GoPro Up 12%| RH Up 40%

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Howdy there ladies and gentlemen today what if i really talk like that what is going on guys gopros up huge today rh absolutely exploded today why the heck did these stocks go up so much gopro went up over 12% today very good day for gopro but that looks like a joke compared to our h which went up over 40% today guys we got to talk about these now why are these

Even important well obviously go pers my biggest investment so anytime that stock makes a big move it’s important to me right and our h was a stock that was featured on three stocks i’m buying probably several times but it probably hasn’t been on the list for eight or nine months now but that stock was on there several times and that stock just exploded today

Guys so let’s look at our h first why did this stock go up so much when i first saw it i thought literally the company got acquired guys rh announced on wednesday afternoon the second quarter adjusted earnings per share of 65 cents on revenue of 615 million the street was calling for 47 cents of earnings in 606 million dollars in our in revenue and then same

Store sales came up seven percent versus about five point four percent more as expected so good numbers but like to go up 40 percent is ridiculous and this is the stock that’s already up massively over the past year guys literally i thought when i saw it was up 40 percent i thought they’d been acquired by somebody i thought maybe home depot bought them out or

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Something because generally with billion-dollar companies they only go up all somebody’s got to pay hold up hello this is jeremy hi kathy how are you dude no problem yeah yeah let’s do that right sorry about that guys one of my customers rudely interrupted us that’s so disrespectful of them i mean i know they were gonna pay me and everything but still they should

Not have interrupted my point was on our h is a company that’s a billion dollar company it has you know market cap in the billions generally those stocks need almost never move 30 40 percent up in a day unless they get acquired a 20 percent move that’s absolutely possible on a good earnings but a 40-plus percent move and there’s no acquisition that’s crazy guys

On a billion-dollar company so insane day for rh now in gopro situation here so gopro basically went up today because they announced that they’re going to probably hit the high end of their revenue guidance and they’re also announced that they should be profitable on a non-gaap basis this quarter so this was kind of expected by me but i guess i’m the only one in

The world that knows how to run numbers anymore if you run the numbers on gopro there’s no way they wouldn’t have been profitable on a non-gaap basis but everybody was expecting them to lose money on a gaap basis and on gaap it made no sense to me guys so that’s why that stock showed up today and i mean just yesterday was back in the eights again and that’s like

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Mind-blowing to me because you’re talking about company with three straight stellar quarters you know twenty three percent revenue growth 19 percent revenue growth 34 percent revenue growth last quarter this quarter they’re probably going to grow 20 plus percent and they’re expected to be a non-gaap profitable this quarter and gap profitable in q4 + gap profitable

Overall in 2018 guys so so much going for gopro right now i was amazed that it was even back down there but yes far as gopro with the stock price moves like nothing ever surprises me anymore guys whether that stock goes up with bunch down a bunch like nothing surprises me with gopro i’ve been through it all with this stock this is just one of those kind of stocks

Guys but um neither say good good information i listened to the investor presentation if any of you guys are actually investing in gopro make sure you check out that investor presentation on their website that they just gave today the ceo the ceo oh i can never remember his name i think it’s saying a cj something cj something the guy is freaking good that woodman’s

Hired there he actually knows how to communicate to investors in a very simple manner where they can understand and he’s just very confident i actually really like that guy a lot the ceo of gopro so they definitely have i think he’s honestly a better face of the company as far as you know talking to investors that actually wouldn’t minna’s wouldn’t been woodman’s

Just too much in the clouds i think a lot of times whereas you know which is good that he’s focused on a lot of the big stuff and marketing and that type of stuff but as far as in talking investors like woodman is not my favorite guy to talk to investors i just feel like he he mumbles his words and sometimes he gets caught up in talking about too many different

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Things where as the ceo oh this guy is freaking phenomenal so listen that investor presentation if you’re interested in the company are actually invested in guys anyways i hope you enjoyed this little update on those two particular stocks we had a lot of big movers today even though the markets were kind of down i think fitbit went up over 10 percent today i think

Cabela’s was up like 14% today so you know i think snapchat was up 5% it was a lot of big movers out there today guys as far as upside just despite the markets being bit down and then disney had a really bad day i believe disney was down 5% guys so a lot of moves all over the place anyways i hope you guys enjoyed this and have a great day you

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GoPro Up 12%| RH Up 40% By Financial Education

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