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Thursday’s subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and today we’re talking about gopro in wynn resorts my number one in life number two biggest investments guys both have had some very good news come out in the last few days but it’s like back page news like stuff not everybody’s really paying attention

To and i want to kind of cover some of this with you guys today just to kind of in case i forget to mention a couple of these things on next time i do for stocks i’m buying or something like that because there’s really good news but it’s stuff that’s going to show up in the future in terms of revenue and profits but no one’s kind of paying attention to it right

Now it’s just kind of like back page stuff well not stuff that like moves the stock up big or down big or anything like that but we got a couple things here guys so first one let’s cover what’s going on with wynn resorts here so this is some news that just came out yesterday vip driving macau ggr growth into june this is great news so several investment analysts

Predicted and mchale vip market will again have been drew the driver of the cities month a year over year revenue growth in casino gross gaming revenue ggr once the full june numbers are officially reported listen to this based on official industry returns japanese brokerage nomura estimates in the monday note that daily mattel ggr for the previous seven days had

Averaged mo p 719 million which is us eighty nine point five million dollars it said that assuming daily g casino ggr for the rest of the month at mo p 650 million or 2m o p 700 million gg our growth for the whole of june would range between 25 and 30 percent year-over-year 25 and 30 percent gigi our growth that is astronomically great news for wynn resorts and

Listening this place might even be the better part of the news consistent with recent trends we believe that gg our growth continues to be driven by the vip which is perfect for win the ip first volume growth which we estimate is tracking up sequentially in june and second higher than normal hold 3% year a date the cordons a channel masjid are was down marginally

While vip volume was up month on month so this is absolutely phenomenal news and this comes after may gg our numbers came out and that was a rise of 23% so basically the growth is getting even faster they’re expecting 25 to 30 percent now in june which would be easily beat the main numbers which blew everybody’s estimates away because everybody was expecting really

Like 15 or 20 percent and then they came in at almost a 24% gg our growth so this is great news for you in because when the whole markets is growing like insane but to because it’s strictly if the majority of the new money coming in is the vip segment and what does win playing more than anything vip gaming the rich people go in there and gambling from asia it’s

The ideal situation guys and well in macau is hot macau is really freaking hot and right now macau has the hottest gaming market by far in the world and the numbers coming in are just ridiculous and if a macao is just a market that it’s either going so great or it’s going to kind of rough but even when it’s going rough it’s still outperform a anywhere else like

Even with macau is rough right macau stabbing talk numbers it’s still doing like four times more damning revenue then goes on or las vegas strip dies 4 times and that’s when things are bad but when it’s good it’s like 7 to 8 times what they’re doing on the las vegas strip macau is doing its astronomical guys so this is phenomenal news for my wynn resorts position

And this is going to be something that shows up in the next quarters numbers in future quarter numbers as long as this growth stays or something even close to this growth because i shouldn’t expect 25 to 30% market growth like forever that’s not going to happen i wish it was possible but for right now thing the numbers are just going to be extraordinary for that

Win reports guys so i’m happy about that now let’s cover what is going on for gopro so gopro the they had their mountain games that they sponsor this past weekend they showed off a couple new products to in particular that i’m really excited about so one was a fusion camera which is their new virtual reality camera that we’ll talk about the other is this thing in


A software thing called make stories which is really freaking cool and so they had a lot of favorable press actually around this a lot of the electronics websites actually have some very positive things to say about both these items so before we get to v this is an engage of talking before we get to fusion though quick stories an attempt to revitalize its existing

Camera line basically this is gopro throwing its hat into the story game you know the game that facebook snapchat and instagram are seeing it seemingly everyone is playing in these days and gopros case it’s not just really about using technology the company has already has the quick mobile app and removing the steps that involve a human idea is simple shoot several

Clips in a day with your gopro connect your camera to your phone open the gopro app and viola or howard you said how are the hair is there anything you’ll have an instant shareable edited video we tried it quickly here in vail and it looks promising in fact the app was already sifting through my videos and compiling a video the moment i connected a phone to the

