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Okay like this like like like i’m doing my hair sup guys it’s rich from wish to be live doing some business take a little break here give you guys a little view of why people everywhere and you can see it’s gorgeous spring day in beautiful british columbia yeah just doing some business man just do some business you know i mean there’s many people are here it’s

Crazy there’s people here from all over the world right now it was an amazing day in the markets the chyron life sciences exploded magana gram exploded so it’s nice to see these stocks exploding and hexo exploded xen abyss exploded wolf spratly was in the green today and hey keep your eye on smartly tomorrow guys keep your eyes on spradley tomorrow so it was

A good day in the markets today canopy growth was in the red i went live i was talking about canopy growth and then all of a sudden they were green they had some huge news that they were to be opening up facility in new york three hundred thousand square feet so when i went live with the news was well it was live it was in the red and then all of a sudden when

I would live and it almost led to my green so it was pretty nice see that plane there it’s gonna take off check it out so you can go on these planes and these planes take off from the water and they land in the water cute although their goal is turning around see you turning around this is the plane turn around there it is i’m gonna watch the plane take off

Like your portfolio should take off watch this plane take off like your portfolio let’s go oh there it goes there goes that’s called the seaplane it’s called the seaplane yeah heck someone had a very easy crazy run crazy run if you need any information on the cbds just email me at rich tv live at calm and i’ll get you whatever you need we’re gonna have

Everything websites everything you name it will happen probably do have a website i don’t even know i’ll give you the website name hold on i’ll find it maybe somebody here will know i’ll ask everybody’s on the cameras and videos here this is canada place right here this is where they were hosting the olympics in canada right here canada place this is the welcome

Center look a welcome center we have a website for a cvd company we have we own richard empire okay so the website is rich hemp are xcom just like the name of the company we just we own it we just haven’t built it yet we’re just one thing at a time why did hexo pop.txt was just a good company they got a $14 buy rating so i believe that they’re just gonna

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Move up to that price and they acquired hip and you if you watch hip new strike brands has been doing really well it’s 100% buy top 1% signal strength so you know that’s a good that’s a good partnership hexo and hip this is two huge companies working together now take a look at the views that’s canada place see that building canada place beautiful day here man

Beautiful day here in vancouver beautiful british columbia such a gorgeous day watching planes take off sun is up blue skies what’s up guys what’s up is it nice in cali look at that building oh it’s not nice and cali well you got to come to bc then this is the word this is where it’s beautiful that’s why they call it beautiful british columbia i’m gonna show you

Guys some views the one we’re going for a walk today we’re gonna give you guys some views so yeah like what other stocks were up today so zed um had a good day what else et cie another stock that had a good day today i believe what else i believe t god was in the green today so the nebo was in the green today a lot of green today a lot of green today what oh so

This is a bike is a bike lane and many have been run over by bikes it’s a walk in the wrong section you need to walk in the right section here man coover there’s rules that is the bike lane you do not walk in the bike lane you walk around the bike lane do not walk on the bike lane or you get hit by a bike they’ll fly around the corner luckily i was i was warned

I was warned so a lot of stocks had big days today yeah xena had another nice day today what else went up today guys anything else you know you’re moving to vancouver check this out you haven’t seen nothing yet you want to know why we pay 172 a liter for gas it’s for this weapon those houses up there those are the british properties those are like millions and

Everything up there’s millions upon millions upon millions anybody that has money out here lives up there on those mountains right there that’s where all the ceos live full alert on suniva what else yeah can’t be river had a nice day today i saw that too very good what else what else went up today oh gee i monster day hex oh monster day who am i missing loss oh

Zed why any crazy sign arbor pharmaceuticals just keeps going it just keeps going won’t stop can’t stop won’t stop can’t stop here in vancouver everybody’s just walking around chillin we joined this beautiful day yeah didn’t i give you guys a no ganna gram alert on sunday yeah i think i did pretty sure i did canopy growth man we dropped that song we said canopy


Growth is number one that was a week ago it hasn’t gone down since just keeps going up told you guys our number one best in the blessed man am i still going to interviews enemy what happened with sean did you speak with him from zetas me we messaged him twice and we got no response he responded once but we haven’t we don’t have a definitive answer or date yet

But i can tell you that i just did an interview today with dlr why that’s what i can tell you i do that’s who i can tell you i did interview and i can also tell you that tomorrow i’ll be doing some media coverage digital media advertising and visibility services for rowley so get ready for the big news because something bigs coming i don’t know if it’s gonna go

Up or down but there’s gonna be some this is where they take off the planes planes take off bike rentals bike rentals here you know i’m just gonna quickly run up there one second there’s gonna be new zones probably tomorrow they’re halted right now take a look at spratley they’re halted great and i say if you guys like the abuse nice tie like button who

Else is giving you views like this and talking stocks come on oils yes oils oils had a monster day today they’re halted because they have some news yo let’s do cbds in florida brother let’s go email eman consulting at yo you did jo mad respek brother we called it man oils is a beast guys oh ils oh ils oils beast joe called it i actually heard about it

First from sergio i’m not gonna lie i did make money on it already i sold it and that’s cool that’s gone even higher why i like was well it should be holding our will be halted tomorrow it’s very historic this industry is unbelievable and we’re in the right in the thick of it and to have our own cbd company to be a part of it it’s just massive while planet 13

Up 4% nice you know so can it be grumpy no i’m not recording this yeah sprout lee sprout ladies halted or they should be halted no i know everybody thinks i’m videotaping that butters filming myself no i i saw her fall i wouldn’t put that live that’s not nice right so yo check this out so canopy growth just did a deal with a company in new york and they bought

48 acres of land and they’re gonna be they have 300,000 square feet of licensed cultivation space for cbds and for an extraction and they’re looking for cbd companies that want to work with them and they’re like open to work with anyone in the cbd space and they’re like literally putting out a press release saying this i’ll be amazing if we could work with happy

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300 thousand square feet in new york rope that’s big because once that gets started in new york they’re gonna probably get millions of square feet out there it’s so vague right you like cbd gummies you’re not much of a fan of the oils i don’t know the oils are good do you hear that a lot people say that they don’t like the oils but they like cbd gummies no it’s

The same thing but it’s a different obviously different texture the oils are bitter the gummies don’t taste bitter so yeah that oils a lot of times are bitter and you put it under your tongue and the gummies the gummies they have a taste the gummies it’s like a little bit of a candy taste very almost or is it like a cannabis taste it’s like a wheat paste you

Guys wanna hop on a plane with me let’s go let’s do this let’s do this yeah man hemp hemp licenses everybody wants me you think madman’s the next canopy growth damn good price my bed men’s are a damn good person canapé growth keeps going up and i like looking trust your eyes what does your eyes say the eye says the candidate growths gonna go up your boys been

Saying the canopy growth is gonna go up your boys been seeing the kennedy growth is number one for a long time so that’s what’s up yeah cresco has been hot yeah well we have a cbd facility in arizona phoenix arizona so we can get you cbds in florida no problem if you should extract proper there will be no taste even the biggest companies some of their products

Have a little bit of a bitter taste so it just depends you can always put different flavoring in the product to eliminate the taste but sometimes people like the taste they want the the taste of that bitterness or that like thc so it’s everyone has the different flavors and there’s different kinds and there’s different types you guys see all the green here in

Vancouver a lot of green a can we distribute to florida all right well we have someone that wants to do it in florida hey anywhere in america you guys want to do cbds just holler out us man oh i agree with you i agree med man is gonna be very big they’re already big this is how we go about to make some dough

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