Graycliff Exploration CEO Jamie Macintosh (CSE:GRAY) (FSE:GE0)

Graycliff Exploration CEO Jamie Macintosh (CSE:GRAY) (FSE:GE0) – October 21, 2020 –

Hi how’s everybody doing today i’m your host rich here we have a rich tv live with our very special guest it is the ceo of great cliff exploration jamie mcintosh how you doing today jamie great rich uh thank you for having me on uh on the show and i really look forward to uh telling the investors a little bit about great cliff fantastic now great cliff exploration is

A junior junior mineral exploration company focused on its shakespeare gold project outside of sudbury ontario can you tell us a little bit more about the company and the project yeah we’re uh we just went public recently uh we have an option to buy a hundred percent of 517 hectare property by spending over a hundred thousand or the next 12 months and a further

200 000 in the following 12 months so we’re pretty excited but more importantly we just purchased an additional 330 hectares that fills in the gap bringing us to over six kilometers of strike length on the prospective gold shakespeare gold horizon and that runs sort of northeast southwest through the project so uh we’re we really like the shakespeare project

The original claims host the former mine that produced uh close to three thousand ounces of gold between 1903 and 1907. so that you think about that in those days that was 56 000 of revenues because gold was 19 an ounce at today’s prices that’s over five million dollars worth of gold and they stopped without continuing to keep going so it’s uh there’s there’s

Some good numbers in 2014 one of the guys went in and they did 15 grams per ton of gold over four meters including a section that was 48 grams over a meter so it’s very good numbers we’re pretty excited about the project very good and we love to find undervalued underappreciated underexposed opportunities that’s what our community lives for what differentiates

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Great cliff exploration from other junior gold companies in ontario so i i think the things that that really differentiate us we have a tightly held capital structure we’ve got 15 million shares out uh we recently closed uh 530 000 convertible debenture that’s convertible at 60 cents so that’s only that’s less than a million additional shares um the management

Directors and our strategic advisors it’s eight and a half million shares of that 15. wow and uh we’ve got a further uh almost three million of strategic investors overseas so the current float is around 4 million so it it’s pretty tight yeah we love those exactly i think the thing that really that also sets us apart is we already know there’s gold on the

Property we just need to find out how much more is there it’s a brownfield site excellent infrastructure and it’s in an area of strong mining culture um being 80 kilometers from sudbury we’re right off the trans-canada highway we were at the project uh last week and we drove right to the the old number three at it so it’s uh it’s pretty exciting i think the

Other thing that’s kind of we’re all investors i’m a shareholder uh our burn rate is less than 25 000 a month there’s no big salaries uh we’re a very lean operation very good now greg cliff just commenced an exploration program at the shakespeare project can you tell us about what the program entails yeah where we we over the last while prior to the initiation

Of the pro of the exploration we did a historical data compilation that includes uh and really to help us target because no one has ever really gone back and looked at the old records to see what was there and uh so we’ll be doing line cutting uh prospect mapping of the historical trenches that are already on site um we’ll also do geophysical surveys to assist

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In highlighting uh new drill targets we’re planning an initial program about 2000 meters of drilling and um it all sort of wraps around our thesis that there’s a much larger uh gold system at depth below the previously mined areas and uh and that trend that sort of northeast uh southwest trend that follows the prospective shakespeare horizon now you have an

Impressive roster of experts on your team can you give us a rundown of your key members and what they bring to the table so yeah we do and i and i it’s kind of nice um our technical advisors and our management have an extensive track rate of success in discovering exploring and developing mineral properties in in canada ontario and across the world um i’m a

Geologist that moved to bay street in the 80s to become a mining analyst i then moved back to a latin american gold mining company in the 90s to do corporate development we brought three or four minds into production in latin america i’ve been running private and public companies for over 30 years our technical advisors though uh set us apart as well because

Our qp bruce durham a professional geologist with over 40 years experience in junior and senior mining has been an integral member of several economic deposits including the david bell mine and the golden giant mine in the prolific hemlo camp don mckinnon jr is a seasoned prospector um and he basically is following in his father’s footsteps being involved in

All aspects of exploration and mining his entire life uh for those who don’t know don senior was one of the founders of hemlo the whole hemlock gold camp so he was the original prospector so uh so we also have as i mentioned earlier a really strong group of strategic advisors in canada europe and australia so in addition to that of course we have a really good

Team working in the field doing the exploration so we’re we’re pretty excited very good now what milestone should investors watch out for in the coming months so over the next coming months we’ll be providing investors with ongoing updates as our expiration program proceeds and um you know this this isn’t uh the first time i’ve i’ve done a junior mining company

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So we know that we need to keep the investors informed and keep them up to date and speaking on that how can investors get in touch with you jamie so the easiest way is just to email me it’s jm or they can give me a call at 416-862-7003 and i promise i’ll get back to them as soon as i can well thank you so much we’re very excited

About watching your company evolve we love your share structure we love the mining sector right now we think mining is going to go through a massive bull market specifically gold and silver and all the precious metals so congratulations on your success so far and we look forward to watching your company evolve well thank you very much and i think the one thing

That’s worth adding is this is an unprecedented gold market i’ve been involved in gold for 35 years and we’ve never seen a period where capital uh lenders have printed more money over 12 trillion now i think wow the more time they’re done and so you know gold is there’s only two things to own gold and land so we think it’s an excellent time to be investing in

Great cliff yeah i think that uh you are correct i think the timing is right and our investors all over the world will be watching thank you so much for your time today jamie mcintosh ceo of great cliff expiration thanks have a nice day everybody and thank you for watching

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