Camera so this this is some interesting technology so based game you have your gopro right your your i don’t know your fishing on the lake or your kayaking or your doing whatever you do for the gopro your hiking you got a ton of clips right you got an hour worth of footage not everybody you know wants to sit down in edit a video i might think that’s fun i take my

Gopro when we go to disneyland or something like that we go to the beach or do something fun they over the zoo or whatever i take in i edit it but i’m a video editor and i love to do that none of everybody’s like wants to do that right do all that work what this does is say you go and use you know you go to zoo with your kids or whatever you take all that video it

Will automatically as soon as you connect it to your phone it will create a perfect like a awesome video for you all inside the app and that is like the coolest technology ever because what do most of us have you know if you say you have either gopro or any camera or even your phone you have like a million different random video clip see if you take video clips

Or pictures even you take a bunch of random pictures but it never gets put to something this will automatically put it so you do all those those video clips with your gopro soon as you connect it to the app boom it’s just it creates a sick video for you with music get all that kind of stuff in transition it looks professional and you literally didn’t have to do

Anything and it doesn’t in like 30 seconds to a minute absolutely incredible and then you get to share it on facebook and on you know instagram or snapchat or wherever you want to share it to and then they have their advertising in their gopro quick which you can have included in it and i think you can pay money if you don’t want that included which shows up at

The end this is freaking cool stuff guys i remember somebody did a video like this recently it actually went viral here on youtube it was like i remember seeing on trending it was like justin bieber was trying to rap us off or something is justin bieber trying to do like a rap song like kendrick lamar or whatever somebody and recorded that with their gopro or

Edit it with the quick app i don’t know at the end of that clip that went viral it said gopro quick so they obviously use the software editing that gopro and then gopro got free advertising for that viral video quit justin bieber singing a kendrick lamar song guys so really cool technology and it’s gopro pushing the boundaries of software to doing things that

Other companies simply can’t do or just don’t want to do because they don’t really want to push that realm so great news there then we have a talk about this fusion camera so this is their a new virtual reality camera that is going to be for consumers i would expect a price point somewhere around seven hundred ninety nine dollars to maybe nine hundred million

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Dollars with camera we don’t know make could become a more expensive than that could come in cheaper i expected to be somewhere around there so so basically here guys the gopro fusion camera here so it’s a 5-point 2k resolution it has a feature called over capture that will allow you to punch out regular videos from it and they’ve left a lot of people you know

Kind of checking this out this is another article here that i think this offer from apple insider gopro fusion with over capture could mark a new age in videography so this is really freaking cool stuff here that gopros done with the fusion camera and the way they’re going to be able to possibly integrate it with the software because the reason the real reason on

Vr hasn’t taken off you know be yet right you know you see commercials on tv you see samsung trying to push it but it hasn’t really taken off like i don’t know i don’t know anybody that has any type of virtual reality camera or rig or set up or anything yep it’s coming though but the reason it hasn’t really taken off is because when you record something the edit

Process is difficult and it’s hard in things gopro has a phenomenal software side to the virtual reality and now they have the hardware launching so if they can be the first ones to couple that together and be a seamless process then we’re talking about a huge opportunity for gopro because they can be literally at the forefront of virtual reality technology which

Is going to be huge you know people actually recording videos and so in one other thing i want to cover with this is once you begin to use these over capture devices i believe they’re going to kind of eliminate any type of just point-and-shoot type device like a phone or even an old-school gopro or even the camera i have here things like that it’s going to slowly

Eliminate that because what you’re going to have specially when you’re out in the field like to all of the ultimate as a videographer myself like the ultimate dream is be able to have every single angle recorded around you right that’s like ideal i mean imagine how many clips are lost by you know somebody let’s say somebody’s flying a drone and they’re trying to

Get somebody on a ski slope you know they’re doing a jump or whatever imagine how many clips are lost because they didn’t quite get them in frame or something like that with this over capture the virtual reality you have everything and frame everything from 360 degrees all around you if the quality is good on that and if it’s you know it comes in in high-definition

