick amount of time since they launched an them for it has a lot of trouble like tracking you especially if you’re around other people like say you’re surfing in the ocean or you’re on the beach or something a lot of people

Around it has trouble remembering okay who’s the one i’m tracking and then it starts going off and tracking someone else and your drones over there and you’re like what the crap is this thing doing so in the obstacle avoidance i never trust that i just don’t trust it it doesn’t work super bad but i feel much more comfortable flying it myself personally i’ve seen

Damage done to drones propellers get broken things by just missing a small thing here or there or just barely missing this i never crashed my drone the obstacle avoidance it has a few times nothing bad nothing like drone ruining that would be horrible but it’s had some troubles so now the hero for though they excuse me the gopro karma we shall see the flexibility

Looks pretty good so far we’ll have to see that i haven’t seen any super in-depth reviews of the of the karma yet either so i gotta wait to fully judge karma and tell them but for right now i’m gonna buy the karma i’ll be honest because i have plenty of drones already if i’m just wanna drown now the fact that i get a handheld stabilizer the fact that i get the best

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Action camera in the world i currently have a hero for this one’s going to have a lot better image processing as so many more features including voice control and things like that which is not so much good for my business but it’s good for like when i want to just go around and have fun on the strip or whatever so that’s why i’m getting the carm of the handheld

Stabilizer i think it’s a phenomenal value i really do i think it’s a phenomenal value and that’s why i’m going with that product over the over the mavic and if you said okay if the karma didn’t exist if gopro didn’t even make the karma if it never existed and you didn’t have any drones currently but you need to go get one which drone would you again i would get

The hero for fantas just be the hero for i could get the phantom 4 i would get the phantom 4 if gopro did not have a drone and if the mavic was to earn the market and you know all of the other products i would still get the hero what i keep saying the hero i get the phantom 4 i’m sorry i cussed i get the phantom 4 over the navik just because i feel like that’s

A better product from what i’ve seen so far but the cool thing about mavic is it folds up super small it’s like super small from what i’ve seen it can literally hold in someone’s hands and it’s just a little coming over that’s pretty cool anyways i just want to give my take on that two day guys and you know what have a great day

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Gopro Karma vs DJI Mavic! By Financial Education

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