It just totally changes the game on videography guys because then you have every angle captured you could possibly imagine it’s not just like oh i only have to record this way oh i would love to record this way as well but i have to stick to this way because this is the way my cameras got a point then you can just record everything around it so go for is a phenomenal

Chance to literally be at the forefront of the virtual reality game and that’s huge especially for a company gopro size because it’s a little mini company guys so this is phenomenal news one last thing i wanna touch on is the hero 6 they didn’t talk too much about it but on wouldn’t bend didn’t spoil the hero 6 which will launch sometime by the end of the year if

It’s not delayed you know go broke but he did say finally it will be bitchin your flip your den 11 neighbor change do never change so when one’s all psyched out about it something he did release here wouldn’t it did hint at an actual feature we would see on hero 6 better color we’re doing a better and better job of getting better and better color inside the camera

Itself so that’s something we will improve on over time woodman said hero 6 definitely make some significant advancements in that that area so look forward to that i’m excited for hero 6 because not just because i mean obviously it’s going to be the new gopro and it’s going to be their new bestseller and those kinds of things but mainly because this in really all

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The products gopros coming out from here on out if they’re all going to be handmade by the guy that came from apple the one of the main engineers from apple that apple has a very small team of like 19 people or when they lose somebody it’s big time what are their top people wanted johnny ives top people came over to gopro and now is in charge of product design

And this group of products coming out here at the end of 2017 these are going to be the first product he’s had his hands on so i’m very excited to see just how nice they are how nice they look physically you know i’m just the overall design of them because i think he’s going to have a lot better design input then who would men used to have you know kind of running

Things which was kind of like um you know not as professional it’s just put it out hey guys so i’m super excited about it and that’s kind of like the back page stuff that’s going on with gopro nguyen resorts that no one’s paying attention to but these are things that will absolutely affect things positively in the future and like if you’re a gopro short seller like

Man i you don’t have much of a case anymore because you in and i know some gopro short sellers come sometimes to try to come on my channel and say oh you’re delusional or whatever no short seller you’re delusional because what you have now with gopros got a grown company this is a fact they grew 23% revenue two quarters ago this past quarter they grew 19 percent

They got it out great growth this quarter so you have a you have a growing company so one the whole thing about oh i’m shorting gopro because they are a declining company not true anymore and then to their expect to get back to profitability so if you have a company that also the profits are rising right it’s not losing money any or and then revenues are rising and

Then they’re in too new a huge growing segments one is drones they just got into and now they’re getting into virtual reality another huge opportunity there it’s going to be hard to short sell the company because what do you have to go on it’s not a if you’re lying to yourself if you’re saying gopros not a growing company because the facts of the facts that grown

Phenomenally and then if you you hope they say i’m profitable not very realistic if you look at what the company’s spending for expenses over the next year versus what they’ll probably do for revenue even on conservative estimates so the short sellers have no case anymore and they’re going to get eaten a lot if it’s hard to say and it’s going to be a well i don’t

Wish anybody lose money but the way they treated me on this channel you know i don’t have much sympathy for let’s just put it that way and a great thing is you know i on down 30-something percent on my position and that sucks especially when it’s your biggest position right but the pain i feel is nothing compared to the pain they’re going to feel because when you

Short sell a company you have to pay interest on that money that you’re shorting right and you have an unlimited loss you can leave hundreds hundreds of percent when you’re short of company you can lose thousands of percent of your money like so much more money than you ever dreamed losing like you can lose that much guys so the pain is coming those shorts it’s

Just a matter of time and we’ll see when it happens i’m not i’m not predicting anything that will be two months from now is four months from our six months from now but the pain is coming just trust me on that so anyway just want to cover that guys wynn resorts gopro that’s kind of what we got going on hope you guys enjoyed this today book is in the description

If you just came across the shell you may want to subscribe we talked personal finance and channel we talked entrepreneurship i’m a national business owner i give away so many business tips we talked the stock market more than anything thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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